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Which Third Party ClickBank Storefront(s) Should You Use to Promote ClickBank?

 Did you know that ClickBank is the largest online digital retailer in the world with millions of products for you to promote? Did you know that despite this large number of products, the ClickBank system only allows you to market the products singly? Besides, the ClickBank XML feeds are incomprehensible to new affiliates.

 That is why third party ClickBank storefronts like CBProAds, CBSurge and Free ClickBank Mall (CBTopSites) have been created to help you not only market all the ClickBank products together but also easily.

But you may be wondering which of the three third party ClickBank storefronts to use to promote ClickBank products.

Below is a comparative table of the three systems to help you see how each one can help you market ClickBank products:


Item CBProAds Free ClickBank Mall CBSurge
Year created 2006 2007 2010
Website cbproads cbtopsites cbsurge
Free membership available? Yes Yes Yes
Free member commissions? Yes (50% links embedded in products) Yes Yes
Paid membership available? Yes Yes Yes
Price? $79.95 one-time $29.95 one-time $67 one-time
Special offer price? $34.95    
Money back guarantee? Yes Yes Yes
Referral program available? Yes Yes Yes
Good for beginner marketers? Yes Yes Yes
Good for intermediate marketers? Yes Yes Yes
Good for advanced marketers? Yes Yes Yes
Meta titles, descriptions and keywords provided for sites?   Yes  
Sites structured according to popularity rank?   Yes  
Possibility to rate sites?   Yes  
Site and popularity rank in search results?   Yes  
Fast loading thumbnail of images of all sites?   Yes  
Very detailed description of site?   Yes  
Can visitors review and rate sites?   Yes  
Plugin(s) available? Yes   Yes
ClickBank Marketplace available? Yes Yes Yes
Marketplace updated daily? Yes    
Daily imports or updates of marketplace? Yes Yes  
Shows competitiveness of product?     Yes
Shows which product to do SEO for?     Yes
Highlights products with high potential?     Yes
Shows ClickBank product trends?     Yes
Increases exposure to products? Yes    
Product cover images available? Yes    
Junk or domain expired products Removed daily Removed daily  
Ads available? Yes    
Displays raw CB product ads to end buyers? No    
Product Ad Rotators available? Yes    
Keyword related ads? Yes Yes  
Ads targeted at customer? Yes    
Adsense type ads available? Yes Yes  
Can vendors create banner ads? Yes    
Other affiliate program ads allowed? Yes    
FREE Clickbank Ads code   Yes  
Can you customize ads?   Yes  
Shows daily top movers and shakers?     Yes
Makes you a top ClickBank affiliate?     Yes
Automatically brainstorms related keywords?     Yes
Top searched keywords available for visitors?   Yes  
Promotion with keywords/key phrases?   Yes  
Promotional tools available? Yes    
Compatibility …     With Pcs and Macs
Support available? Yes Yes (Technical, forum, Email) Yes (Ticket)
Help available? Yes Yes Yes
Promotion available? Yes    
Redefined title and description? Yes    
Free bonuses? Yes, with Master Resell Rights    
Are vendors accepted? Yes    
Worry about Customer service? No, available from ClickBank No, available from ClickBank No, available from ClickBank
FREE search box codes   Yes  
No need for technical skills Yes Yes Yes
Tracking available?   Yes  
Shopper-friendly titles & descriptions   Yes  
Search by Clickbank Vendor Nickname?   Yes  
PHP and .htaccess cloaking of your links to protect commissions?   Yes  
Frames used?   No  
Link shortening service available?   Yes  
Daily sales snapshot available?   Yes  
Wildcard * facility in the searches?   Yes  
Click counter available?   Yes  
Free download available?   Yes  
Promotion top recurring billing products offered?   Yes  
Main categories listed?   Yes  
Mobile-friendly?   Yes  
No need for your own website? Yes Yes Yes
No need for website design or hosting? Yes Yes Yes
Earn 75% commission on products Yes Yes Yes
*ACTION   > Sign-up to CBProAds Sign-up toFree ClickBank Mall Sign-up toCBSurge


*Sign up FREE first. Then upgrade to paid membership when you make some money.

Still not ready yet?

Did you know that ClickBank has 100,000s affiliates in 150 countries in the world? Did you also know that 1000s of affiliates have become millionaires just selling ClickBank products?

Become a ClickBank affiliate today FREE and use CBProAds and/or CBSurge and/or Free ClickBank Mall third party affiliate storefront(s) to promote ClickBank.

Thanks for reading my comparative table of CBproAds, CBSurge and Free ClickBank Mall. Do you know of any other factor(s) to add to this list? Feel free to leave your opinions and feedback in the comment box below or contact me on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile.

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