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Which planet’s moons are named after water deities? The Weekend quiz

From cinema to pet hippos, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz

1 Renée Richards has uniquely done what in tennis? 2 What ended at Appomattox Court House?3 Whose escaped pet hippos are causing havoc in Colombia?4 Which planet’s moons are named after water deities?5 “Blimey, I’m a foreigner!” is a line in what 1940s film?6 Who was Booker prize-nominated five times without a win?7 What is Blefuscu’s neighbouring island?8 Which family ruled Austria for 600 years?What links:9 45 (none); 44 (Bo and Sunny); 43 (Barney and Miss Beazley)?10 Counties of Edessa and Tripoli; Principality of Antioch?11 Cecilia Gallerani; Lisa Gherardini; Ginevra de’ Benci?12 Joplin; Amarillo; Gallup; Flagstaff; Kingman?13 Micheál Martin; Leo Varadkar; Mary Lou McDonald?14 City of Glasgow; BCCI; Barings; Lehman Brothers?15 Approx 2.71828; for example; the self; show business grand slam?

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