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When Must You Quit Your Day Job and Work from Home?

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Quit your 9-5 and work from home is the dream of many employees. Why not, when there’s nothing as cherished as being your own boss?

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In effect, you want to quit your job and do all the things your day job denies you, like spending more time with your family, not being caught in the awful traffic, freedom to work when you feel like it (hmm) and where you want, and the rest of them.

This is an achievable dream yet a part of you is hesitating…wondering…

Is this not just a chimera? Will it work the way you’re imagining it?

This is also a genuine concern.

Do you have a good plan? Do you really have what it takes to work on your own online? Aren’t you heading into the unknown? For one, you’re no longer guaranteed a salary but you still need to support yourself and your family. You also have to pay for all of your overhead expenses: connectivity, office space, self-employment taxes, etc. Do you have some money put aside to cushion you through the transition? Will going in without a safety net motivate or paralyze you? Will you really be happier as an online entrepreneur?

No doubt these are some of the questions which can’t just make you walk into your boss’s office and quit. It’s true that no matter how horrible you find your 9-5, at least it offers security except for the idea of being laid off one day. Also, there is a difference between dreaming of working online and actually doing it. Working online is the real thing totally different from a dream, an idealized world in which everything is possible.

But then quitting your job to work online can come in strange ways. Here are two concrete examples:

An Accident

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Aha, you’re surprised about his, huh? But that’s exactly the story of Jon Morrow, a successful blogger.
In April of 2006, he was hit by a car going 85 miles an hour and his legs got broken in 14 places. Left with nothing to do for three months, Jon thought about his life. Unhappy about it, he quit his job.

For the next three months, Jon worked feverishly on his blog, from 8 AM until 11 PM. He forwent television, stopped seeing friends. All he did was writing, reading, and connecting with other bloggers.
Within a month, Jon had On Moneymaking off the ground; two months later, it was getting 2,000 visitors a day and a couple more months later he sold the blog for five figures and went to work at one of the most popular blogs in the world.

Click on the link below to read Jon Morrow’s achievement:

How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change the World

Despite Having a Disease Like SMA

And Using Nothing But His Voice

Unwillingness to Climb the Corporate Ladder

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When Ethan Waldman first took a job with a promising company in their HR department, he knew it was going to be for a time only despite the excellent career prospects.

So at one of the regular performance reviews, Ethan told his boss he wanted to be working for himself when she wanted to know where he would want to be in 3 years so the company could best help him develop his career.

Ethan left a year later but the company decided to keep him on as a part-time consultant. This made it easier for him to transition into Cloud Coach full-time.
Eager to read the full story? Click on the link below.

How I Quit My Job, Doubled My Pay and Cut My Hours in Half

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For others, quitting your job to work online can be dictated by necessity.

The Disappearance of the Corporate Safety Net

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The corporate safety net no longer exists in North America (or did it ever exist?) or anywhere else for that matter. So your job can go tomorrow, or even today, in fact anytime.

So James Altucher said when he had the best job ever, he still thought of how to escape it. To him, most people need to begin their exit strategy RIGHT NOW. So he gives 10 More Reasons You Need to Quit Your Job Right Now!

Towards the end of the article, James made a good point. He said you need to prepare before quitting your job. He likened it to training for the Olympics: you need to be physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually ready.

He suggested the posts that will help you quit your job, at least the ideas in the first one:

How to be the Luckiest Man Alive in 4 Easy Steps
What to do if you were Fired Today
The 100 Rules for Being an Entrepreneur

Desire to Stay Home with Your Child

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Despite earning $100,000 of the family’s income of $130,000 a year, Jaime wanted to work part time from home so as to start a family. But there was a snag. She and her husband had a total debt of $70,040.

Even if they paid off ALL of their debt, Jaime’s husband’s income of $30,000 wouldn’t cover the bills. So the first step to working from home was to become debt free. So she and her husband devised ways to pay off the debt in a year and she quit her job. When her child came, she was able to stay home with him for one year without financial problems.

Want to know how she did it? Click on the link below to read the full story:

How I Paid Off Over $70,000 in Debt and Quit My Job

Desire to Follow Your Passion

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Jaime is so excited when she wakes up every morning to start her day.

That wasn’t the case when she worked 9-5. She detested getting up in the mornings. Sunday nights put her off too. In fact, she abhorred going to work. Even she and her best friend would email each other about how much they hated their jobs.

An engineer with an IT degree, Jaime worked as a Project Manager for a Video on Demand company. She likes computers but they are not her passion. She didn’t want to help people watch more TV.
Finally she settled on business coaching which she really enjoys because she loves being able to help businesses generate more revenue, and grow.

Today, she works about 20 hours per week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays until 4:00 pm.

I like the way Jaime compared trying to find your passion to finding a soul mate. The same way you wouldn’t go on one date and marry somebody, you should also not quit your day job to embrace a home you haven’t nurtured properly to be sure of, she urges.

This is something to ponder seriously about if you are thinking of transitioning from a 9 to 5 job to a home one.

Click on the link below to get the full story from the horse’s own mouth:

How I Quit My Job And Now Live My Passion

A Strong Urge to Work Online

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Should you quit your day job and work from home?

Hell yes you should quit your job. That’s what Corbett Barr says.

He argues that if there’s something you feel strongly about, then you need to embrace it. Thus, if the idea of wanting to quit your job keeps haunting you, this is proof that you are not satisfied with the life you are living. For such people, Corbett has two important questions, and I quote him:

“Will you ever be fully satisfied with your life if you keep working this job? Will you ever be satisfied if you don’t take a real shot at living your dreams?”

In effect, before working for himself, the thought ate at Corbett that his life wasn’t it should be. Working for someone else as he was doing wasn’t going to satisfy him. According to Corbett if you have those feelings too, the real question isn’t if you should quit your job, but when.

But even when you decide to work from home, the fear of failure will not stop haunting you. As solution, Corbett says if your goal is to live the dream and experience the adventure, the thought that you’ll end up a more experienced, interesting and fulfilled person will certainly make you succeed.

His advice? Don’t focus too much on outcomes but on the process. “Make the process your goal and you’ll succeed no matter the ultimate outcome,” he says.

Check the full post below:

Hell Yes You Should Quit Your Job

After Positive Results of Testing the Waters

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I was thrilled to find this idea.

When I was going to work for myself and asked a relative who had successfully transitioned from his job as inspector of education to a building contractor for advice, this is what he told me.

“You do the two jobs concurrently. At a certain time, nobody will tell you which to choose as one of the jobs will appear more interesting.”

I knew one of the jobs he meant was the side job.

This is exactly what Kelly Gurnett recommends. She says many entrepreneurs start their dream businesses as a “side hustle” while still working on their jobs full- or part-time. A sort of testing the waters before pursuing entrepreneurship full-time.

Like my relative, Kelly also maintains that “the time will come when that side business grows large enough for you to consider ditching your day job altogether.”

To make sure you transition smoothly and set up for success, Kelly suggests some steps.

She advises that you have up to six months’ worth of living expenses before quitting your day job. You must also know how much income to bring in monthly to cover your expenses as an entrepreneur. Finally, you have to tally the amount you’ll need to quit your day job against what you’re currently bringing in from your side job and what you can expect to bring in once you’re doing it full-time.

However, taking these steps does not make taking the leap from side hustler to full-time entrepreneur devoid of risk. “But by making it a calculated one, you can better ensure your success,” Kelly says.

All said and done, know that nothing ventured, nothing gained which means that you don’t get anywhere without taking risks.

Check the blog post on the following link:

How to Quit Your Day Job and Work For Yourself

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