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Want to Be a Great Blogger? – Then Follow these Courses

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Back in 2013, when I was looking for a supplier online to work with, I fell on the short, now defunct Web Colleagues’ blogging course which helped me to create my first blog.

Incidentally that was the first time I heard of the word “blog!”

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Discouraged by the dismal performance of the blog, I ‘abandoned’ it.

But I was hooked on the concept of blogging, for it regrouped three of my passions: writing, for which I had been trained; teaching, which I was and am still doing; and business, which I had done prior to teaching.

So when I stumbled on a review of Wealthy Affiliate, and despite my hesitation, I signed up for the course from which this blog is built.

Those two courses taught me the importance of training to create a blog and I have always told myself that I will do some more of such courses.

That is why whenever I discover other great blogging courses, I bookmark them for future use. It is my belief that replicating the methods of all those great bloggers can only help me become a bit of them all.

The best gift is the one shared. So to help people interested in blogging to do it professionally, I decided to use the information to write this blog post to introduce them to these great blogging courses.

Charity begins at home, so I will start with Wealthy Affiliate.


What is wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate was created to train people succeed online in the same way Kyle and Carson (the co-founders) had already experienced success. Since 2005, the platform at WA has evolved and innovated at a pace faster than the industry.

How does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

Wealthy Affiliate works in 4 Simple Steps.

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Basketball shoes

Step 1: Choose an Interest

What are you passionate about? Each of us has a hobby or something else that gets us excited and motivated whenever we think about it. What interests you is what Wealthy Affiliate will help you come up with as your very own “topic.”

Let’s say you were interested in “basketball shoes.” That could be the start of your idea for your website to build a business off of.

Your idea isn’t interesting?


There are 2.8 billion people online and surely your topic will strike a chord with some of them to make you very successful online!

Wealthy Affiliate even have pre-selected topics and training on how to narrow down your topic. The goal is to have FUN with what you are doing. When you build a business out of something you’re passionate about, that can sustain your optimism and success is more than likely to follow.

A basketball shoes website opened on a laptop
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Step 2: Build a Website
It is very simple to build your very own beautiful looking, revenue ready website within Wealthy Affiliate. This will be the foundation of your business and ultimately lead to a successful venture online.

In the chosen example above, you will be able to build your very own “basketball shoes” website. This is where you will be writing about, reviewing, and discussing everything related to “basketball shoes.”

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Air Jordan basketball shoes

Step 3: Attract Visitors

Before you could make money with any website, you must first get actual people to that website. As the saying goes “No people to your website, no business for you.”

So the first few lessons at Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all about the most current traffic techniques and how you can get an ABUNDANCE of relevant customers to your website through rankings in all the search engines…like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Concerning the “basketball shoes” website, you will focus on getting people that are interested in this particular topic to your website. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the exact process to attract such a traffic.

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Affiliate programs

Step 4: Earn Revenue

You will learn to promote “affiliate programs” products and services. These platforms allow you to promote anything under the sun without investing a single penny to create or buy them. You don’t have to worry about inventory. shipping, payment processing, returns, support, etc.

All you have to do is send the traffic we talked about above to a link they give you called “affiliate link,” and then they pay you a commission of 20-90% if somebody buys something.

In our “basketball shoes” example, you can promote over 32,723 different types of “basketball shoes” on Amazon alone, and earn serious commissions.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you all about the proper techniques to build and scale up your business.

You Are Seconds Away From Starting Your Own Business!

Wealthy Affiliate cater to all levels of experience, from people with zero knowledge to those having years of success online.

When you join, you will be part of Wealthy Affiliate’s most active, engaging and helpful community of over 580,000 members.

There are success stories among them and you could just be the next one.

How much does the Wealthy Affiliate blogging and affiliate marketing course cost?

1) Start FREE and stay FREE

2) Upgrade to $47/month and get more benefits

3) Save yourself the hassle of monthly payments and make a lump payment of $359 a year (a saving of $205) and build your business in peace.

All the above membership levels include access to Wealthy Affiliate’s famous “Getting Started” training course, TWO beautiful websites with hosting, live help and support, and access to 10,000’s of community discussions you will find very helpful.

Sound like something you are interested in being part of?

Sign up here for Wealthy Affiliate’s blogging and affiliate marketing course


What is AffiloBluePrint?

AffiloBlueprint is a step-by-step “how to” course that will show you how to build
money-making websites using the same system internet marketing guru Mark Ling has developed over 14 years as a highly successful affiliate and a self-made millionaire.

