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What Steps Should You Take After Joining An Affiliate Program?

“What to do after joining an affiliate program?” Since the question is talking about an “after” it means there was a “before”. So, this post will talk about what happened before you joined an affiliate program and then handle what should come after that.


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Diagram representing how affiliate marketing works showing a globe in the middle surrounded by a dollar bill, a shopping cart, affiliates and a megaphone
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The before could have started in one of several ways, some of which are:

  • you wished to quit your 9-5 job;
  • you wanted a job where you could just about sell anything online
  • you wanted to make money even when you’re sleeping
  • you were looking for a low cost business
  • you needed a business with a recurring commission

So after deciding to change direction, you googled for what to do to make your dream come true.

Affilite program caught you.

You sought more information about which affiliate program to join.

Now you have joined a strong and reliable affiliate program with a good commission structure and history of paying its affiliates on time, beside other factors.

People often wonder that after writing posts of good content, do you just attach affiliate links and write content about the products?

Not at all.

You need to take several steps if you want to become a successful affiliate marketer. Without following these steps we are going to outline, it will be difficult for you to earn a reasonable amount of money every month.

Following are these necessary steps:

  • Set your objective
  • Select a market from the affiliate programs
  • Select a product from the market
  • Build your own website
  • Publish articles in free article directories

We know that affiliate marketing has a high failure rate. As high as 97%. This is because usually people don’t know the right thing to do after selecting an affiliate program. And that is what accounts for the abysmal success rate.

So, let’s dive in and see the first step.

The word Set goals written in white on a blackboard
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Set your objective

Before setting your goals, you need some clarifying tips and questions to help you draw up the blueprint of the main ins and outs of your affiliate strategy.

There are eight of them:

  • Fix the amount of money you want to make
  • Decide how much work you are ready to put in
  • Decide if this be your main source of revenue
  • What is your why?
  • Test the products and services first before promoting them
  • Spread your affiliate strategy over 3-4 platforms
  • Decide how often you want to run special promotions
  • Know the conversion rate you are aiming for

When this is done, what you will come up with will be realistic goals complete with a time frame and clear expectations.

Now, the first of the clarifying tips and questions.

Cross-legged lady working on a computer with graph beside her to signify rising income
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Fix the amount of money you want to make

Before beginning your affiliate marketing business, you must set the amount of money you want to earn every month.

If you want to do this as a side kick, it will call for less effort on your part as you want to earn just a little. But if you are going to rely on this business to satisfy all your needs, then you should be prepared to work hard, very hard, at least 8-10 hours a day, and even on weekends and on holidays.

When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2015 for affiliate marketing training, the first thing they asked me to do was to say on my dashboard how much money I wanted to make.

At that time I did not understand the philosophy behind that. And like all moist-eyed newbies, I wrote down huge amounts and felt good about them.

But the people at Wealthy Affiliate knew that affiliate marketing was not for the weak-willed. This is because this business takes time, and needs effort and money to have a solid strategy in place.

What has monetary goal got to do with this?


That makes it easier for you to decide how much time and money you want to invest in the business. The size of the goal will also dictate how much energy you would want to invest. Of course, somebody looking for $100 a month will not put in as much effort as another wishing to gain $1,000 a month.

So just as they made me do at Wealthy Africa, set your yearly, monthly, and weekly revenue goals.

Don’t worry about the amount. What you put down is what you think you want. There’s no science about this.

Two people working on a document before computers to signify set your goal
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Decide how much work you are ready to put in

This tip is intimately linked with the one above. So concurrently with fixing your monetary goal, you must realistically set the amount of time you would spend on your nascent affiliate marketing business.

If you set high revenue goals, this of course will call for more time. Something like three to four hours a week. You will use this period just for creating content, engaging on social media, reading influencer blog posts, taking care of funnels, creating videos, etc.

This section also boils down to how much time you will assign to sustaining your affiliate content. First you must know the metrics you want to track, such as traffic, clicks, conversion, etc.

Then you will determine how often you would be doing that. Would it be once a month? Once a week? Every day?

Hand drawing a rising graph with the words revenue
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Decide if this will be your main source of revenue

This may not be easy to say because, at the beginning, you may just be testing the waters. But the question you are asked to answer here is, do you foresee affiliate marketing generating a large portion of your monthly income?

You may begin by setting smaller goals at the building stage and then increasing them every quarter or every six-month period.

Should you wish affiliate marketing to be a large revenue stream for you, you must set realistic goals that you can scale up to the needed amount.

A figure beside a why sign to say why are you doing affiliate marketing
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What is your why?

Why do you want to do affiliate marketing?

Of course, you want to earn more money. But life is more than just the money. Money can’t buy or assure you everything. Just read the following to be assured:

“Money will buy you a bed, but not a good night’s sleep, a house, but not a home, a companion, but not a friend.

