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Use these 3 Steps to make More Sales By Split Testing

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Take the most recent promotion you sent and open it up.

Do you find your subject inviting enough to make you yourself open it? Is your call to action so intriguing that you want to click it?

Good if you find both the opens and the clicks suitable. But note that these two only measure interest, which is not your end goal.

How to generate more sales leads is the reason why you are doing promotions. Yes, it’s the revenue from purchases customers make that assures your success. So the real worth of a broadcast can be measured in the number of sales it generates.

That being so, you must find out how to put the message together in a way that brings the maximum purchases. Fortunately we are going to show you 3 steps to making money using a little setup right in your AWeber account.

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Step 1: Put Sales Tracking in Place

 You must have a system in place to track the purchases your subscribers are making following each broadcast.

Sales tracking is what you need to do that.

You don’t have one set up?

Then head right over to AWeber’s Knowledge Base and follow the steps listed there.


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Step 2: Tweak Your Promotional Broadcast

Take your original broadcast design. Now you’ll have to create another version of it to see if a different version will help you sell more.                  

So, let’s see steps as to how to close more sales:

  • Your call to action.Do you find that the design really attracts one’s attention? Would using other words make it more compelling? Do you have to rather put it above the fold (the point where readers would have to scroll down to see more)?
  • Your text-to-image ratio.Experts recommend a proportion of 60% text to 40% images to shape your message while avoiding spam traps.
  • Your preheader. Do you have a whitelisting request? Is there a link to your newsletter online? What about an unsubscribe link?
  • Your format.Have you used the best layout for your content? Or maybe you should go here and try one of these options?
  • Your images and copy.Have you presented your product or service in the way your readers would better respond to? Or could you make it better?

Now let’s see the steps to more sales by split testing:


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Step 3: Split Test for the Winning Design

Want to know which design will bring you more sales? Then go to the broadcast split testing feature in your account. This sends each of your versions to a randomly selected, equally sized audience to make you get the most accurate results.  

When all the broadcasts have gone out, check the QuickStats for each version to keep track of sales. (To do so, you simply have to click on the subject on the Broadcast page to see how they’re doing.)

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When you detect the winning version, of course you know that is the design to use for your future promotions.


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Could You Follow These Steps?

Now that you know how it can help you to make more sales, does setting up sales tracking and a split test appeal to you?

If yes, what changes do you think you’ll test? Let the world know by going to the comment box below and leaving your words there.


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