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The top 100 MLM companies worth joining

So you want to join an MLM company?


I will begin this with a warning: looking to join a top multi-level marketing (MLM) company is like stepping into a thick jungle. So should you back out? Hmmm.


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Don’t get me wrong:

Seeking to join an MLM company is not forcibly synonymous with venturing into a jungle full of hungry lions and other famished predators.

But if you don’t know the right MLM companies to join, you may as well be bound hand and feet and thrown to a howling pack of hyenas.

Why do I liken the MLM field to the jungle?

There you find all sorts of treacherous companies and MLM company members trying to recruit you with deceptive messages. All like the hungry tiger couched flat on a tree top cleverly camouflaged in the thick foliage ready to spring onto unsuspecting antelopes that venture under the tree to munch some delicious grasses.

Am I not going overboard?

No, I’ve been under that tree several times and it’s only a miracle that I haven’t been devoured.

But I’ve sharp claw scratches to show for it.

I’ve written reviews about several MLM companies, both good and bad. I know the dangerous places to feed and where one can graze in perfect peace.

This article is my ranking of the top 100 best MLM companies to join.

Now, for some clarification:

Am I an MLM recruiter for any of the companies listed below?


Am I affiliated or involved with ANY of the network marketing companies below?

Not in the least. I don’t even have any intention of joining any of them.

Why am I giving people the list of the best MLM companies to join?

Not because I don’t fancy MLM companies anymore should it mean that I should discourage potential MLMers from achieving their dreams.



One person’s meat is another’s poison.


So those for whom the choice is MLM or nothing, here’s the ranking of the top MLM companies on the planet:


The Top 100 MLM Companies Ranked By Revenue

*Mobile users: If the last column is not fully visible, please scroll left/right on the table.

Rank (Rev.) Company Name Revenue (2018) Founded In
1 Amway (Review) $8.80 B 1959
2 Avon (Review) $5.67 B 1886
3 Herbalife (Review) $4.90 B 1980
4 Infinitus $4.50 B 1992
5 Vorwerk $4.30 B 1883
6 Natura $3.67 B 1969
7 Mary Kay (Review) $3.30 B 1963
8 Nu Skin (Review) $2.68 B 1984
9 Forever Living $2.60 B 1978
10 Coway $2.50 B 1989
11 Melaleuca $2.05 B 1985
12 Tupperware (Review) $2.07 B 1948
13 Primerica (Review) $1.94 B 1977
14 Young Living (Review) $1.90 B 1993
15 doTERRA (Review) $1.70 B 2008
16 JoyMain Int. $1.58 B 2010
17 Oriflame Cosmetics (Review) $1.55 B 1967
18 Rodan and Fields (Review) $1.50 B 2007
19 Jeunesse $1.46 B 2009
20 Futurenet $1.30 B 2012
21 Ambit Energy (Review) $1.30 B 2006
22 DXN Marketing Sdn Bhd (Review) $1.25 B 1993
23 Pola $1.24 B 1929
24 O Boticário $1.23 B 1977
25 USANA Health Sciences (Review) $1.19 B 1992
26 Belcorp $1.16 B 1968
27 Atomy $1.15 B 2009
28 Team Beachbody (Review) $1.10 B 1998
29 Telecom Plus $1.09 B 1996
30 Longrich $1.00 B 2012
31 Yanbal International $994 M 1967
32 Isagenix (Review) $890 M 2002
33 Market America $837 M 1992
34 PM International $834 M 1993
35 Stream Energy $800 M 2005
36 LuLaRoe (Review) $750 M 2013
37 Shaklee $750 M 1956
38 ACN $750 M 1993
39 Team National $735 M 1997
40 Neora/Nerium (Review) $700 M (est.) 2011
41 Quanjian $700 M 2004
42 It Works! (Review) $690 M (est.) 2001
43 Juice Plus+ $680 M 1993
44 Amore Pacific $600 M 1945
45 Arbonne International $544 M 1975
46 Hinode $528 M 1988
47 Plexus $527 M 2008
48 OPTAVIA / Medifast, Inc. $501 M 2002
49 Miki $498 M 1966
50 QNet $475 M 1998
51 Faberlic $463 M 1997
52 Rolmex $459 M 2001
53 Golden Days China $450 M 1991
54 Advocare (Review) $450 M 1993
55 Scentsy (Review) $449 M 2003
56 Monat Global (Review) $435 M 2014
57 Younique (Review) $427 M 2012
58 Le-Vel $400 M 2012
59 For Days $385 M 2016
60 WorldVentures $377 M 2005
61 Cosway $368 M 1971
62 Nature’s Sunshine (Review) $365 M 1972
63 Thirty One Gifts $350 M 2003
64 Prüvit $325 M 2015
65 4Life $325 M 1998
66 Beautycounter $325 M 2013
67 LG Household & Healthcare $305 M 1947
68 Modere/Neways $300 M 1987
69 Just International $300 M 1930
70 Stella & Dot $300 M 2004
71 Apollo China $296 M 1996
72 Family Heritage Life $294 M 1989
73 Vivint $290 M 1999
74 Betterway $280 M 1988
75 Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC $275 M 1959
76 LR Health and Beauty $250 M 1985
77 Alliance In Motion $238 M 2006
78 Pure Romance $237 M 1993
79 Naturally Plus $236 M 1999
80 New Image Group $231 M 1984
81 Morinda $230 M 1996
82 proWIN International $230 M 1995
83 Noevir $227 M 1978
84 Menard Cosmetics $227 M 1959
85 CUTCO/Vector Marketing (Review) $226 M 1949
86 ARIIX $220 M 2011
87 SEACRET $212 M 2011
88 Southwestern Advantage (Review) $209 M 1855
89 LifeVantage (Review) $203 M 1988
90 Origami Owl $200 M 2010
91 Vida Divina $197 M 2016
92 Gano Excel $195 M 1995
93 KK Assuran $195 M 1994
94 Vestige Marketing $194 M 2004
95 NHT Global $192 M 2001
96 iMarketsLive $187 M 2013
97 Hillarys Blinds $185 M 1971
98 Giffarine Skyline Unity Co. $181 M 1996
99 BearCere’ju $180 M 1987
100 Mannatech $174 M 1993


