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Lack of Education or Training

Lack of training has been identified as one of the 90 Reasons Why 90% of Online Businesses Fail (Part I).

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Below is what I wrote about it in that piece:

Reason #1: Not getting educated or trained in chosen niche

Government studies, census data, and statistics state that high school diploma holders obtain better paid jobs and earn much MORE than those without. And people with career training outdistance those with high school diplomas in their working career. However a university degree can bring an individual far more income.

In short, the more educated and trained a person is the more career opportunities are opened to them and the more income they receive. No wonder lack of education and training of online business workers are cited as one of the reasons for online failures.

It is to help address this issue that I have created this page.

I will be posting regular training here so that readers can access them free.


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