How does AffiloBluePrint work?

AffiloBluePrint is divided into three parts:

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Affiloblueprint’s 4 steps blogging course

Part 1: Research and Build

In this part, you’ll learn how to build a great-looking website on a money-making topic.

AffiloBluePrint will help you to identify “big money” topics, and show you how to choose the right products within that topic to promote.

Then you’ll be taught to build a website to attract the people who will buy those products and make you money.

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Niche website

Here is more information about what you will be learning in part I:

Finding a Profitable Niche Topic

AffiloBluePrint will show you how to find a niche that will make you the most money. This knowledge alone can make the difference between success and failure online.

Finding the best Products to Promote

AffiloBluePrint will give you the specific criteria Mark himself uses to pick high-selling digital and physical products so that you can make the most money.

Building your own Website and customizing it

Mark will teach you by example. Thus, you will follow along as he builds a website using his very own powerful WordPress theme.

Worried because you’ve never built a website before?


Mark’s theme makes it SO easy for you to build your website that you’d think you were a pro.

Creating Content that Converts
Content is the magnet that will attract visitors to your website.

You can’t write?

Don’t worry.

AffiloBluePrint will show you how to create content that people love to consume. Above all it will be content that will convince people to buy the products you promote.

Part 2: Marketing

HERE you copy Mark Ling’s best strategies for getting visitors to your website.

I’ve already said it: no visitors to your website means no money for you. So you need traffic to succeed online.

That’s why the AffiloBluePrint course will give you a huge arsenal of Mark’s own favorite traffic generation tactics. You’ll learn exactly how to make them work for you.

A graph showing increasing web traffic
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Here is more information about what you will be learning in part II:

• The ins and outs of search engine optimization (SEO): You’ll learn how to get your pages onto the front pages of the search engines like Google.
• How to drive visitors to your site with social media: You’ll learn to do this using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and document sharing sites.
• How to step things up and get a HUGE boost in visitors: You’ll learn to do this using ad swaps, “solo ads,” media buys and pay-per-click.
• Discover Mark’s new favorite method for getting visitors: You’ll learn this same method he taught his little sister aged 17 who now makes hundreds of dollars per week doing nothing more than this.
• Learn where to find people in buying mode: You’ll learn how to make MORE money using LESS effort by targeting people with high “buyer intent.”
• Plus: You’ll get 25 videos and 3 hours of step-by-step training on traffic generation methods!

Part 3: Monetization

NOW optimize your website to make more sales

This is where you learn the few extra steps that can make you learn how to gain ten times more per week.

Snapshot of daily sales from Clickbank
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Daily sales snapshot

Here is more information about what you will be learning in part III:

How not to leave money on the table — You will learn to add tracking to your site so that you will be able to analyze any “leaking spots” in your money-making machine.

How to keep your visitors coming back — You will learn how to sell to your customers over and over again. This knowledge is crucial as it is much easier to sell to existing customers than finding new prospects to sell to.

How to build your “list” — Building a list is like having your own ATM! It will make your earnings to really start to snowball. And this all on autopilot!

How to take things to the next level — This is where you will learn to turn the money gained into even MORE money.

By the time you finish the AffiloBluePrint course, it’s promised that you will have a well-built, well-marketed, money-making website.

Get the Complete AffiloBlueprint System

This is made of:

• 90+ Step by step video lessons
• Downloadable lessons and course notes
• Private members’ forum
• Lifetime access
• BONUS N° 1: AffiloTheme website builder
• BONUS N° 2: 1-year web hosting for 1 website
• BONUS N° 3: 1-month trial of Affilorama Premium

How much does AffiloBluePrint blogging course cost?

Just $197.

Ready to start seeing results? Then grab your blueprint for blogging success now!

Need even more results? Then see Affilorama Premium blogging course features below.

• 100+ free video lessons
• Members’ forum
• Advanced training videos
• Product creation training
• Affiliate Blog Bootcamp training
• Free hosting for 15 domains

It’s $1 on a 30-day trial, then $67/month. Cancel anytime.


John Paul Aguiar's "The Money Dummy Blog" logo
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The Money Dummy Blog logo

John Paul Aguiar 1
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Every Online Entrepreneur Needs A Blog and A Social Media Gameplan To Make Money – The WP Bloggers Pack Gives You Both!

