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‘The worst thing I did was set up my office in my living room’: how four company bosses are optimising remote working

When British businesses relocated from the office to the home, new working routines were hastily established, then gradually refined. How did bosses ensure they got the best from their staff and themselves?

On 23 March, when prime minister Boris Johnson responded to the threat of Covid-19 by imposing lockdown measures and restricting travel to essential journeys, British businesses braced themselves for the unknown. Office buildings emptied as UK households struggled to adapt to new demands. Two-bedroom flats became offices for as many as four adults, while family homes had to accommodate not only the work needs of adults, but a soundproofed environment for children – how else to manage all those Zoom calls?

“The biggest challenge for me has been having my children at home this whole time,” says Matt Caroll, founding partner and executive creative director at Mr. White, a premium production partner for brands, creating video content and other marketing assets. “The past five months I’ve been filled with guilt – either for not spending enough time with the kids, or for not working enough.”

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