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Usana Health Sciences, Inc.

Today’s post will be a review on the MLM company Usana Health Sciences, Inc.

We have really enjoyed the last few weeks of multi-level marketing reviews. And we would like to kindly invite you to feel free to check our past reviews on our reviews tab at the top of this page.


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We have learned so much about some really good, some not so good and some downright awful companies. Rest assured that we are going to keep reviewing them for the immediate future.

Today’s company has us excited because they will be celebrating their 28-year anniversary next year and it takes quite a bit of willpower to stay in business in the MLM niche that many years

So, let’s go and find out what this company is all about and see if it will get a thumbs up or a thumbs down at the end of the article!



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The company



Usana Health Sciences, Inc. is a publicly-traded company that was founded by Myron Wentz. It is headquartered in West Valley, Utah.

They market nutritional products, nutritional care, weight management, energy, and personal care.

Myron Wentz is also the chairman, with Kevin Guest as CEO and Jim Brown as president.  James Bramble takes care of all legal issues and Dan Macug serves as the CCO.

They do business in 24 countries using distributors they call associates. The company has sponsored several athletic teams over the years and even supplied them with their products.

Usana Health Services, Inc. boasts an annual income of 790 million dollars and they spend about 5.1 million dollars a year on product research and product development.

Up until 2003, they were traded on NASDAQ but at that time transferred their trading over The New York Stock Exchange.

Usana Health Sciences, Inc. did have a period of time during the early 2000s when several of its management was let go due to false resumes. The company was quick to respond and replace the offenders.


The business model

Usana Health Sciences, Inc. follows a standard MLM model
in which they sell their products wholesale to their sales associates and they, in turn, resell them at retail price.

Unlike most MLM models, they stray a bit and use a points system to qualify for payment of commissions for their associates.

They also encourage associates to recruit new associates to be placed in their downline. These people accumulate commissionable points from the sales in their downlines also.

It was hard to find any definition of how many points per sale were awarded or how much the commissions would be.

This really puts up a red flag with us. Because as usual in these situations the top 1 percent of the company makes 99 percent of the money and the rest of the team just do the work. So we took a good look at their numbers and found numbers close to that.

We found that 72.2 percent of all monies made were paid in commissions to the top 2.131 percent of the associates.

This does not qualify the company as a pyramid scheme but it is as close as you can get without owning the title.

We found that in order to not forfeit your points you must maintain orders of 100 dollars a month. This is regardless of whether or not you are selling the products. And if you do not meet that number you will forfeit all of the points you have accumulated and start over.

This works out to roughly 87 percent of all associates who do not end up qualifying for their commissions. This too is a very bad plan set up in our eyes.


The products



After checking out the business model we kind of knew what we were going to find as far as the products were concerned. And we were not disappointed.

They are average knock-off products that are high priced and do not work any better than their lower counterparts sold on the open market.

There are so many negative reviews online. We really could not find any positive ones which surprised us a lot. Usually, there is always someone who will buy the worst of products. But to be honest with you, after checking out their business plan we really kind of did not look too hard.

We feel that if they were selling the best products on the market in their niche, if they are sold by a company as big a rip off as this, then they should not be supported. Period.




Everything about this company


Our take on Usana Health Sciences, Inc.

This company has a huge problem with taking but not giving.

Their business model is for the top few in the company and they simply do not care about how hard the rest of the company works.

While not a pyramid scheme, Usana Health Services, Inc. is as close to it as legally possible.  Yet it spends its money on promoting public events and sponsorships that are ego-driven and at the expense of their sales staff.

We give this company a huge thumbs down and we hope you stay away from them at all costs!

Thanks for checking out our review of Usana Health Sciences, Inc. We hope it helps you run for the hills whenever their name is mentioned!

There are so many good companies out there on the market that deliver what they promise. (You can check them on our reviews tab). But companies like this one are responsible for all the negative feedback about multi-level marketing programs and they should really not be in business.

Be sure to catch our next review and until then happy marketing!


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14 thoughts on “Usana Health Sciences, Inc.”

  1. Hello Akoli!

    MLM programs like Usana do not deny their non-beneficial character for most users that go for them.

    It is a sane practice to search for online feedback on MLM companies before taking any investment action, this way people find out it is not worth trying.

    Thanks for your review! We need to be warned about what’s not indicated to us.

    Kind regards, Peter

    • Hello Peter!

      There’s an African proverb which goes that One does not point to one’s village with the left hand. This is in a culture where doing many things with the left hand is considered derogatory. That’s why MLM programs do not paint a true picture of what they are.

      Yes, so the sureest thing in order not to fall victim to these people is, as you so rightly said, “to search for online feedback on MLM companies
      before taking any investment action, this way people find out it is not
      worth trying.”

      Thanks for your comment too. It was precious!

      Nice weekend to you.

  2. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about Usana Health Sciences which is another MLM that I’ve heard about recently, according to many reviews I’ve read online they don’t seem to offer anything good that would make joining worthwhile. The way you laid it out is perfect and informative, I love how you said that about 72% of all money is made by the top 2% which is typical of MLMs where most people don’t profit much, if at all. I’m not wasting my time on this company, thanks for the review.

