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What’s an email list?

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“What is an Email List”?

Have you been asking yourself that question?  

It is simply the way that you have segmented subscribers and messages in your autoresponder account into different lists for better targeting.

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How do You Build Your Email Marketing List?

First, you need an autoresponder account. Then you create a sign up form which you display at a conspicuous place on your website.

People will sign up to your list against receiving a valuable free gift. This can be an ebook for example. 

The email addresses are collected to create a list of subscribers in a category in your autoresponder account.


What is another way to see a email list?

Lists enable you to take charge of the content in your account. They also enable you to know what information a certain list of subscribers have signed up for. You can consider this as a group, distribution or mailing list. Or even as a collection of subscribers.

Another way to consider an email addresses list is as subscribers with common interests put into different groups so as to better target them.


How do You Use Your List?

We have already said that visitors who signed up to your list have expressed interest in receiving the specific information you promised them.

Let’s say you are promoting a weight loss program. You may have a list for weight loss for women and another one for weight loss for men (See when it comes to weight loss, men and women are not created equal). So when someone subscribes to receive more information on weight loss for women, they would be added to this list and vice versa.

You would therefore be setting up different autoresponders or Legacy Follow Up Series as they are called at AWeber.


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 Setting Up Your Autoresponders

 When you create another autoresponder, you would of course do that in a distinct list. Although you can set up several Campaigns within the same list, but your subscribers would receive the same content.

Let’s use the weight loss program to explain this.

Your list may be made up of people who may want to lose weight at the abdomen. Others may want to do so over the whole body. Let’s say a visitor signed up to your list to learn more about how to lose weight at the abdomen. They would be added to the lose weight at the abdomen Campaign in the Lose Weight List.

You may also offer keep fit exercise that is not really an integral part of your lose weight business. In this case you can also create that as a list on its own.

So customers who sign up from the form on your website to learn more about how to adopt healthy eating habits will receive messages in that regard. So your weight loss lists would be a totally different story.


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Final word: What’s an email list?

Whenever you are designing your various email marketing lists, have in mind what precise information your subscribers have signed up to receive. For when a visitor signs up to your list, they are doing so to receive a particular set of content on a given topic.

Sending the right information to subscribers is of utmost importance. This is because receiving the right information will make them love you. On the contrary, emailing them any other type of information will put them off. This will oblige them to unsubscribe from your list.

Don’t forget, the money is in the list.

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