Although money is important, it is not everything. Zig Ziglar teaches us that success is not limited to monetary gain. True success is mastering each part of your life: personal, familial, social and business.” – Money will buy you bed.

In the same vein:

Money can buy you a clock but not time.

Money can buy you a book but not knowledge.

Money can buy you a position but not respect.


Money can buy you food but not appetite

Money can buy you finery but not beauty

Money can buy you luxuries but not comfort

Money can buy you pleasures but not happiness

Money can buy you medicine but not health.

Money can buy you blood but not life.

Money can buy you sex but not love.

Money can buy religion but not salvation.



Money will buy you books but not brains; luxuries but not culture; amusements but not happiness; – a passport to everywhere but not heaven.

Money can buy you

Acquaintance but not friends

Obedience but not faithfulness

Money can buy flattery but not respect

All those lengthy quotations are not meant to disparage money. Because money helps us in many ways. It makes things easier for us. No doubt about it.

All we are saying here is that you have to know the “why” of your going into affiliate marketing. What is the driving force behind why you want to have this kind of business?

Is it to take control of your life? To take care of your family? To finance your education? To get out of debt? To have enough money to ensure your future? To be able to go on those much needed vacations? To have money to save, invest, buy a house or a land?

It could be a certain number of things.

Have it nailed down.

Know that if your only motivation in this business is money, you will always find yourself just wanting more of it for no apparent purpose. And that will make you come up feeling empty all the time.

A “why” anchored on something concrete is what will keep you from quitting and thus make you committed to your goals.

A street shopping scene with neon signs to signify choose the market for your affiliate marketing business
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Select a market from the affiliate programs 

Affiliate programs usually offer many types of markets such as health, dating, entertainment, men’s health, sports, etc.

You can browse and choose the market that is hot and suits your interests. That is, which you are passionate about.

One important thing not to forget while doing that is to check the benefits a partcular market offers to the affiliate markets. Be particlar for a market that is offering a good commission to their affiliates.

Another important thing to look for is the history of the merchant for whom you are going to sign up as an affiliate. Check for answers to the following two questions which will let you judge the reputation of the merchant:

  • How many affiliates already work for the merchant?
  • What do the affiliates say about him/her?

This will let you know new merchants whom you must avoid and reputable ones that have been in business successfully for many years that you should join.

The products of such senior merchants will be easier to promote. This is because customers will feel more comfortable purchasing the product of a long-standing merchant. The chances that your customers know the product or have heard about it are good.

A store stall holding fruits and vegetables to say choose your product
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Select a product from the market

When you first start, in the idea to make more money, you add all of the products which you want to promote.

But that is not a good idea at the start.

This is because when you have more products in the beginning, you will not be able to focus on any particular one. Your attention will be divided among the different products.

Know that the sun’s rays hitting the sun does not burn a piece of paper. But use a magnifying glass to focus it on that sheet of paper and it will torch it.

So in order to get the best result, choose one product to begin with.

When good regular sales begin to stream in and you feel emboldened, then you can add more products.

Test the products and services first before promoting them

Launching a new product or service cannot be done lightly. Have you used the product personally? If not, have you at least tested it out?

The one thing every affiliate should do beforehand is test the product. Test it until you know it thoroughly. For the best testimonials and advertisements come from firsthand experience.

Why should you trust the affiliate program/merchant/manufacturer to grab their marketing material and send them out to consumers? They can only say good things about it. It’s their baby!

But you must be a doubting Thomas. For your reputation could get badly hurt if the product or service doesn’t come up to expectation. Worse, if it causes consumers harm.

Affiliate marketing, like other online work, relies heavily on trust. This will determine how much your consumers really believe in you and what you recommend.

Remember, you are just starting out and you need to make a good first impression. Don’t forget also that the probability that you may not have the opportunity to make another impression is great indeed.

So give yourself enough time to test and try out all the products and services you would want to promote. Thus if someone asks for more details you will be able to give them your full, well-rounded opinion.

Product testing seeks to ensure that you can understand what the product will do for consumers and which products are the best value for them. Product testing helps you check the claims made by the vendor’s marketing materials and strategies such as advertising. These, by their nature, are in the interest of the entity behind the product/service and not necessarily that of the consumer.

Drawing of website layout to signify build a website
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Build your own website

True, you can do affiliate marketing without using a website, but it is in your interest to have one. You can build it yourself or have a third party do it for you.

When you build a website, be aware that it is for the business. This means that it must look professional. Don’t do it the way I did it back in 2013 when I first began and overloaded my website with heavy graphics and lots of flashy banners.

Simple is the best.

Use light colors to help your site’s loading speed. How fast your site loads is one of Google’s ranking factors who look to deliver a good visitor experience. Visitors themselves will quickly abandon a site which takes more than three seconds to load.