In 7 Days You Can Have Your Very Own Blog and Social Media Presence…

Here Is What We Do For You In Your WP Bloggers Social Pack…

You Get 3 Theme Color Choices

Why should you settle for a cloned website when you can choose from three to personalize?

Your Blog Will be Uploaded and Installed for You

Some people do not try to build blogs because they are put off by the technical aspects of it. Whatever your case, this course will upload and install your blog for you.

Install the Top 5 Plugins

A plugin extends the functionality of your WordPress blog. Get the top 5 and see your blog at the top.

Install Your Aweber Form

Without any shadow of doubt, email marketing is by far the most important aspect of any internet business. It enables you to create a list of subscribers to whom you can market. This is the way top entrepreneurs make a lot of money on autopilot as if they had a personal ATM.

PopUp Domination aims to fast-track you to internet marketing success. In effect, why should you wait months and even years to build your list using traditional methods when you can get an instant explosion of mailing subscribers?

Set up a Twitter Page with 300 – 500 Targeted Followers

With just its 140 characters of text, Twitter is a very powerful tool for business. Get a heads up to ensure your success.

Set up Hootsuite with Your Twitter and Facebook Page

Hootsuite makes it easier for you to manage your social media.

Add Your Blog to 100 Directory Sites

Get found with the inclusion of your site in web directories.

Bookmark Your Blog to 100 Bookmarking Sites

Another essential tool for your blog. And like the earlier one, you get into 100 of them!

Promo Tweet to My 100,000 Followers

Another heads up here!

Who is behind “How To Make Money With A Blog The Money Dummy Way”?

John Paul Aguiar. A very successful blogger himself, John Paul can help you drive more traffic, get more readers and make money with a blog…

John Paul is here to help you build a successful blogging business through Coaching, Consulting, Tips, Tricks and Tools.

His method covers topics like driving traffic, twitter marketing, social media and Internet marketing.

Who is Money Dummy blog geared towards?

Bloggers, entrepreneurs and small business owners will find it very helpful.

You’re not a dummy? Alright, but when it comes to Making Money With A Blog, we’re all “Dummies” in the beginning. So c’mon, and learn not to be a dummy anymore!

Want a blog but have no idea where to start? Get a Free WordPress Installation Service to help you get your blog started.

Basically what John Paul will help you learn is everything you need to know to start a blog and finally make money with that blog.

Here are just some of the things you will learn…

• How to get traffic to your blog.
• How to blog correctly.
• How to write great content that people want to share.
• How to use social media to explode your blog’s growth fast.
• How to use Twitter for marketing and to make money.
• How to use IM to grow your blog.
• How to build an email list.
• How to build your brand.
• How to turn your blog into a business.

Short, you will learn everything you will need to know on how to blog and build that blog into a business.

The course is presented in a simple to understand way that anyone can read and then Act on.

How much does the start a blog blogging course cost?

You Get All This for Only $397

Sound like things you Want and Need to learn? Then click here now!


Do you want to be mentored?

Then join the 90 day mastermind group today!

When you join the Mastermind Elite Program, you will benefit from:

• Weekly Mastermind Call – Every Monday and for 12 weeks, you can jump on a call with Jonathan at 2:00 PM or 9:00 PM, both Eastern. This is when you get answers, insights and accountability!
• Rapid Fire Sessions – This enables you to get direct help from Jonathan on specific issues bugging you. Jonathan will either call or email you with an answer within 24-48 hours.
• Private Community – You’ll use the same online collaboration tool Jonathan uses with his own personal mastermind group. It’s called the Slack App and it’s an amazing tool.
• BONUS N° 1 – An autographed copy of Jonathan’s Latest Book “15 Success Traits of Pro Bloggers.”
• BONUS N° 2 – An audiobook version of the “15 Success Traits of Pro Bloggers.”

Check it here

Do you need even more?

Would you like to make a minimum of $10,000 per month to as much as $55,000 blogging part time?

Blog Mastermind logo showing a dark circular spot surrounded by a white one, both inside a rectangle
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Blog Mastermind logo

Here comes the only Step-By-Step Blog Program with genuine Life Changing success stories from everyday people — and you can be next!

Choose a proven pathway to full-time internet income WITHOUT selling your soul!

Why should you blog?

There are many reasons for this but we will mention a few here.

Blogging is no doubt one of the easiest and best methods to start an internet business. Financially lucrative and personally satisfying, a blog can be built on anything you already like doing. This is by far the best way to get started making money online.

