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Who are Your Target Audience for the Promotion of Wealthy Affiliate?

You have joined Wealthy Affiliate, created your website design and built your brand identity. Now how do you find the “target audience” for the direction of your brand?

This direction could be affiliate marketing, college income, ways to avoid scams, internet marketing, make money online, or online income. Others could be website builders, WordPress, or work at home mom/dad.

The direction that you choose doesn’t matter because you can truly build a successful business promoting Wealthy Affiliate to so many target audiences.

The sheer size of the opportunity available to you as a member of Wealthy Affiliate to promote the affiliate marketing program is not easy to truly grasp.

But know that there are almost 4 BILLION people online. And a large proportion of these people:

  • o Are interested in doing something
  • o would love to create a successful business
  • o don’t know where and how to get started.

This is your target audience. In effect, pretty much every one of those 4 billion people.

This is a huge opportunity. I would even say a herculean task.

When you start to dig into your target audience and continue to do research, you are going to realize that even if you are given years to work in this niche, you will not be able to touch even a fraction of your target audience. Yet you would have been successful online already.

Why You Must Always Be Engaged in Research

A magnifying glass on the letter G of Google to show why you must always be engaged in research to find your target audience to promote Wealthy Affiliate to
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How do you find your target audience to promote Wealthy Affiliate (or any other program) to?

You must research this target audience.

As Kyle said in his “Expert in 2018” training, you must be continually engaged in your brand and your business.

“Keep notes of everything you do,” writes Kyle, “and whenever you get an idea that could somehow apply to your business, WRITE IT DOWN.”

This sent me back years when I was being trained to write. The course material said the same thing. So I have notebooks full of characters, dialogues, conflicts, plot, emotion, description, setting, etc.

Whenever I’m writing a story I find read-made ideas that give life (authenticity) to my writing.

But I have to confess that I have never thought of using the same technique in my online business. This is strange. There are many similarities between article, story and book writing and affiliate marketing blogging. It’s all writing to touch people. That should have told me something.

How to Determine Your Target Audience

Let’s listen to Kyle again.

“When I was getting started, I started to try to reverse engineer my success and one of the things that I found that is pivotal and lead to me succeeding early on and sustaining success is the fact that I was always researching.”

This is a never-give-up mentality. It also sent me back to the image below.

Don't give up image of a man digging for diamonds but gave up just as he was about to hit diamonds
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See how hardworking our gentleman was in the top image because he believed in the dream of finding diamonds. But see how dejected he looks in the image below the first one while a little persistence would have made him hit the diamonds.

A very powerful image for people like me who give up easily.

Kyle continues, “If I wasn’t finding keywords, I was coming up with new ideas for my business, new products/services in my industry, questions my audience were asking, design ideas for my website based on what I saw others doing. Ideas for business that I would get while traveling, while out of my house and shopping, etc.”

This post explains well the concept of working online. It advises you to work hard (rather, smart) in the beginning of your online career so that you can relax (instead, work less) later when your business is well established and bringing you passive income.

Kyle, I heard you but I wish that your words of wisdom have not fallen on deaf ears or on barren soil. For, it’s often easier wished than done.

What questions does Kyle ask when he goes about his research to choose a target audience for promoting Wealthy Affiliate?

I quote

When I go to do research on a given niche to come up with concepts for keywords (and ultimately content), I ask a few questions of my niche.

  • What are some products/services that people are purchasing in your niche?
  • What are some questions they are asking?
  • What are some problems they are having?
  • What are some “how to’s” that are useful?
  • What are some trending topics in your niche?

and unquote

In fact, those 5 questions gave me ideas for my business.

If I did research to know products/services that people in my niche are eager to purchase, wouldn’t my business flourish?

Should I know the questions that my target audience is asking, wouldn’t I be able to offer them answers? And if I did that efficiently, wouldn’t they be coming back to my website for more?

The same is true for the problems my potential visitors are having. You’d always drink from a source which quenches your thirst and does it to your utter satisfaction.

How-to blog posts are known to be some of the most traffic-driving ones. They are easy to read and digest and are useful too.

You know about hashtags? Those are linked to trending topics. Such topics easily get thousands, and why not, millions of views. Which affiliate marketing blogger wouldn’t want that?

Anyway, not me.

Now, what’s Kyle’s advice on the subject of research to know your target audience to promote Wealthy Affiliate to?

