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Woman staring at a row of profile pictures signifying Whose Perspective Will Bring You Success In Your Online Business – Yours or Your Prospects’? (
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Whose Perspective Will Bring You Success In Your Online Business – Yours or Your Prospects’?

People put the cart before the horse

Consider most of the content available online, and what do you notice? Sad as it is, you’d find that most people are trying to straight up sell prospects on the “features” of a product.

Woman staring at a profile of pictures to signify Whose Perspective Will Bring You Success In Your Online Business – Yours or Your Prospects’? (
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This is very evident on Facebook, where, having learnt that it is the biggest market on earth and the best way to connect with consumers, most people on this platform think it is easy to sell to everybody. So you find them bandying offers around. Yet hardly anybody considers these offers.

Many people send me friend request on Facebook to connect with me. It always goes like: Hi, I saw that we are in the same marketing group and I would like to connect with likeminded fellows. I used to accept this invitation eagerly when I was trying to build my network.

But what do I notice? As soon as I accept the friend request, the person asks if we can talk. Of course, why not? Before I know, they are bombarding me with how they have a marvelous business opportunity and they would like to share it with me. When I tell them my hands were full, it’s now they try to force my hand and this runs me crazy.

“Who considers my offers?” I will fume, “But everybody wants me to take up theirs.”

Website and content creators on their side are also guilty of this “crime.” While they give a lot of thought to their website and content creation, they totally forget about those for whom the work is destined.

This is catastrophic because they are targeting people. People with needs. People searching for their kind of content or offer and would consider them if only they took the trouble to connect with these people.

Before reading, on reading, and after reading some content, the visitor’s reaction is, “What’s in it for me?”

Supposing you were such a visitor and did not find what you wanted in a piece, what would you do? Forget this piece forever and look elsewhere, of course!

So, how do you put yourself directly in your prospects’ shoes and be better able to target them?

Put your finger on what your prospects are thinking

This is the only perspective you must have when working on your content or an offer. Go under your prospects’ skin and try to fathom what goes on in their heads as they visit your site or consider your offer. Being able to do this will help you create story lines within your content that will help you connect with them.

What worries your prospects most?

Your prospects are looking for a different experience from the ones that left them bitter, they are afraid to lose more money, they are not looking for another work (where they cannot have fun), they don’t want anything “technical,” they dread to hear “I told you so,” from their circles should they fail in another online, they are “betting” on another “online thing” against the wishes of their spouse, and they are desperate for real help but would baulk at another “guru” trying to sell them on stuff this time around.

Now, let’s look in some detail at these matters that bother people trying to start a business online:
Is this opportunity different from those that fleeced me?

Few and lucky are those whose initial attempts at online work turned out to be the right thing. Many of your potential customers have tried other online businesses before but got their fingers burnt. I can’t myself count the number of promising online opportunities that I had embraced in high hopes only to be filled with deep regrets.

An African proverb goes that a person bitten by a snake will jump on seeing an earthworm. Your offer may be genuine, good but if your prospects don’t see what sets it apart from the bogus ones, this will trigger in them the fear of falling victim again. What will be their next move? “Let me be gone before this guy catches me.”

But should your offer give them the possibility to try it before investing, then they may see the difference. This is the Wealthy Affiliate business model.

Is this going to be from the frying pan to the fire or otherwise?

One of the reasons people are dissatisfied with their 9-5 jobs is that their salaries either do not allow them, or only permit them, to live from payday to payday. They’ve learnt they can improve their financial situation by working online.

Instead of that they found themselves dishing out money for one thing or the other which will help them succeed on the web. From failure to failure, they got really tired of their worsening financial situation. This makes them unhappy and wary of any promises.

They haven’t given up their online dreams but this time they are extra careful. Can you assure them that your business is going to end not only their search but their pain too?

Generally success stories, backed by genuine and verifiable customer reviews, assure people. The Wealthy Affiliate community, in which hundreds of members share their personal experiences, is one such thing.

profile-pictures-of-my-wealthy-affiliate-community-network-members to signify Whose Perspective Will Bring You Success In Your Online Business – Yours or Your Prospects’?
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If only I could find that special opportunity for me…


If somebody is seeking to run away from their boring 9-5 job, it goes without saying that they are looking for something which is fun to do.

I once signed up for a business where I had to watch multiple videos and undertake many tasks. With the slow internet connection in my country making the video not to play smoothly but instead stop and start continuously because of buffering and the tasks apparently not leading me anywhere, I lost patience and gave up the business.

One thing I love about Wealthy Affiliate is that their videos play despite my worsening internet connection. Coupled with this being a promising business, I’m not surprised to be so attached to it.

So, know that people are not only looking to earn money online but also enjoy what they are doing. If your offer appears fun and profitable, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t consider it.

