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The Hoth’s SEO Tools and Software for You Free



Are you in need of any of these Hoth SEO Tools and Search Engine Optimization Software?

  • Backlink Checker
  • Blog Topic Generator
  • Bulk Moz DA Checker
  • Competitor’s Organic Search Checker
  • Conversion Rate Calculator
  • Domain Age Checker
  • Headline Generator Tool
  • Keyword Density Tool
  • Keyword Extraction Tool
  • Keyword Gap Analysis Tool
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Local SEO Citation Scan Tool
  • Online Logo Maker
  • Search Engine Rankings
  • SEMrush Keywords
  • SEMrush Stats
  • SEO Audit Tool
  • SSL Certification Checker
  • Readability Test
  • Review Checker Tool
  • Wordcount Tool


But you haven’t used them at all or not sufficiently? Because you can’t afford them or maybe you ignore their presence?

Well, the good news is that TheHoth makes them available to you, and free of charge too.

TheHoth is an SEO Link Building and Content Company. They offer tools which have helped power some of the largest SEO agencies in the world.

SEO tools are important in online businesses. But not all companies can afford SEO Tools and Search Engine optimization Software. That’s why the Hoth, has decided to make the above available to you free.

With these free tools your SEO research has just become easier.

Without further ado, let’s take a cursory look at what each of these Hoth’s free SEO Tools and Software can do for you.


  • Backlink Checker

Did you know that quality links can help you outrank your competitors and get more referrer traffic? That’s the importance of the Backlink Checker tool. This can help you to see the top backlinks of a specific domain. Then take action on your website to be ahead of them.

View an example backlinks report in the image below:


Click here to access the Backlink Checker and Start Generating Quality Links Now!


Need affordable backlink services? Click on any of the images below:




  • Blog Topic Generator

Have you been staring into a blank wall for that inspiration for your next blog post? Or are you still pensively scratching your head for a killer piece of content? Now, you can stop daydreaming about these things. With the Blog Topic Generator tool you will have enough ideas to sure last you for the next couple weeks!

How it helps you? Take a look below!


 Click here to access the Blog Topic Generator and Get Great Ideas

You don’t trust your blog writing skills? Or do you want experts to handle your blog writing so that you can concentrate on running your business?

Let The Hoth handle your blog needs hands down.  



  • Bulk Moz DA Checker

What’s the strength of your specific pages and the likelihood for your domain to rank well in search engine results?  TheBulk Moz DA Checker tool will determine them for you.

Check below for a visual idea of what you get.



  • Competitor’s Organic Search Checker

Do you know who your biggest competition is? Are you eager to find out? You should if you want to well position your domain. Fortunately The HOTH’s Competitor’s Organic Search Checker allows you to easily see who your biggest competition is.


Simply input your URL and the checker tool will identify for you several domains with similar keywords.

See the example below:

Image showing what the hoth's audit tool can do for you
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Click here to access the Competitor’s Organic Search Checker and see the Domains with Similar Keywords


  • Conversion Rate Calculator

With each blog post, you include CTAs, which is normal. But how many of your website visitors do complete the action you intend on them doing? Use The HOTH Conversion Rate Calculator to determine the percent.

Below is how your result will look like:


Click here to access the Conversion Rate Calculator and note the percent of the visitors heeding your CTA


  • Domain Age Checker

Did you know that you can buy and sell parked domains? The older the domain the better it is. As you know, Google trusts old domains more.

Use the free Domain Age Checker tool to find out how old a given domain is!

Below is an image of the page where you put in your details.



 Click here to access the Domain Age Checker and Know the Age of Any Domain


  • Headline Generator Tool

With many writing tools around, writing your next engaging article shouldn’t be a headache anymore.

A very important part of an article is the title?

Say, what made you read this article? The title, of course! It attracted you with promise of what you’re looking for. Therefore if your titles don’t pull people to your article, it’s in vain that you wrote it.

Now, you can simply press a button. Then view several fantastic titles for your next headline. And now you’re well on your way to a kickass article.

Just see in the image below the titles the keyword “Golf course” brought up!


 Click here to access the Headline Generator Tool and Get Your Creative Juices Flowing!

Looking to outsource your blog article needs? Look no further than TheHoth.


  • Keyword Density Tool

Keywords are important for your website. Yet you know that the excess of anything is harmful. That’s why doesn’t take lightly to a webpage, blog post or article plastered with keywords.

So SEO elements, like keywords, should always be secondary to the quality of your web page or article. You must therefore always make sure that you have the appropriate ratio of keywords to content.

Doing that manually could take up all the time you have for running your business. Just see below the invaluable service the keyword density tool will render you! So roll down, click on the link and start checking the density of the keywords in your articles now!


 Click here to check out the Keyword Density Tool




  • Keyword Extraction Tool

Have been wondering what phrases a competitor is using on their site? Let the Keyword Extraction Tool do more than the guesswork for you. It will break down the keywords used on any website into separate categories.


