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The 5 Easy to Follow Ways to Earn Big Money Online Work – Here are 5 reasons why

In an earlier post, I showed you how to make big money online by following 5 easy steps. If you haven’t read it yet, click here to see 5 Easy to Follow Ways to Earn Big Money Online

Here, I am going to develop 5 reasons why niche marketing works.

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1. You can monetize your website traffic

If you are posting good quality content on your website, Google will reward you with traffic. Besides, the satisfied visitors will resort to word-of-mouth to spread word about your marvelous site where they can satisfy their hunger for information. If you top this up with free and paying methods for sucking traffic to your site, it is only a question of time before your site becomes very popular.

If you are into affiliate marketing and you let these people come to your site just to satisfy their need for information and vanish, then you are leaving money on the table.

These are consumers, not only of information, but also of products. Why not serve them both of these? The voracious way they consume your information, it is the same way that they will buy products offered on your site. This is why niche marketing is the way to go.

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2. People love free stuff

Don’t just expect visitors to your site to scramble for the products offered. People need to be prodded to take action on things you do on your site.

One way to encourage people to check your proposal is to offer them a free downloadable report on a topic susceptible to help them solve a problem they are facing.

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3. People love the convenience of getting the free gift

Your website visitors are more than likely to ask for your gift if all they have to do is just enter their name and email address to get the download link emailed to them. It’s not such a hassle so they shrug, whisper “Well” and type their details onto the form. This is why niche marketing is the best way to build your list.

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4. People love receiving helpful newsletter emails

The whole aim of your email campaign is to establish a long-lasting and fruitful rapport with your subscribers. And remember, the report may only give your subscribers the beginnings of a lasting solution to their problems. It may, in some way, have whetted their appetite for more information.

This is why you must follow-up the gift with regular well-written and interesting emails, each of which proposes another solution to the problem. The visitor ends up enjoying receiving and reading these emails from you. This builds even more trust between you. There comes a point where the visitor even expects this really useful free information from you.

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5. People buy from those they know and trust

By now the visitor knows you and trusts you. Know that in online marketing, people only buy from those they know and trust. So they are more likely to follow your recommendations and check the products you suggest. Some end up buying and you get a commission. This is why niche marketing is the best way to go in succeeding online.

The icing on the cake: People love receiving frequent emails from familiar and trustworthy people

Problems never end in anyone’s life, hence the proverb troubles never come singly. So you continue sending your subscribers informative emails. For months, and even years, a visitor could end up buying several products you’ve recommended to help them handle their problems.

So you also end up making more money out of your website than if you’d just built it and embedded affiliate link ads on it.

You see, when you have an affiliate link on your site, a visitor may not even click on it. And even if he does, he might decide not to buy anything, and then be gone just like that, most times, forever. This is proved statistically, as marketers have found out that a single visitor needs to see an ad an average of seven times before deciding to buy the product it recommends.

But this 5-step system, by enabling you to get hold of your visitor’s email address, gives you the opportunity to keep promoting to them even if they only came to your site once and left without coming back. monetioze website

This is why niche marketing is the best way to go in succeeding in affiliate marketing.

I hope you have enjoyed this post on the 5 reasons why the 5 Easy to Follow Ways to Earn Big Money Online work. However, if you have any comments to make, please don’t hesitate to go to the box below and leave your feelings there. I will get back to you the soonest.

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