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The Importance of Planning Your Online Money-Making Activities

Do you plan your online income-generating acitvties? Do you know that failing to plan is planning to fail? Therefore we are going to see why it is important to have a plan for all your activities.

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My first steps online: Once bitten, twice shy

I began my online money-making activity in August 2012 by creating my first blog on blogger because the training I had followed was based on it and also for the fact that blogger offered free platform and hosting. And nothing was as welcome as that for a cash-strapped dreamer like me.

The training also taught me that one needed contextual ads and affiliate networking companies to make money with a blog.

So I signed up for Adsense (and was refused, first for insufficient traffic and later for the presence of traffic exchanges on my site), Bidvertiser, PayDotCom, Rakuten Linkshare, Commission Junction, Clickbank and others I searched on the web. Then by force of circumstances I got other blogs on GVO, GDI, Empower Network, IMGlobal, Fanbox, About me and John Chow. 

For even a single business one needs a plan but for all those businesses I made none. I thought I was too busy to plan and that I would just go on working and things would sort themselves out. I plodded on despite the obvious (that I wasn’t going anywhere and that not only did I have a hard time keeping up with the few of the businesses that I was concentrating on but also I neglected many of my businesses, even some aspects of those that I had embraced feverishly).

Quotes, blog posts, et. I came across affirmed that it was important to plan but I ignoed all of them. I had gone too far now to go back. If I hadn’t started with a plan it wasn’t now that I was going to do so.

But the more I spent money on my online activities (recurring affiliate subscription fees, email autoresponders, etc.) without any returns and the more my failure stared me in my face (traffic to my blogs were appalling and of course little to no leads and sign ups came in and evidently no sales were made), the more the following saying gnawed at me:

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Wasn’t that exactly what I was doing? Yet I kept on stubbornly (or rather, foolishly) until my rapidly dwindling scanty savings I had been making for family needs jolted me out of my foolhardiness.

Although experience is the best teacher, I think people should be taught to plan their online money-making opportunities to avoid beating about the bush.

Online money making method

Any form of business, any form of activity for short, needs to be planned if you want to achieve the desired goals.

When you embrace an online money-making activity, your goal of course, is to earn an income.

The question which crops up is, what goals or targets do you need to set for yourself in order to make that income?

Saying “my goal is to make money online“, is vague. A better formulation would be “I want to make money online using email marketing“. But the best is: “I want to make $60,000 online in 2017using AWeber autoresponder for email marketing to build my list.”


You now have a better direction to go in because your goal is clear and measurable.

In the above example, the question now is where do you go from there?

Research will show you that AWeber offers one of the best autoresponders for internet marketers. Consulting their knowledge base will let you learn all you need to know about email marketing, so that you can perform it effectively.

If you want to take your email marketing further, you may search for email marketing courses online.

Even how you are going to learn those email marketing skills must be planned! This will make you go in a logical progression and not get confused.

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Benefits of planning your online money making ideas

This is what you achieve when you plan your online money making jobs:

  • Clear direction: you know what you will be doing at any time in the life of the business. So you know in which direction you are taking it
  • Scheduling or implementation: lists the actions to be taken. This is calculated action and not a haphazard one when you go into your business blindly.
  • Building stones to success: the targets you set in your plan become building stones to success. For each step breaks up your overall plan into smaller easily achievable chunks which help you to move slowly but surely towards your objective.

Concerning the first point, how do you go about putting clear direction into place?

First, ask yourself what your current situation with your online business is. Ask also where you want to take your business and what you are going to start with. What tools (website, courses, mentors, eBook’s, etc.) would you need? 

It’s now time to write down your personal, business, and entrepreneurial goals, etc.

Note that clear direction and scheduling (implementation) are intertwined and have a bearing on almost every element of starting and running an online business successfully.

For example, when you pen down each section of a business plan of how the business will develop, you are in the direction phase. When you write a complete schedule to go along with that plan so that you know what to implement (day, week, month, year), you’re in the second phase. In short, you establish a project plan and well-defined goals, then set a corresponding schedule for accomplishing those goals.

There are a couple of important reasons why planning and scheduling are important for your business.

As these will help motivate you, have them where you can always see and refer to them.

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Final word

Now that you know the importance of planning your online money-making activities, don’t wait a single day. Plan the following days, the coming weeks, and the subsequent months. For each period, make plans on how you’re going to achieve your goals and targets.

You need not be too specific. Simply state some overall goals, such as: ‘I want to grow my email list to a 1000 subscribers’. 

Do you see the importance of planning now? Even the business plan needs to be planned!

Every smart company owner realizes the importance of planning. So take the time to plan for your online business now.


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