People fear the “technical” aspects of online work

A text called “The Digital Divide” based on a recent survey carried out in the United Kingdom showed that the number of people, known as “net refuseniks,” (because they do not intend to get internet access) has risen. They make up 44% of UK households, or 11.2 million people in total. This number, which has risen from just over 50% in 2005 to more than 70% in 2015, cited lack of computer skills as their reason for not being interested in getting connected to the internet.

This study alone should tell you the number of potential prospects that you may lose because of the technical aspect of your online business. Many people simply cringe at the feeling of having to do anything that is too technical.

Does this mean you shouldn’t propose anything technical? No, for online work has some technical aspects people can’t do without.

When I joined Empower Network, IMGlobal, and Plug In Profit Site (PIPS), I received WordPress Websites to blog.

I was conversant with the blogspot platform because I have had training to create my blog and used it often. But since the three companies didn’t offer any training to master the WordPress platform, I found it difficult to use and almost ignored them. I never even knew how to attach images and lack of training discouraged me from trying to find out online (through Google search).

It was not until I joined Wealthy Affiliate and created my WordPress blog with SiteRubix and received training to make it an authority blog that I understood why over 50% of people created their websites on WordPress.

What made WordpPress so easy and fun for me to use at Wealthy Affiliate? The community. As usual, recently I needed to upload an Aweber form to the of my website but had no idea how do it. I knew I could count on community members made up of newbies up to millionaires and experts to help me and they did in a matter of minutes as is often the case!

So, you can get people to join your business opportunity if only they can be assured of support to solve technical hitches.

What would friends and family think again?

Peers and family are important in the life of the adult. The pressure they exert on the individual can be positive or negative, helping a person to go in the directions they want or distracting them from doing so.

Many people don’t grasp it when people say they work online and certainly they wouldn’t understand when somebody tells them they are going to work online. Already there is a snag there.
Many people working online make prospects believe working on the web is easy. Success is as easy as A, B, C. So a prospect going to a business has high hopes and does not fail to convince their circles in that regard. But since 97% of people fail online, the chances of your prospects figuring in this segment are highly probable.

When that happens, family and peers do not hesitate with their “I told you so.”
But the desire to succeed online is the most contagious disease that I know. But anytime a person who has been wounded in online work is considering another one, their thoughts are “What will family and friends think and/or when I tell them I’m trying something new online?”

Can you put this person’s mind at rest that this time they would surprise (positively) family and friends?

Spouse will not approve of taking part in another “online thing”

Akin to family and peer pressure, or even stronger than it, is “spouse pressure.” Nobody will sit down unconcerned and watch their spouse ‘throw money down the drain.’ This happens to online workers all the time.

Alex Jeffreys, a very successful web worker, said that when he saw what finally appeared like the online stuff he was looking for, he had to go beg his wife on his knees to lend him the money to begin training from a respected coach. He confessed that having lost everything in trying to work on the Internet, he didn’t believe his wife and her family would agree. But he was so convincing that she acquiesced.

Such a storyline will draw people with similar stories to Alex. They know he had been there before and he could understand their dilemma and help them out of it.

I wish I could get real help without somebody trying to sell me on stuff

Have you heard the expression “media hype or overkill”? It’s when people are served so much of a publicity message that they end up hating it.

The same happens with online offers. People coming online to seek an opportunity are looking for help to overcome some problems. What they need, of course, is real help and not another ‘buy this and see your income skyrocket.’ They’ve bought one thing after another but instead their situation worsened. They are intelligent beings and would not continue losing money and their peace of mind.

Can you offer the help they need? Do so if you can, but be honest and let them look elsewhere (or, better still, help them do so, if you can) if you don’t have what it takes to save them.

Those are just some of the things (In fact, there are many more that worry them on top of this) that folks are thinking prior to joining an online opportunity and even while a member.
Guess who they count on to “save” them?


Why you?

You are a good example, an example they can count on.


When you joined your present successful business, you were probably a skeptic like them. What were you thinking? They may be having the same thoughts. What sort of things did you want and what were you looking to do? It could be their case too. What were those around you saying? They may be having the same signals? What were your fears? They may be entertaining the same too. What were your hopes? They may also be courting these.

Your answer to these questions may be the absolutely brilliant material that you need within the story lines of your content to connect with your prospects and let them trust you.

In effect, it is possible to sell without selling, that is, without pestering people with your offers; all it comes down to is perspective and being able to relate to what your audience is thinking from THEIR own perspective. Deliver that within your message and see people scramble for your offers as if their very lives depended on it.

Do you want offers that your prospects would appreciate and help you succeed online?

There is no better advice I can give you than to ask you to head over right now to the Wealthy Affiliate site and see how to succeed online working from home (and if you have been working unsuccessfully online) what you have been missing all this while. This is coming from somebody who has been where you are now.

Do you have any comments to make about this post? Kindly share them in the comments box below or simply contact me on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile. I will react to it within 24 hours. Thanks for your time.

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