A word about the revenue we think will be in order.

For publicly traded MLMs (that is, those listed on the stock market like Amway, Avon, Herbalife, etc.) the figures come from their annual reports in which they publish their earnings.

But for privately owned MLMs, the revenues are determined from online public records and other credible MLM sources.


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8 thoughts on “The top 100 MLM companies worth joining”

  1. It looks to me like you wouldn’t recommend joining a company that does the MLM.  I just stumbled across your site looking for a great place to make money online.  It looks like the Wealthy Affiliate program is going to be way better as far as building a website business.  I read that article as well and man I am super excited to see that it’s a great place to be apart of and enjoy the training.  I also read the training is top-notch.  Do you think any of the MLM programs are worthwhile or stay away from all of them?  I look forward to your answers and will be researching the Wealthy Affiliate very soon.  Thank you for the great list and video as well.


    • Hi Douglas,

      After analyzing an MLM company, its products, business model, compensation plan, and how it treats its distributors, then I either recommend or don’t recommend joining it. If you came here looking for ways to make money online, then you’ve come to the right place. Yes, I highly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate program as a place to build a website and work online through a top-notch training. Some of the MLM programs we review are certainly worth your while so we don’t recommend staying away from all of them. This particular list gives 100 of those companies you can safely join.

  2. This is actually a really interesting take on those MLM companies! I haven’t heard about Avon in so long. I actually thought they weren’t working anymore, so glad to see that they still are. I might go ahead and give their site a look since I somehow have some knowledge on how it works and the whole process of it. Thank you for sharing this list! I’m looking forwards what you have next on your website 

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Yes, I have been writing on MLM companies but I felt I must give a list of 100 of them which are a good investment. Yes, Avon is still kicking. Please give their site a look. Who knows, it might just be the business you’re waiting for. Thank you too for commenting on this list. Please keep coming back to my website because everyday I have something interesting for my readers.

  3. Ok I have say, Akoli, this is enlightening. I didn’t know these MLM companies grossed this much. Well I think we might have something in common when – disinterest in MLMs. I had a really bitter experience with an MLM company when I first tried to venture online. That bitter experience however, turned out to be a blessing because it pushed me to research more. The fruit of my research is affiliate marketing. By the way, I was looking to find a particular MLM company in your list, I’m not so sure it’s there. The name is helping hands international. Would you mind reviewing it.🙏🏾?

    Thanks in advance 

    • Hey Rhain,

      Thanks for your appreciation of my article. Of course, there are MLM companies which make a lot of money. But the question is, do all their members also gain as much? I’m happy for you that your bitter experience of MLM brought you to affiliate marketing. Thanks for suggesting it. When I have the time I’ll certainly review helping hands international to see if it’s to be recommended or not.

  4. I am still learning how do write good content and finding the time to do it.  I find your website to be very informative on a variety of things. In the future I hope to learn how to do more to my website. I am still fairly new to this. Maybe follow my page and give me some insights about mine as well. 


    • Hello Jessie,

      The best way to learn how to write good content is to read good content and then to write as much as possible. Because practice makes perfect. As for finding the time to do it, you must plan it. I’m tickled that you appreciate my website. Reading blogs that you like in your niche will also help you improve your website.


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