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The new rules of lockdown: how to stay clean, safe and two metres away from everyone

Is it OK to sit and chat to your neighbour in their front garden; should you disinfect your bank card regularly; and do woolly gloves offer any protection?

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We face, among other more existential challenges, a whole new set of rules. Coronavirus has turned etiquette on its head and what once were gestures of friendship are now acts of daring. Fundamentally, society used to run on the idea that we were all welcome in one another’s space; suddenly, civility amounts to how much distance we keep between ourselves, and how much we shield others from our presence. It is one hell of a gear shift. And it is also important not to overcorrect, not to judge one another from a thousand yards, not to needlessly insult one another in situations that are not, actually, that endangering. Courtesy has never been more serious: it is the way we signal that we still care about each other, when we’re not allowed to hug. So here are some answers to the questions that we are increasingly asking.

This social distancing thing: how should I walk down the pavement? In the middle? On the left? On the right? Or next to the street so I can get right out of people’s way?

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