“Do some research,” he says, “it could be as simple as a Google search to uncover a lot of these items. Use the Alphabet Soup Technique in combination with this. You will always be in a ‘surplus’ of ideas, the state you want to be in.”

Thank you Kyle for these words of wisdom. Truly, if you don’t know the road to a place, ask those who have been there before you.

Of course, I copied down these ideas for future use. And I hope that this time it would not be just good intentions as usual.

Your Brand Is not Cast in Stone – It Will Evolve Naturally or Through a Game Plan

A white mascot with the words Brand written in gold all in front of it to signify your brand will evolve
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Kyle says with, his brand and his audience “is prospective affiliate marketers, struggling affiliate marketers, existing affiliate marketers and even affiliate program owners. Basically affiliate marketing as a whole,…”

I was glad to see this. It gives me a good perspective on my brand and its direction as well. Well, not to beat about the bush, I will say my target audience for the promotion of the Wealthy Affiliate brand are the same too.

“…but of course I can diversify into all sorts of branches of this as I build out my website.

There are many directions that I am going to be able to diversify into as I build out my website though, and this typically happens quite naturally. I can also set out a game plan for myself though.”

Although it’s said that who fails to plan is planning to fail, I don’t think I will favour a game plan for my brand/business in this wise. At least, not for the moment. I prefer to diversify into directions naturally.

You Can Easily Make Your First Sales – There’s Always Someone Interested in WA

“Not a day goes by where I don’t bump into someone that is looking to start a business online, or to get reach for their existing business online,” says Kyle. “Wealthy Affiliate provides an opportunity and a platform for both and it is a very easy sell when you explain what you can help them with.”

Kyle is right. The number of people dreaming to have a business online is growing.

Here are 4 reasons.

The second fact given by Kyle applies to me. I joined Wealthy Affiliate in my search for a reach for my fledgling affiliate marketing blog.

Yes, many members joined Wealthy Affiliate to benefit from the opportunity to begin a business online. Others, like me, did so to quicken the pace of the journey which they had started with hesitant steps.

And when I joined, I saw that not only could I learn affiliate marketing but I could also promote Wealthy Affiliate to a target audience to earn money.

Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is an easy sell. I can’t say that for myself because I haven’t been doing the work diligently.

But even a teenage member has been very successful:

$40K in 4 Hours! Craziest Night Ever!

$100K Week. Hard Work Paid Off Huge!

VEGAS 2020 – Here I Come Again!

Maybe my problem was that I was trying to sell them the WA opportunity instead of making the effort to help them with their problems.

“Because of this, you should not only keep your eyes and ears open for people that are interested in “doing something online” (which is basically everyone), but when someone needs help with their offline business or is struggling with their online businesses they are attempting to start. WA can help all types,” Kyle says.

I never thought of promoting Wealthy Affiliate to someone needing help with their offline business. But thinking of it now, I would say that I have not been proactive enough. Which offline business worthy of the name doesn’t have an online presence today?

Another light bulb has come on.

Lesson learnt, I promise.

Friends and Family – Your Subtle and Non Promotional Invite to WA

People sitting in a park to signify promote Wealthy Affiliate to your friends and family members
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Kyle continues, “The most natural person to ‘invite’ to Wealthy Affiliate are those that you know, and those that trust you.”

What can be more natural than that? But sometimes the easiest thing turn out to be the ones we mess up with most. So Kyle took it upon himself to sound a word of caution.

“This certainly does not mean you are going to go out and spam your friends and family with a Wealthy Affiliate promotion. The last thing on earth you want to do is spam anyone. I have been promoted to by my family before, and it comes off as a really awkward hard sell.”

Fortunately, or unfortunately (it depends on how you look at it) I live in a French-speaking country and anything in English is a headache for most people here. So I don’t even try to promote any of my businesses to them.

But people far and near have friended me on Facebook and WhatsApp just to pester me with their businesses. And when I say no, I have more than enough on my hands, that’s when they get on my nerves by trying hard to let me see how easy, how cheap, and how profitable the business was. Finally I “shout” at them to get off my back.

Strange, how everyone wants to sell something to everyone online but nobody wants to buy anything from the other.

How do you go about promoting Wealthy Affiliate to your easiest target audience—friends and family—then?

Let’s listen to Kyle again.

“Rather, you might want to ‘introduce’ them to the idea of WA in a non-invasive way, explaining how internet marketing and affiliate marketing works, explain what wealthy affiliate offers (and how it fills so many voids in this space), and ultimately HOW people are earning money online.”

