Who Make Up the Wealthy Affiliate Team?


Over the past few years, you may have heard some chatter about Wealthy Affiliate. Not surprising. But do you know anything about the team?

Group of 5 people giving each other a big up to signify Who Make Up the Wealthy Affiliate Team?

Wealthy Affiliate is now an affiliate marketing platform created in 2005 as a simple keyword list site by Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim.

The founders are not alone in making this great company run smoothly. They are backed up by a passionate and brilliantly smart team that works hard behind the scenes.

These guys are the ones that no one sees but who make sure that the platform is driven by projects that further enhance the way people do business online and the efficiency in which they can do it.

Through their programming, design, technology, training, marketing and support, Wealthy Affiliate is sure to continue to advance continually for the benefit of its members.

The team is made up of over 23 people, divided into a senior team and a junior team.

That said, let’s see the members of the team who (it must be said) make Wealthy Affiliate services get better with every passing single day.

We will first look at the senior team which is made up of 3 people: KC, the Programming Chief, Aaron, the Technology Chief, and Jay, the Training Chief.

First, KC, the Programming Chief

Passport photo of KC, Wealthy Affiliate's Programming Chief, carrying a baby on his shoulders

KC has an approach to programming which can be summarized as “Simplicity to the end user is the ultimate form of programmatic sophistication.”

One of the originating members of the Wealthy Affiliate team, he can be credited for many of the technological innovations that take place at Wealthy Affiliate.

Next, Aaron, the Technology Chief

Picture of Aaron, Wealthy Affiliate's Technology Chief

Aaron’s approach to technology is summed up as “The only boundary of technology is the interruption of a human element.”

He has been with the team since 2009. During that time, Aaron has brought in depth technical knowledge to various components of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

The site says that: “He is responsible for making the Wealthy Affiliate ‘beast’ run efficiently and in a way that is stable, secure, and efficient.”

Lastly, Jay, the Training Chief

Jay, the Wealthy Affiliate Training Chief in a passport photo


Jay adopts an approach to training contained in the following quotation:: “There is no reason to ever stop learning. The skills you learn today could pay off forever in the future.”

He is probably the senior team member best known to Wealthy Affiliate members. In effect, Jay has been charming them for years with his natural radio voice in his popular weekly webinars.

The webinars constitute some of the most spectacular live training available anywhere online through the weekly “live classes” and ongoing support.

It is said at Wealthy Affiliate that “If you want an honest and accurate answer about your online business, Jay’s got it.”

Like the founders, the senior team is also not alone to the task. It is backed by over 20 full time SUPERSTARS. These are people who are actively working on projects and roles to make the company’s collective ideas become a reality.

Now, Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Now you know something about the Wealthy Affiliate team: who the founders are, when the company was created, who the 3 senior members are and what each does, as well as the over 20 members of the junior team who support them.

Don’t you now feel confident to get your wealthy affiliate login and try the wealthy affiliate system such as the Wealthy Affiliate education, the Wealthy Affiliate hosting, the Wealthy Affiliate commission?

Wealthy Affiliate is free to start with to create a website to promote a niche of your choice or learn affiliate marketing to market the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program.

Go here to read Testimonials Wealthy Affiliate and success stories of its members.

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16 thoughts on “Who Make Up the Wealthy Affiliate Team?

  1. A very important criterion in running a membership site is the customer support. It is very important to the extent that service with poor customer support is sure to lose customers. I have been a member of the wealthy affiliate platform for quite some time and I have been really impressed by the support staff of the platform. They are really quick to respond to my request and give me assistance wherever I need them to. If they are not able to assist me they direct me to places I can get the assistance I need. Truly wonderful support staff.

    1. Hi Manuel,

      Concerning service-oriented companies, the real spinal cord could be the team and especially the customer

      support. Happy customers stay but dissatisfied ones leave.

      This post is about the whole team and not only about the customer service.

      Thanks all the same for your particular view of it.


  2. Hello Akoli, I can bet my life on this that quiet thousands of the people on the platform do not know about all these set of individuals who have helped in one way or the other move the smooth running of wealthy affiliate forward almost everytime. Wow! this is really valuable. We only paid attention to the major founders but not paying cognizance to the ones behind how everything works out good enough here. Thanks so much for sharing this with us all. 

    1. Hello Rodarrick,

      Lol, I can also bet my life on this that thousands of Wealthy Affiliate members do not know anything at all about all these set of individuals. This is a pity because as you said they “have helped in one way or the other move the smooth running of wealthy affiliate forward almost everytime.”