You don’t need a lot of equipment, money, or even writing skills to start blogging.

That’s why anyone can start a blog from scratch, build an audience, and have a genuine income potential of anywhere from $10,000 up to $55,000 per month or more, with the Blogging Mastermind Course.

Yes, you can do it, too.

What does that mean to you?

No One Controls Your Life…

Say, would you like the possibility to add some serious excitement to your life…

…to create something that is uniquely your very own…

…that could make you enough money to enable you stay in bed on cold, blustery winter mornings instead of unwillingly dragging yourself out of bed to go to work…

…or would let you be able to go to the beach on Wednesday if the surf is up, or to simply to spend time chatting with friends if you feel like it?

If that is the life you envision for yourself, then read on to discover a simple system which will teach you how to duplicate Jonathan’s results and start earning a full time income blogging part time.

Jonathan has a tested and proven system he calls Blog Mastermind. It’s a week-by-week coaching program in which he shows you, step-by-step, how to:

Step 1: Set up and customize your blog

You can do this even if you don’t have a clue about “tech stuff.”

Step 2: Build your readership

You learn the easiest way ever invented to get traffic!

Step 3: …make money!

Blog Mastermind will teach you to make a full-time income working as little as 2 hours a day, like Jonathan does!

Who is blog mastermind for?

Blog Mastermind is ideal if you are:

• tired of sitting on the fence and dying to start earning a generous income online doing something you love
• a blogger and online publisher looking for a way to generate MUCH more income from your blog with LESS time and effort
• a coach, expert, author, speaker, trainer, or entrepreneur who wants to use a blog as a marketing tool to establish authority, to “Build A Platform”, generate BUZZ, attract new business and create a massive competitive advantage in your niche.

Concluding remarks

A blog can easily turn you into the “Go-To” Guy or Gal in your marketplace – and the Blog Mastermind course will show you exactly how inside.

“Blog Mastermind is about finally having the freedom to live life on your terms…
To wake up each day knowing you can do WHAT you want, WHEN you want, HOW you want it.”

How much does the Blog Mastermind blogging course cost?

There are three levels:

1. Blog Mastermind

$1497 (SAVE $297)

Join Now

2. Blog Mastermind + Academy

$1994 (SAVE $388)

Join Now

3. Blog Mastermind + Academy + Private Coaching

$4994 (SAVE $2,088)

Join Now

Blog Mastermind


Passport-size picture of blogger Ramit Sethi
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Ramit Sethi

Zero to launch system introduces the step-by-step formula successful blogger Ramit Sethi used to grow a multi-million-dollar online business.

Who is Ramit Sethi?

Ramit Sethi is a New York Times best-selling author. He is founder of a blog that he started and from a dorm-room and grew into a successful online business with tens of thousands of paying customers.

When Ramit first started out, he had no idea how to create a business. But he learned how to refine his ideas and how to break down the mental barriers holding him back. He learned how to get ongoing waves of traffic, and how to create mouthwatering products — and get students for life.

Ramit Sethi has distilled all of this knowledge into the Zero to Launch course.

Here are a few questions for you:

• Are you ready to learn how to turn your passion into a recurring revenue stream?
• Are you interested in the business training that helps you go from a 9-5 job to a business that keeps working even when you’re not?
• Are you ready to learn the strategies for finding an idea, making sure it’s profitable, and creating products that sell for 10x-100x your competition?

If you are, then click here to know more about the zero to launch step-by-step training system for starting a successful online business.


A smiling lady in front of a partillay hidden laptop with some words behind her
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Do you want to build your own income-generating website?

If yes then welcome to Site Build-It (SBI).

SBI is an online program that makes you build your own money-making website. With SBI you can create multiple streams of passive income which will make you earn income even while you are sleeping.

Who founded SBI?

Entrepreneur Ken Evoy founded SBI.

How did it all begin?

Some years back, Ken wrote a book to teach people how to build their own money-making websites. The book became very popular, selling more than 100,000 copies.

Ken then built an online service to automate the action steps in the book, thus making it even easier for people to build money-making websites.

Ken named the service Site Built-It (also called SBI).

Signups for the service came in quickly and people started using SBI to create their own streams of passive income. As people began making money with it, word of mouth spread about SBI, and it became very popular.

Ken then added private discussion forums to enable SBI users connect with each other and share tips, ideas, and resources to help grow their income streams even further. Those forums evolved into another valuable part of SBI, bringing an ongoing coaching element to it. These forums are especially helpful for people who are new to online business as they have the opportunity to learn from successful people.