Are you new to Wealthy Affiliate, internet marketing and affiliate marketing?

Read About Wealthy Affiliate

Read how Wealthy Affiliate works.

Read Wealthy Affiliate Websites

Read Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

Read Wealthy Affiliate Domains

Read Wealthy Affiliate Community

Read Wealthy Affiliate Success

Wealthy Affiliate offers.

See just a few proofs of how Wealthy Affiliate members are earning money online: Wealthy Affiliate success stories.

On doing these Kyle warns that “You are NOT selling your success though. You are selling the “path” someone can take with no knowledge or experience, to build an authority website and business online in ANY niche. That is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate offers.”

Interested in what Wealthy Affiliate offers. Just a click here assures you that.

Here are a few tricks of the trade given by Kyle that are subtle ways of nudging your friends/family to check out WA (or, any other business):

  1. Show them a website that you are building.
  2. Show them the process on the website as how it works.
  3. Introduce them to Amazon and let them know that as an affiliate (which is free), they can earn commission on over 500 MILLION Products on that site alone.
  4. Ask them what their favourite brands are. Then let them know that they can build a business promoting those brands online (through affiliate programs).
  5. Link them to some interesting blog posts on WA (through your social media). You can link to any of my blog posts in the past using your Affiliate Link, you can link to success posts, you can link to a post that you create, anything really. If you look at the “Top 10” and “Success Stories” within the main dashboard, there are new success stories posted on a daily basis (that you can link to).

Concerning me:

  1. 1. I’m building this very website you are reading with the Wealthy Affiliate training.
  2. 2. You can check the process on the here concerning how it works.
  3. 3. Check these affiliate marketing sites (AWeber Email Marketing * TheHoth SEO Agency * Designrr EBook Creation Software * CBProAds ClickBank Third Party Promotion Platform * NameCheap Hosting * Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool * EasyCash4Ads) and see how I’m earning commissions promoting them.
  4. 4. Do you have a favourite brand that also offers an affiliate program? Walmart for instance? Join Wealthy Affiliate to learn to earn money with them.
  5. 5. Here are some Top 10 blog posts on WA: Top 10 Wealthy Affiliate blogs.

Here is a video that Kyle recommends that you check out on how to appropriately share content from WA on Facebook. The same approach can be taken for other social mediums. And of course, the same method can be used to share other programs too on social media.

Although you would have quicker success convincing your friends and family members to join your Wealthy Affiliate business but Kyle warns: “Quick sales is certainly not what this is about.”

But what is it?

“Helping others and those that you know would be interested in creating a business within any niche is a good starting point,” he says. “It can jump start your business, but in the process you can help others that you know find the home of legitimate business, here at WA.”

Want to check the home of legitimate and thriving home business?

Check Wealthy Affiliate here.

Okay, I’ve talked up to here. Now, it’s your turn to say something. Just go down to the comments box below and let us know what you think about promoting Wealthy Affiliate to its target audience. Thank you.


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2 thoughts on “Who are Your Target Audience for the Promotion of Wealthy Affiliate?”

  1. Hi Akoli,

    Wealthy Affiliate is an exceptional platform that I’m pleased and proud to promote. During my 3+ years of doing so, I’ve become increasingly convinced that the target audience is vast. As a retiree, I focus on folks who are approaching or enjoying the retirement phase of life.

    I have a well-defined reader persona in mind and I feel I can empathize with each reader because we have common perspectives. Effective affiliate marketing is about providing value by answering questions and proposing solutions to problems.

    I can relate to my target audience and I feel this helps me connect in a meaningful way. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts on how I selected my target audience and how best to promote WA.


    • Hi Linda,

      I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is an exceptional platform. Why can’t one then be pleased and proud to promote it? Yes, the target audience for Wealthy Affiliate is so vast. Who doesn’t want to make money and have a better life? You are right as a retiree to focus on folks who are approaching or enjoying the retirement phase of life. I guess you can better connect with them.

      Yes, that was what I was talking about: being able to empathize with your reader because you all have common perspectives. And since effective affiliate marketing is about providing value by answering questions and proposing solutions to problems, who can best do this than someone who understands the audience?

      From other things you say about yourself and your audience, I guess you will do very well in your niche. I’m also thankful that you took time to share your thoughts on how you selected your target audience and how best to promote WA.



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