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WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC (Phase 6), lesson 2

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Lesson 2 of 10 – Letting Bing and Yahoo know about your site

Introducing Bing & Yahoo SEO!

While Google can find new content, Bing and Yahoo need you, the website owner’s help to index new content (get your website into their search engines or within their search results).

They provide you with the tools to help them do so. While you can submit your site to Bing, the Bing Webmaster Tools helps with site mapping and the indexing process.

This lesson will not only teach how to let Bing know about your website (through a submission) but also how to let them know about all the new pages/posts that you create on your website.

Faster indexing means more rankings which will ultimately lead to MORE TRAFFIC.

If you can capture some of Bing’s 30% share of traffic, you can get hordes of traffic which can drive a full time business.

Click this link to watch the video “How to get your website indexed and ranked in Bing and Yahoo”.

Click this link to see the “Letting Bing and Yahoo know about your site” course page”.

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