      Well, one always paid attention to the visible part of anything. But like an iceberg, the hidden part is the biggest and generally the pillar on which the whole thing stands.

      I’m happy to have contributed to your extended knowledge of this major affiliate training platform.

      Thanks for your comments.

  3. Wow thank you for doing this research! I have heard of wealthy affiliates before but typically don’t think twice about online businesses, but reading about the people working for wealthy affiliate makes it feel more real. I’m interested in trying out the free trial and seeing what it’s like, looks very promising. Thank you again! 

    1. Hi Travis,

      You wouldn’t believe it that it was my own wish to get to know Wealthy Affiliate better that led me to do this research.

      If reading about the people working for wealthy affiliate makes it feel more real to the point that you’re interested in trying out the free trial and seeing what it’s like, I will say go ahead and do it.
      Wealthy Affiliate does not only look very promising but it really is. Try it and see.

      Thank you,


  4. I absolutely loved this. The fact that you took time to talk about and give credit to these amazing people, it’s truly outstanding. If I’m being honest, I had no idea about anyone else besides Jay (his webinars expand your knowledge in such a way that it makes it simple for you to learn). I’m so glad I came across this article!

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      I’m happy that you absolutely loved this post.

      Sure, the team members I talked about here are worthy of credit because they do amazing things behind the scenes.

      You’re honest enough to say that you had no idea about anyone else besides Jay. Jay’s webinars have made him very popular among the Wealthy Affiliate members. This is because the others work quietly, or rather, their work makes them remain behind the walls.

      Thank you for your comment.


  5. Once again it was great to read about the people who run Wealthy Affiliate in the background. The only one I recognized was Jay as he does all the training each week. 

    Would love to know how you found out so much about the inner runnings of the company. I am sure that Wealthy Affiliate will just keep going from strength to strength with such a strong team working in the background. 

    1. Hello Michel,

      Of course, it’s always a pleasure to read more about the people who run your favorite training platform in the background like Wealthy

      The only person many people always recognized was Jay and for no reason than that he
      does all the training each week. 

      I got to know so much about the inner runnings of the company through research. I wanted to know how Wealthy Affiliate has managed to keep going from strength to strength
      and realized it was the brainchild of this strong team working in the background.

      Thank you.


  6. Wow! wow! I only know of Jay from the list here because I do follow the webinars and other training activities on the platform. This is really great to see. I will also share this to some of my friends that are on the platform too so we can know the subordinate power engine behind the smooth running of wealthy affiliate. Great post

    1. Hey Bella,

      It’s not surprsing that you only know of Jay from the list here. The fact that he holds that popular webinar and other training activities on the platform make him a figure as popular as Kyle and Carson, the founders.

      Yes, do really share this with some of your friends that are on the platform too. This will so open up many people’s horizon of Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks for your visit and for your comment.


  7. Hello Akoli, it’s nice seeing a wealthy affiliate review which gives more insight on how the platform operates. The training gained at wealthy affiliate is well reliable and can boast of it to be one of the best places anyone can gain good training in an oneline business.  The fact that you are also introduced to equipment that can be helpful, as well as helping you pick a profitable niche for your business is nice. Thanks for sharing .

    1. Hello Benson,

      Yes, I also have a Wealthy Affiliate Review but I thought a piece like this will give people more insight into how the platform operates.

      Instead of just affirming it, many Wealthy Affiliate members have been posting success stories which leave no doubt that “the training gained at wealthy affiliate is well reliable and can boast of it to be one of the best places anyone can gain good training in an oneline business.”

      I know how that platform is guiding my online business and it will yours too if you give it a try.

      Thanks for visiting and for commenting.


  8. This is a great team at Wealthy Affiliate. One of the first things I started using when I joined Wealthy Affiliate were the webinars. Jay has a very special way to get you interested in new topics and he explains things so well that even a kid can understand. Thumbs up for Jay.

    1. Hi Henry,

      Yeah, the team at Wealthy Affiliate is a great one. It’s rare to find that one of the first things people who join Wealthy AffiIiate started using is the webinars. You’re sort of exceptional here.

      But one thing is sure. Every member who has followed Jay know that he has a very special way of letting you understand new topics. His explanation is down-to-earth so people easily understand his webinars.

      Yeah, thumbs up for Jay and thumbs up to you too for coming over to visit and for commenting.


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