    • Hello there,

      I also appreciate very much your time and effort on writing a comment about this post. I’m happy that the reviews you also found onine say that “they don’t seem to offer anything good that would make joining worthwhile.” Thanks also for liking the way I laid it out. Yes, when the top tiny minority makes the lion’s share of profits, it’s a red flag to walk away from a company. Yes, don’t waste your time on this company. Thanks for your valuable comment too.

  3. Hi, I’m not a fan of the MLM business model, but there are a lot of people that make a good income with that system, I don’t think fair that chain of referrals that end up paying the most to the first links or the top of the pyramid. There are good companies as you said that use this system and redistribute the income in a better way.

    Thanks so much for this article/warning it is useful for a lot of people trying to find a good MLM.

    I wish you success!


    • Hi Manuel,

      You are among many who are not fan of the MLM business model. Yes, not everybody loses in mlm, but the fact is that a lot do, which is bad. And that, as you observed, is not fair . It’s like robbing the Peters to pay the Pauls. However a few mlm companies change the compensation plan to redistribute the income fairly.

      I’m tickled that you found this article useful for a lot of people trying to find a good MLM. That’s all my reviews are about.

  4. Thanks for giving the reviews about “Usana Health Sciences, Inc”.My WhatsApp friend recommended me to join this MLM company and i see your reviews about the websites it gives clear information about the overall site and then only i realized the truth of the Usana Health Sciences, Inc is a scam.And thanks for giving the valuable information about the websites.and keep doing more articles for people to use.your friend yoge

    • Hi Yoge,

      It was my pleasure to give this review about “Usana Health Sciences, Inc”. Oh, your WhatsApp friend had recommended you joined this MLM company and then my reviewed saved you from falling victim to a scam? Don’t worry, I’ll keep on doing more ofsuch articles for people to use.

      I’m your friend too.

  5. Hi, 

    Thanks for providing this Usana Health sciences review. The major issue with the majority of MLM’s is that you have to get involved at the absolute beginning to make truly great money & it would appear that with Usana it is the same.

    If people are going to invest in an MLM model, you at least want to know that the products you are selling are unique in some way or of high quality. Sadly if these are average products that is all I need to hear, to know that I will be giving this a wide berth.

    • Hi Nate, 

      Thanks too for coming to read and comment on this Usana Health sciences review.
      In fact, getting involved at the absolute beginning is not only for mlms, it’s true of any activity on earth. The problem with mlm is that you might start and never arrive. Usana is no different.

      Sure, 3 things indicate if an mlm is good. The company, the compensation plan and the products. If something is hazy, just leave it alone.

      Stay safe.

  6. Hello Akoli,

    I found your review very useful for those who don’t want to waste their time in such a MLM company. Time is Money. I also found many negative review regarding Usana Health science.

    In my opinion only few people earn good and handsome money in MLM like Usana health science. MLM company depends on their product. If product are good then MLM company will produce many Leaders.

    After reading all the post I check your recommendation. It open my eyes. I will definitely give a try to your recommendation.

    Thank you

    • Hello Parveen,

      I’ve succeeded in sensitizing people if you found my review very useful for people who don’t want to waste their time and money useless MLM companies. 

      Very few people earn good and handsome money in MLM because they are set up that way. Who would like to be invloved with such a hopeless setup?

      Thanks for checking my number one recommendation. This isa business which will help you earn money online. Just give it a try and see.

      Thank you for your contribution to this discussion.

  7. Thank you for this Usana Health Sciences review. I have never found an MLM company that I did not have some skepticism about. The fact that Usana has been around for more than 25 years does indicate that it is a legitimate MLM Network Marketing business, just like Amway which I joined in my first year of being my own boss.

    But just like Amway and other long running MLM companies, Usana poses a problem that many MLM companies have. You have to recruit people to really make a lot of money and these people have to do the same. Though that may sound like a pyramid scheme, it is not because there is an actual product you can make a tiny amount of money on.

    The main problem other than having to recruit others is the Compensation Plan. Ever since Amway I do not like it when you are required to buy the products for yourself just to be viable to be paid your commission. This always ends up with you spending more than you actually make, which is why so many fail at MLMs.

    Thankfully I found a much better and even a more fun way to make money online that did not require me to buy any products and yet still get paid a commission on their sales. This is called Affiliate Marketing and I now make a good amount of money every month without having to buy products or recruit people. This is where Usana is lacking.

    • Hi Robert,

      Thank you also for your very detailed and highly valuable comment on my Usana Health Sciences review. You’re right, it’s extremely rare to find an MLM company that did not have one issue or the other. Even if the company has been around for decades, one can usually find something to complain about. Usana and Amway, which you mentioned are perfect examples. You even have a first hand knowledge of it since you joined it.

      I perfectly agree with you that the business model which requires you to recruit people to make a commission poses a problem. You may have all the will on earth to recruit, but often your recruits seem not to put the same energy into the business. Even if there’s a product to sell, few of them will actually buy it, even if for private use.

      The Compensation Plan is the other thorny issue of mlms. I also joined several mlms in which I was required to buy the products for myself to reach the volume where I could earn commissions. Like you said, I spent more but never made any commissions. Or sometimes the commissions were so tiny that it wasn’t worth cashing. I left all of them and since then I don’t think of joining another mlm.

      Again, like you, I also finally found salvation in Affiliate Marketing through Wealthy Affiliate. Since then I have found peace and freedom.

      Thank you again.


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