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Useful Advice for New Clickbank Affiliates

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Yesterday we saw how to sign up for a Clickbank Affiliate Program account. Hoping that you have already done that, today we are going to have some pieces of advice for new clickbank affiliates.

As a once new Clickbank affiliate myself, I know how heartbreaking it can be when you are at a loss as to what you need to do to be a successful clickbank affiliate when just starting out. Just as bad, I didn’t also know the type of things you shouldn’t do which can make you miss making clickbank affiliate commissions.

This post will therefore tell you the dos and don’ts as they apply to a new Clickbank affiliate to help you avoid the pitfalls that make affiliate life miserable and bitter for many beginners.

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Now, let’s go to the dos:

  • Promote high-quality products that you not only personally like but also could have purchased.
    People strongly defend what they believe in. That’s why affiliates do better at promoting products whose value they share. This state of mind gives you a better understanding of what draws potential customers to that product and thus make your promotional efforts laser-targeted, hence more convincing. I know that the urge to promote products that every affiliate is running after is very great but you would do far better promoting products you feel passionate about.
  • Read and understand the tools and tips that vendors put at the disposal of affiliates on their Affiliates webpages before beginning to promote their products.
    This is because vendors know their products better and often give information you will find useful concerning the best ways to promote them. It is not unusual for them to also provide images, suggestions for related keywords, etc. Instead, we rush off to make the money and only succeed in often putting the cart before the horse. There’s no better recipe for failure. Set yourself up for success instead.
  • Test your HopLinks and campaigns regularly to ensure they’re working properly. There is nothing as destructive and wasteful as advertising into emptiness!
  • Before you begin, research various promotional techniques.
    Here are a dozen of them from this site: 5 reasons to use a classified ad posting service for your classified ads / Are solo ads an effective way to build my business / Resources for promoting your online work / What is a solo ad / Download free classified ad software for your ads / How to get signups for your business / Usage and promotional tips for CBproAds’ storefronts / Are you looking for an easy recruiting system / How to recruit strangers into your new business / What you need to make money online at home free / How to start and run a successful online business, introduction / How to succeed as a Clickbank affiliate. You can research others on the Internet.
  • Flexibility and innovation are the names of the game
    Different techniques work for different types of products and at different times. So what works for product A may not be appropriate for product B. And what was perfect for a particular product before may not bring success to that same product today. And in the affiliate marketing niche, changes come very quickly. So you must always learn to adjust to market trends, new products, and other unforeseen circumstances. Short, be flexible about your techniques, and be willing to make changes if need be.
  • Save your HopLinks in a file on your computer.
    At Clickbank you can create your own HopLinks. Note that ClickBank doesn’t store these HopLinks, so you’ll need to store them yourself. Don’t forget to include a note about which product the HopLink corresponds to, as well as any important additional details.
  • Choose an account nickname that is inoffensive.
    Your nickname will be visible to your customers, so make sure it’s not something that will offend anyone. When your nickname puts people off, they may decide not to purchase a Clickbank product through you.
  • Follow the terms and conditions of sites you use for promotion.
    If you promote a Clickbank product on Facebook, Pinterest, Craigslist, or any other site, please respect their terms and conditions. This is part of the terms and conditions of Clickbank. Clickbank does not hesitate to terminate accounts that violate not only their own terms and conditions but also those of other sites so as to protect their business with those sites.

Now that you know what to do, click here to sign up today to become a clickbank affiliate 

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Now that you know what you must do as a Clickbank affiliate, let’s see what you are not allowed to do:

  • Never spam.
    Because complaints of spamming are taken very seriously at Clickbank, and they will not hesitate to suspend or terminate your affiliate account if it turns out that you are associated with spamming. Also, many websites, social networks, forums, blogs, and Internet Service Providers equally take reporting of spamming as serious, and can ban you without notice. You therefore lose popular places to promote products.
  • Never fill up the My Site/My Products/My Images sections of the Settings tab if you’re just an affiliate
    These account sections are strictly for ClickBank vendors only.
  • Never use “negative” advertising campaigns.
    You’ve certainly seen ads like “Is Product X a scam?” Clickbank strongly recommend that you don’t use this method of advertising and then link to any of their products. In effect, many Clickbank vendors don’t appreciate affiliates associating their product with being a scam or otherwise, and can therefore ask ClickBank to ban an affiliate guilty of this form of advertising from continuing to promote their product. As this type of promotion can give a negative connotation to a ClickBank product, it goes without saying that it can make customers find them disgusting and therefore hesitant to buy the product. What you must do is highlight the benefits of a product and then try to sell a customer on it.
  • You’re not obliged to purchase the product you want to promote.
    Although it’s recommended to use a product to better understand it and have new ideas on how to promote it, know that Clickbank never require you to purchase a product you want to promote.
  • Never offer bonuses of cash or cash equivalents (such as gift cards) to customers who purchase a product through your HopLink.
    ClickBank’s Client Contract prohibits this. But you are free to offer other types of bonuses, such as additional ebooks or related products.
  • Never depend solely on using free traffic promotional techniques

It is true that when you have built up your efforts, reputation, and search engine rankings, free promotional methods such as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media can bring in lots of traffic. A beginner affiliate not generally as seasoned, it isn’t likely that you can drive much traffic from these methods.

  • Never mask or store your HopLink in a frame.
    For your HopLinks to be properly tracked, they must not be stored in a frame. If you mask your domain, your HopLink will be stored in this manner, and will therefore be unreliable.
  • Never promote the “resolved” form of a HopLink.
    An example would be Instead, stick to the HopLink format ending in This way the Hop can be tracked correctly, enabling Clickbank’s systems to give you affiliate credit on the sale.
  • Never use your password as a Tracking ID.
    When you include a Tracking ID on your HopLink, both your nickname and the tracking ID are visible to anyone who clicks on your HopLink. Since hackers resort to all sorts of ways to get into your accounts, exposing your account password to others may lead to unauthorized access to your account.
  • Don’t be overly concerned with picking a “perfect” ClickBank nickname.
    Your nickname is only a way to identify you and differentiate you from other Clickbank affiliates. What counts for your success as an affiliate is your advertising efforts.

Now that you know what not to do, click here to sign up today to become clickbank affiliate 


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