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What actually make a really good newsletter sequence?

Several things go to make a newsletter sequence a really good one. I can think of 5 here.

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It must be high quality

Quality always sells in any field. High quality sells even more. But what makes the quality of a newsletter high? When they are particularly interesting. Because if they are not, people will stop opening them. But should your newsletter sequence be high quality, people will devour them avidly and therefore make you stand the chance of selling to them.

But how do you make your newsletter sequence interesting? You do this by not just rewriting online encyclopedia entries, or assembling articles from article directories or from the internet. Your subscribers are looking for some real value and it is up to you to give them original ideas, the ones they cannot find elsewhere.

You may ask, there is nothing new under the sun, how do I make my ideas original? To do this, write good newsletter articles, give them your personal touch.

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It must solve a problem

If Google rewards websites with good content by ranking them high, subscribers reward marketers with good content by buying regularly from them.

But how do you give your subscribers good content?

The easiest way to ensure you’re giving your subscribers really good content is to make every email solve a problem. But how do you know the problems facing your readers? By doing research and visiting forums and authority blogs. These are the places people talk about their problems and expect to receive answers. By offering answers there, you pull people to your website and/or offers since your signatures will contain your links.

Then you create your newsletter sequence in which you offer much more detailed solutions to those problems.

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It must build trust

The way you write your emails offering solutions to your subscribers’ problems is important. In effect, your emails must be informative and authoritative. By giving people lots of good, useful information for free on a regular basis, they will come to trust you. It’s from this trust that you are going to build your business as it will make more people click on the links in your emails.

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It must sell the product

Your newsletters must contain links pointing to products you’re promoting to your list to help them ultimately solve their problems. This will bring you sales which will make you earn commissions.

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It must be a long sequence

Your intention is not to sell only once or even a few times only to your prospects but to make repeat sales to them. This is why you must not use a shorter newsletter sequence (of say 2 months duration) although that can make you good money. To maximize your earnings from each subscriber, make your email sequence longer.

In a nutshell, have a good newsletter design, write good email newsletters, and make them long. You will find people will continue to buy from you for months and months (or years!) after they initially subscribed.

Do you have another idea of what actually makes a really good newsletter sequence? Why don’t you go to the comment box below and share it with the world? I will be grateful to you.

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