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My Trending Answers on


What is “My Trending Answers on”?

My trending answers on is a new series of blog posts which are the answers I have given to questions on and which have received, and continue to get, a lot of views.

A trending answer in my view is the one which has garnered at least 1,000 views.


Why Post About My Trending Answers on

Since the answers I have given on interest a lot of people, I believe that my blog readers too will find them interesting.


The homepage of as part of My Trending Answers on
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What made me go on

On 12 Nov 2018, HitTex Traffic Power had sent me an email of the Traffic Power Newsletter with the subject line Guest Posts Are Now Welcome! Get DF Backlinks & Traffic.

I had written a post on the benefits of guest blogging and when I saw that headline, I thought “why not give it a try?”

On reviewing the research material to write a guest post for them on “Ways to increase traffic to your website”, I saw that answering questions on was a great way to drive organic traffic to your website.



What is is a platform on which people ask questions and others post answers to them.


How can Answering Questions on Help Drive Traffic to Your Website?

Let me tell you that if you want people to see you as an authority in your industry and drive website traffic, then you have to use to post trending answers.


What is the secret to receiving a big boost in traffic?

It is simple.

Post good answers to questions asked on the site with relevant links back to your site. When the answers get trending, you’ll receive a lot of views.


Black & white photo of Oliver Emberton on My Trending Answers on
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Have you heard of Oliver Emberton?

He is the founder and CEO at Oliver is one of Quora’s top answerers. What hooked me was that he had used trending answers on Quora to grow his blog to millions of readers in just its first year.


Does that make you feel like using trending answers too to grow your blog?

Then go to and create an account now. It’s free and it’s fast.

Next, create and optimize your bio. It is important because this is the first thing people see when they click your profile.

Now, how do you optimize your profile?

Simply add some sentences about yourself, your experience in your industry, and a link to your website. See Oliver Emberton’s here. That inspired me to write mine.


It is now time to select categories relevant to your website

There are many categories on Choose the categories carefully, because your Quora feed will be populated with questions based on your chosen categories.


Quora categories in my feed for My Trending Answers on
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Note: I did not limit myself to only categories relevant to my site on seeing that some of the trending answers of Oliver Emberton were about general matters, especially those touching on rich people and money.

Want to see how Oliver Emberton does it? Here’s his trending answer to a question.

Now, you must grab the key to your success on

That key is to search for great questions.

You may ask: What constitutes a great question?


A great question is the one:

  • Asked with correct grammar
  • Written with nice formatting (i.e. bold, italics, etc. Not just a block of text)
  • Which is relevant to your industry
  • Which is fairly new (doesn’t have any great answers yet)

The point in the fourth position is very important.

This is because the better the question answered, the better the chance that your answer will go viral and bring you a flood of visitors.

Also, when many answers have been given to a great answer, it may be that all that is important has been said about it. And people are tired of reading the same thing said over and over again, even if they were given in other forms.

Another thing: sends your answers to viewers. Imagine a viewer who has seen tens of answers to a question. Do you think yours is going to interest them much?

However, everybody knows that what is novel attracts a lot of attention. And this is what makes your answer trending.


A yellow poster with the words Questions Answers to mean my trending answers on quora
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Great questions require strong answers

You’ve identified a great question. Now what? How can you write an answer which may go trending?

There are 5 ways to go about this:

  • Hook readers in the first few lines: What users on see in their feed is only your first 3-4 lines. They will click to read your answer only when they find those lines interesting. Otherwise, you know what will happen? It is therefore in your interest to hook readers right from the beginning.
  • Resort to story-telling: Answers with personal stories recounting how others beat obstacles and figured out problems always resonate with people. See this answer of mine and that one too.
  • Use correct grammar and formatting. If your answer is riddled with mistakes as well as not being easy to read, it’s normal that users click themselves out of it. So, use grammarly to check things and make your sentences short like Ernest Hemingway’s.
  • Use visuals. Most top answers on use visuals to enliven the answer. I use It’s free and good. You can research others which are free and good too.
  • Add relevant links pointing to your site. Maybe this should be the main reason for your presence on Everywhere in your answer, link the right keywords to anchor content on your website. These will generate clicks and that means traffic to your website. Another great link you must not forget, and certainly the most important, to leave with your answer is the one to your lead magnet. Write something like: “Want to get free resources about how to start affiliate marketing? Check out my free 170 pages of great details.”

Go back to Emberton’s profile. You’d find that he used all the tactics mentioned above. This alone has brought him 629.7k views and still counting at the time of writing a trending answer to a question. People continue to view Oliver’s answers although he does not find time to write on anymore.



What’s the difference in traffic generation between most social media and Quora?

A viral or trending answer can drive steady traffic to your website for a year or more! This is why despite Oliver Emberton’s long absence from, his answers are still trending on the site.

You need proof?

Check Traffic will follow.

Final thoughts on my trending answers on

As somebody whose plan is not cast in concrete (unfortunately), I suspended the guest post project I was working on and went immediately on on learning of its great potential to drive traffic to a website.

I nearly kicked myself on realizing that I had already signed up on the site ages ago and I had not written a single answer on it! I next felt like thrusting my head into a raging oven fire on seeing how easy the site was to use.

To catch up on time lost, I wrote something like 4 answers that day? I jumped with joy on seeing the next day how easy it was to get views to your answers on


Photos and names of quora founders where I have trending answers
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Thanks to Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever for creating something so powerful.

Now, every day I strive to write answers to many questions. The site populates my feed with questions so I don’t have to search for them.




Tips for writing trending answers on


The quora right sidebar showing trending topics
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But when I see that a topic of mine is receiving a lot of views, I click on it and at the right sidebar, I check similar questions. These interest people and are trending. But before answering them, I make sure they have not received many answers yet.

Another strategy in trying to get trending answers to questions consists in copying a certain number of questions and their links (so that I can quickly find the questions when I paste the link into my browser window!). Then I do research and take time to answer them in MS Word file. Then I copy and paste my answers on later, I check to see if they are trending!

Now, you’ve written an answer but you don’t like it anymore. Or you think you can improve it with more details or visuals, or anything. Simply scroll down and click on trhe three dots an arrow points to and you can do just that.


Edit quora answers for trending answers on it
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How can you know that your answer is trending?

To see the number of views on your answer, go to your quora homepage, …


quora homepage for my trending topics on it
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click on your content, …

quora your content for my trending topics
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look for the content you want to see views on. Click on it and scroll right to the bottom.


quora views for my trending topics on quora
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You see that this topic I answered just 23 hours ago, has 13.6 k views and still counting.


Okay, now my very final thoughts on my trending answer on

Know that Rome was not built in a day. Oliver Emberton used trending answers on Quora to grow his blog to millions of readers in its first year.

Can you do it in less time? In the same time frame? Will it take you more time? Trying is seeing. But I recommend patience. That is the key. So you just keep on  keeping on. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step; finally you’d get to your destination.

Good luck with your traffic generation efforts on


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