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What’s a solo ad?

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Although I’ve been working online since 2012 and not really new to online marketing, I don’t remember hearing the phrase “solo ad” until last month when I got to know it as one of the resources Easycash4Ads strongly advises its members to use for marketing the program.

Now, if you’ve been wondering: what is a solo ad, or if you’ve landed here by curiosity, then welcome. Because I’m going to share the results of my research with you.

What is a Solo Ad?

A solo ad is a standalone email (meaning your message goes out without any others attached to it), a form of advertisement that a solo ad provider or an ezine administrator sends to their email subscriber base or list.

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How can solo ad help to grow your business?

With advertising solo ads, what you’re doing is paying for laser-targeted traffic to be sent to your webpage or affiliate links that you are promoting.

It is very powerful for building your list. It is also indicated if you’re collaborating with affiliate vendors or affiliate managers to promote high converting products.

So, as you see, solo ads are great for building your list and for making quick affiliate sales commissions.

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Are there any solo ad secrets? 

 I see you’re eager to go and start building your list or promoting that affiliate program. But do you know how to create a winning solo ad campaign?


Okay, let’s go.

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5 simply tips for a successful solo ad campaign

First, the solo ad campaign title: This is the first thing your potential prospects see. If first impressions are important, it is also true that you may not have a second chance to correct a wrong impression. It therefore goes without saying that you must have a catchy subject line for your ad. Not only that, but also you should make it short, sweet and enticing.

To help you, you may go through classified ads columns and note those which give you the urge to check them. If you’ve been receiving marketing emails, also check which titles made you open them.

Adapt those to your campaign.

But don’t use misleading headlines simply because you found them catchy. While you might get a high click through rate, your optin rate will be from low to nil. Worse, the unsubscribe rate will break your heart.


Tell me, if you clicked for one thing and were directed to something else, how would you feel?

Annoyed, wouldn’t you?

Why should you expect your prospects to feel different?

Do unto others what you would want others to do unto you. Sound piece of advice which is as relevant today as it was over two thousand years ago.

Secondly, the body of the email: Check the marketing emails that have been landing in your inbox. Or even the email swipes your affiliate program has provided you for marketing.

Do you see how creative the language is? It’s also fun, interesting and neither wordy nor dry. You feel as if the sender was talking to you directly. Yes, your email must be conversational and simple. Besides, it has to furnish your future partner VALUABLE information.

Be specific about what you are advertising: You must transmit your motivations and personal intentions of the email clearly. Write with a purpose. Go straight to the point so that the recipient is not confused as to what they are reading, or what you are offering.

Include links to your offer: This is pretty obvious but what you don’t usually do is to give the addressee multiple link options to choose from.

We may be born equal before the law but when it comes to personal preferences, we are as different as our fingerprints.

One group of prospects will adore to read a review post, another will be okay with your sales literature, yet another may want to watch a video, a last group may love a capture page which will let them check the offer later.

Go through the different CONTENTS your program gives you and share them all.

(Double check your links to make sure that they work!)

 Make sure you send your target audience exactly what they opted in for: If your squeeze page told prospects that they were signing in for more information about ways to make money online from home free, don’t send them details about The half-day diet plan. (Obvious right? But you won’t believe what newbie marketers do).

The recipient’s reaction?

They will immediately unsubscribe from your list, and probably report you as a spammer.

If you’re using Aweber autoresponder, this can be bad for you. The good news is that they teach best email practices.  

Where can you find the best solo ad providers?

Ready to go?Good.Concerning solo ad providers, I use only udimi and webtraffic21 for the moment.

They were suggested by Mike Choma (a guy who is a Specialty in Marketing & Team Development for 23 years) when asked by the Management of easycash4ads to share his successful marketing secrets with new members.

What is udimi solo ad?

It is the best of top solo ads, the world’s largest email solo ad community. Click here to check it now! 

What is webtraffic21?

They are an advertising network online since 2001. They partner with several loyalty based sites online that already attract millions of users and build double opt-in lists using Search Advertising (Google, Bing, and many other second tier ad networks), contests, incentivized sites…etc. On top of that, they use surveys to segment their lists in 21 Major niches.

Click here to use WebTraffic21 to drive traffic, increase leads and sales

 Final word

 Every good marketer knows that no traffic = no business. They also know that the money is in the list.

So follow the ideas in this post and see the money start pouring in!

But before that you may want to check Are solo ads an effective way to build my business?


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