Make a nice header to show your company name, logo and theme.

The name must be memorable and if possible linked to affiliate marketing. I ignored this fact, hence my site name, “Secure Your Future With Us”. Bill Burniece, a Super Affiliate I have some relations with named his site High Paying Affiliate Programs.  This is a low competition keyword which easily shows up in searches related to affiliate marketing.

The logo will brand your business. Its colours must blend in with those of your website.

The theme should tell your visitors what your site is about. Ours was “Best affiliate marketing blog”. Thinking it wasn’t expressive enough, I recently improved it to, “Our best affiliate marketing blog for people with less time and less money to secure their affiliate marketing”.

The site navigation must be simple and easy.

A complicated navigation distracts visitors. Remember, if they don’t quickly find a specific page or information, they will more quickly and angrily click themselves out. Worse, they will not re-visit your website.

What if you have no money to build a website?

You can get free website design templates. There are many platforms on the internet that offer free website templates. Just visit these sites and choose the one which appeals to you. You can fill in your details and upload it on your server.

But if money is really a problem—as it is often at the beginning—you can also have your site uploaded on a free server.

Your website should have a search box on every page to enable search on it. This will be valuable for the visitors that want to search a specific product or information on your website. I myself have had to use the search box on my blog for such a search.

Your website itself and its pages should be SEO-optimized for ranking and searching.

Read 20 Tips to Create Your Website Design and Build Your Brand Identity

Read Would Getting a Website do you any good?

Read How to make a website from scratch free at Wealthy Affiliate

Spread your affiliate strategy over 3-4 platforms

When I started doing affiliate marketing in 2013, I would post an article on my blog and then pray for clicks on my affiliate links. Not that I didn’t want to share my blog posts elsewhere, but I just did not know it. As a result, my results were paltry.

I therefore suggest you diversify where you put your affiliate links to be able to drive massive impact.

By placing it in different places, it increases the traffic to your link and gives you a chance to test different content strategy.

For more info on the different affiliate strategies, click here!

How can you get more people to click on your affiliate links? Click here for 53 off-site and on-site affiliate link tips.

Decide how often you want to run special promotions

Some affiliate marketing program sometimes organize special deals and promotions that are time sensitive. Some of them are product relaunches, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

These are periods for affiliates to make a killing. If you plan on participating in these special promotions or deals, make sure to add these into your promotional calendar for the year.

Now, to the last but not the least clarifying tip for your goal.

Know the conversion rate you are aiming for

Conversion rates for online products vary from 1%-4%.

What is your conversation rate goal? Set something reasonable and achievable.

To make sure you are making your conversuin rate, you must track it. How can you track your conversion rate?

Read AnyTrack, a Game Changer in Conversion Tracking? (A Review)

Girl standing before a book rack to signify publish in article directories
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Publish articles in free article directories

There are many superb article distributing sites which have large traffic.

Write articles in your niche and embed your affiliate links in body of the text. You can also put your blog link in the author bio which will funnel traffic to your site where your affiliate links can be found.

If your articles are well formatted and informative, you can expect some good traffic for your business. The more traffic you can drive to your affiliate links the more sales you can make through them.

But one difficulty with this strategy is that articles are not so easy to come up with.

When I found myself in this situation, I began to look for a way out. One was to outsource my content needs. But this was breaking the bank. Then I fell on blogashop and spinrewriter.

They assured me I will move from lack of content to a position where I will wonder what to do with all the content on my hands.

Blogashop gives you content in every niche for your website and for your shopify business.

As for spinrewriter, you can spin content on it and have any number of original content in minutes. And as a Gold member, each month, you need to give spinrewriter 1 to 50 keywords, and they will write the same number of SEO-optimized content for you.

Truly, I have more content than I need.


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After joining an affiliate program, you are required to set your objective with eight clarifying tips and questions, then select the right market, the right merchant and the right product. After that, you must build your website, and publish articles in free article directories to promote your products to become successful as an affiliate.

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  1. I recently decided to start a blog and I plan to monetize it partly with affiliate content so I have started joining some affiliate programs. I am trying to stick with products and services that I have some experience of using myself, so that I know they are legitimate and not scams. Thanks for this helpful guidance on what steps to take after joining an affiliate program. This will help my planning a lot.

    • Hello Emma,

      I’m goad that my guidance on what steps to take after joining an affiliate program would help your planning a lot.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. This is just so great. Nice job writing this instructive and informative article to give the steps one should take after joining an affiliate program. I am quite a new member at the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and would love to know steps to take after joining. Well, your article came just in time to educate me on the necessary steps to take after joining. I have learnt a lot from reading this article, and will definitely heed to the steps given.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for your high appreciation of my post. I wish when I also first joined Wealthy Affiliate platform that I could have had such a piece of advice. Yes, use the steps and success may come earlier than expected.

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