All you have to do is enter any URL and you’ll have the results as you see in the image below.

Click here to check out the Keyword Extraction Tool and See the Phrases on your Competitors’ Pages




  • Keyword Gap Analysis Tool

Do you know where you are being outperformed? With the Keyword Gap Analysis Tool you can have this insight into where you need to shift your focus.

Click on the link below, just add 3 competitor domains as in the image below and then compare them.


 Click here to check out the Keyword Gap Analysis Tool and see where you’re being Outperformed



  • Keyword Research Tool

Doing or intending to do keyword research?

Use the link below to the Keyword Planner Research Tool and find high volume valuable keywords related to a seed keyword.

See the example below in the image.


 Click here to check out the Keyword Research Tool to High Volume Valuable Keywords



  • Local SEO Citation Scan Tool

Are you a florist? Start-up? Local SEO Client? Real Estate (Agent)? E-Commerce SEO Client? Multi-location business? Heavy Equipment Rental? All-inclusive Getaway? Mom and Pop shop? Contractor? Beauty salon? Insurance Company or Broker? Practitioner (Law office  such as an Attorney)? Medical service (like dentists and physicians)? Local SEO (Medical services, Bars and Restaurants, Plumbers, Pet Services, Home Repairs/Renovations, Auto repairs)? And professional services, including accountants, IT consultants, financial planners, etc.?

The Hoth’s Local SEO Citation Scan Tool will check how your business is displayed on the top citation sites. Then give you an accuracy rating. Just reach for the link below and get results as you see in this image.



Image showing how the local seo scan audit tool works
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 Click here to check out the Local SEO Tool and check your Business


Need this service done by a third party?

Check the banner links below:






  • Online Logo Maker

You know that you can brand yourself with your own logo and stand out from the crowd. The problem for many start-ups and small businesses has been the prohibitive cost.

Money should no longer be an obstacle to you creating the logo you love for your business.

The HOTH offers you a Free Online Logo Maker. Now you can easily design a logo with a variety of options based on your style and preferences.



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 Click here to check out the Online Logo Maker and Brand Your business Right now!



  • Search Engine Rankings

You’re an online business. You want to improve your own rankings. You need to spy on the competition. Youhave to do keyword research. Sure. For these are the oxygen that your business needs to survive in the highly competitive environment.

Do you want to see something as in the image below? Grab the link below to the Search Engine Rankings tool. Input a domain and presto! find all the keywords that it ranks for.

Image showing what the hoth search engine rankings tool can do
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 Click here to check out the Search Engine Rankings Tool ad find those Keywords!




  • SEMrush Keywords

The SEMrush Keywords tool allows you to quickly check various keywords and the corresponding stats. Also, search volume, cost per click, competition, and more! What more can you ask for even in a paid tool?

So grab the link below the image, enter up to 20 URL’s in the box and compare stats between them.

 Click here to check out the SEMrush Keywords Tool and Begin Comparing Stats


  • SEMrush Stats

As for the SEMrush Stats tool, it quickly enables you to view various stats about your domain. This include keyword count, organic traffic, organic cost, and more!

When you grab the link below, you can enter up to 20 URL’s in the box and compare stats between each.

 Click here to check out the SEMrush Stats Tool



  • SEO Audit Tool

Have you ever performed a quick on page SEO audit and found your SEO score? If yes, you can do it again, free. If no, this is your opportunity.

With the SEO Audit Tool link below, you can perform a quick on page SEO audit and find your SEO score.


 Click here to check out the SEO Audit Tool for your on page SEO audit and SEO score  



  • SSL Certificate Checker

Did you know that Google announced they will be shutting down outdated SSL certificates?

Is your website’s certificate set for success?

Use The HOTH SSL Certificate Checker to make sure it is.


 Click here to access the SSL Certificate Checker and Remain Safe



  • Readability Test

Did you know that the average American adult reads at an 8th grade level? And you, what is the readability level of your blog posts? The best way to check the quality of your writing is to reach for the Readability Test link below.

Use this tool to help keep your content at an appropriate difficulty level. Otherwise you’ll turn your readers off.


 Click here to access the Readability Test and Engage Your Readers



  • Review Checker Tool

How are your reviews spread across the web?

You don’t know?

Okay, don’t panic.

With The Hoth’s Review Checker Tool, you can see it as in the image below.


 Click here to check out the Review Checker Tool



Wordcount Tool

What is the number of words on your webpage?

The HOTH Word Count Tool is the best way to check it.

Simply enter any URL and find out if the content length is appropriate for your current SEO goals.

Final thought

Here, we come to the end of the Hoth’s SEO Tools and Software for You Free. But before you go, check below:

Click here to access the Word Count Tool

Do you know of other free SEO tools and software? Tell us in the comment box below. Thank you.



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