Although SBI has been around for many years now, the SBI team continues to upgrade the service to keep it in line with current best practices.

What you would like most about SBI is that it will teach you to generate streams of passive income by creating good websites that provide real value.

Building a money-making website

SBI helps you build a money-making website. The focus will therefore be on helping you create streams of passive income. At SBI, you will have the tools, coaching, and guidance to make that happen.

SBI will help you build traffic
Maybe it’s because good things don’t come easily that growing your traffic is the most difficult part of building a successful online business. But if you are going to make income online, you will need traffic. Unfortunately building a high-traffic website is more difficult than most people think.

SBI’s key strength is helping you build traffic. SBI teaches you to build this crucial and solid foundation by choosing the right type of website to build, the right topic to write about, and the right name to choose for your site.

In this regard, you’ll learn how to create strong content that not only attracts visitors but also makes them share it. You’ll get solid research tools to find out what to put on your website. You’ll learn to promote your website in the most efficient ways; this way, you attract many visitors to your site for free.

Benefits of joining SBI

Here are some of the many benefits of using SBI to create your blog:

• Earn passive income: You create multiple streams of passive income, so your website makes money for you, even when you’re sleeping.
• Achieve your income goals faster: By following SBI’s proven step-by-step process, you build and grow your business faster than you otherwise would.
• Enjoy more freedom and abundance: Improve your lifestyle when the traffic and income start flowing.
• Quit your day job: Quit your day job like many SBI users do and live off your passive income streams.
• Simplify your life: As SBI provides an all-in-one solution with all the tools, training, and support you need, this keeps your business simple and easy to run.
• Make better decisions: SBI provides decision-making tools to help you make wise choices regarding your site’s name, topic, content, and more.
• Grow your traffic: SBI provides the training, tools, and coaching you need to promote your site and attract lots of visitors. More visitors = more income.
• Get the help you need from the pros: As SBI does the heavy-lifting for you, you don’t need to know how to program or how to build a website. You don’t also have to research which tools to use. All of these have already done that for you.
• Get coaching and social support: Looking for help? Get it all from experienced entrepreneurs in the SBI forums. You will agree that this is like having a team of business coaches available to you 24/7.
• Contribute to the world: Use your SBI site to contribute value to the world. SBI has tools to help you discover untapped sources of value. Even children are using SBI successfully.

Concluding remarks

At this stage is it at all necessary to encourage you to use SBI to create your own money-making website? Yes. Because people normally don’t take action on matters necessary for their well-being if they are not told to do so. My question is, why bother with a regular job when you can earn passive income online and enjoy more freedom and a better life?

Getting started with SBI

Your SBI blogging course package comes with a money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk to try it. Better still, you can test drive it for 30 days and if you feel it isn’t for you, you get a full refund. No questions asked. So it makes sense to go for it.

When you’re enjoying the benefits of passive income, you’ll be glad you took action. There’s no substitute for freedom.

How much does SBI cost?

Yearly is $299; and monthly $29.99.

Click here to join now!


What is Blogging Your Way?

Blogging Your Way is a well-established online leader in delivering top quality (and especially fun!) e-courses taught by industry experts who are also well-known bloggers.

These teachers love what they do and find tremendous benefits from blogging. In fact, many earn a living (some even 6 figures!). They eagerly and freely share their secrets with you by teaching in the online classroom exactly what they practice in their careers.

Blogging Your Way have taught over 8,500 students, many of whom have moved on to become top bloggers themselves, winning awards, authoring books, working for print magazines, designing product lines and launching their own retail spaces.

Who is behind Blogging Your Way?

The company was founded by Holly Becker of decor8.

Holly Becker is an award-winning professional blogger, best-selling author, freelance journalist and interiors stylist with her first three books being sold in 18 languages globally with a fourth book to be published in 2016.

What you learn

Blogging Your Way offer a variety of e-courses on topics that are crucial for bloggers to stay on top to survive and thrive. These include branding, styling, photography, social media, monetization, small business, creative writing and how to build a blog that gets read and shared. In other words, Blogging Your Way cover the whole she-bang.

Tools to help you grow

Built into the Blogging Your Way materials are proven techniques that professional bloggers use everyday in their successful careers. You would also find their personal life stories which will save you years of struggle and stress. The Blogging Your Way lessons also provide lots of fresh ideas to keep your blog ahead of the curve and help you to achieve the results that you dream for your blog and/or social media networks. You will also be able to stay connected with Blogging Your Way’s large global student base long after class ends.

