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What Designrr, the EBook Design Tool, offers EBook Creators

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Are you looking for what EBook Design Tool offers the best options for EBook Creators?

Are you a/an:

  • Affiliate/Internet marketer
  • Blogger/Blog owner
  • Online entrepreneur
  • Info product maker
  • EBook publishers
  • Travel consultant
  • Graphic designer
  • Business owner
  • Content curator
  • Self-publisher
  • E-book writer
  • List builder
  • Copywriter
  • Agency
  • Author


And do you create EBooks:


  • For distribution to subscribers to keep them pumped
  • As lead magnet for list building
  • As gifts for clients/customers
  • For content repurposing
  • For self-publishing
  • For information
  • For your clients
  • For sale
  • Etc?


Then you need to take a look at what Designrr, the  eBook Design Tool, offers EBook creators.

With this eBook Design tool you:

don’t need WordPress, that is, Designrr works on most websites e.g. Squarespace, Shopify, Hubspot blog, so all you need is the URL of the actual post.

Besides, you can:

import unlimited posts.

import pages as well as posts because it’s not tied to WordPress.

import a page from someone else’s website (content curation).

import from any Facebook Profile & Page.

import from MS Word.

import from Google Docs.

import any old PDF on your machine and give it a complete new look.

have all your links in the final pdf clickable.

automatically create the post title as the header and a backlink to the post in the footer.

remove Headers & Footers.

create unlimited eBooks, lead magnets, and pdfs.

have access to unlimited images from copyright free image libraries so there’s no need for expensive stock photography.

have 720 Google fonts for any look desire.

have 21 customizable themes to save time creating your book.

have unlimited styling possibilities so that you are not forced into any structure or template.

have access to 50 Project Templates and be able to create a new template from a project.

have unlimited active projects.

have over 200 cover designs.

have a 3d Cover Image Tool.

have ton more templates for every niche and 12 Additional Project Templates per Month.

have a Table of Contents Generator and page numbering tool.

export your Ebook to the Kindle Store in the correct format.

export to epub and the Apple iBooks store.

have a Flipbook generator.

share your eBook in animated flipbook which is great for sending and sharing to mobile users who struggle with PDFs.

have Full Resell Rights for their Cover Designs.

create additional user accounts.

have lifetime access to the software platform.

have 30 day money back guarantee.

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Then, click here to have fun taking our eBook creator tool survey and download them FREE.

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