You won’t be alone as collaboration is assured

Blogging Your Way also have an great community that doesn’t exist anywhere else, all in a secure, supportive and private student-only forum. Here you can interact with students and teachers. The forum is a favorite amongst students who say that it’s “extremely motivational” and “an amazing resource.” Why not, when you can even arrange cafe meet-ups with students in your city to discuss class projects!

Do you need tech or administrative support during class? That is covered too.

Each class comes with its very own tech support expert and forum administrator.

Be Empowered

Blogging Your Way exhort their students to, “Use your blog as a catalyst to live your best life,” because they believe that your blog should improve your quality of life, increase your joy and bring you and your business some big time benefits.

Don’t miss out

Blogging Your Way only teach a few classes each year. Because of that, the courses sell out quickly. So make sure you sign up for their newsletter to be notified first when the next course comes up.

Does this sound like something for you? Check it up here.


Drawing of a rectangular computer screen
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lcd slideshow

Maybe you’ve already tried a few things to become a blogger…

You’ve even given yourself RSI by spending every spare second on social media…

Suffered through migraines of trying to figure out SEO, UVs, HTML and CPC…

Tried posting weekly, daily, hourly…

Commented yourself senseless!

Maybe you even tried to create an eBook (but the response kind of sucked!)

You’ve done all this and wondering why your blogging dream is still so far off…

Here are the 3 BS things you believe about blogging (and that are holding you back)

1 – You must have 100s of 1000s of readers to be successful

Kate, the founder of Blogger’s MBA says this is rubbish and for a reason.

She has two blogs, one that gets up to 500,000 visitors a month, and another that receives 10,000 visitors a month. Guess which one earns more? You would say the 500K one. But no! And Kate knows lots of other bloggers with small traffic, and small email lists, who still earn a full-time income (plus some!) from their blogs.

2- The best way to make money on your blog is sponsored posts and banner ads

Another rubbish, says Kate.

While it can be great working with brands, you actually need to spend a long time growing your blog first before you can make any money (and even when you do it’s unreliable, and the actual work can really suck!)

And who wants to wait that long?

In effect, there are many different ways of making money off your blog (many of which you can actually start right now, and which will even continue to make you more money in the long run too!) Then working with brands can just be the icing on the cake!

3 – It takes many years to become a full-time blogger

Kate says this is the biggest lie of all three!

Of course it does take time and work (there’s still no magic wand here) to succeed as a blogger, but Kate herself has created two blogs that were earning her full-time plus income both in around 12-18 months. And there are a whole lot of bloggers who have done the same. And some in even much lesser time.

The secret is, if your blog is set up right, and you focus on the right stuff, there’s no reason you can’t do this too!

Now, let me ask you a question: Are you ready to finally become a full-time blogger?

If yes, then you are at the right place.

It’s so exciting that you are ready to learn how to really turn your blog into a business (and a fun & profitable one too!)


Almost 8-years ago, Kate started her first blog “Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily” from scratch. She was exactly where you are right now. Twelve months later, she was able to quit her job and blog full time. Today Kate has two 6-figure blogs, 4 staff, and earned over $1million from blogging.

Want to know exactly how she did it? Exactly step-by-step how she created two multi-6-figure blogs?


Kate has turned her biggest blogging and business lessons into the online 6-week Bloggers MBA eCourse that she knows will help any blogger, old or new, to go pro with their blog, and start to turn their hobby into a career.


The Bloggers MBA focuses on the real business side of blogging. That is, on the stuff that works no matter your traffic, niche, or how long you have been blogging.

You will learn the exact strategies and steps that will help you not just to grow your readership, but also to bring in a steady stream of income so you can turn your blog from your hobby or something which sucks into a business in the shortest time-frame possible.

Do you notice how no one seems to want to talk about how much money they are making, and how? Or how they REALLY get their traffic? But Kate will!

Isn’t that reason enough to sign up for the Bloggers MBA blogging course? So, click here now!

Now that you know of all the courses which could make your blogging dream be realized in a big way, why don’t you go ahead and start, dear great future blogger?

It’s possible I haven’t covered all the great blogging courses out there. If you know of any other, why don’t you go down to the comment box and let the world know? You could just be helping someone build a great future in blogging.

Sharing is caring. Thanks for doing it.

Your personal guide to securing your future online

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