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Why I believed in EasyCash4Ads and joined

In this post, I’m going to tell you why I believed in and joined and why this program can help you too in your search for a home business that works to enable you earn online from home.                                                              

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Some of the real people who are in it

Richard Daigle is one of the most successful traffic exchange owners (RichyRich Mailer), and forward thinkers on the internet. 

He says that EasyCash4Ads is perhaps the best program available where you don’t have to be a guru to start making money. And adds….”I fully recommend EasyCash4Ads. It will help the average person change their financial future.”

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Jeff is a veteran marketer and specializes in getting referrals through video marketing among other things. He regularly consults with EasyCash4Ads on new strategies.

Orlando Zambito


Mike Choma

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It’s a work online from home businesses that works but cheap to join 

In my search for work home businesses opportunities, I think EasyCash4Ads is the best although it costs only $19 to sign up, one-off. So there are no monthly fees, which can add up and discourage people who are not earning to offset the monthly payments. Everybody who has worked online know that they don’t like paying monthly subscriptions especially if they have little income and a hard time recruiting people.

Secondly, I don’t know who has gone broke for investing a mere $19.  

It’s a real home businesses that work, is easy to promote and get signups 

Anyone who joins an online program is doing so to make good money in a smart way. That is, without the hassles of a 9-5 job.

That supposes that the program gives you a lot of advertising material which work.        

Easy to promote: Bruce, the owner, founder and admin of EasyCash4Ads asked successful members to write about how they promote, get signups and sales in EasyCash4Ads.

This is to help other members promote.

This is one of the things which made me join this program. The desire and passion of Bruce to help all members achieve some success with this program is evident. This is exemplified in a section of the site where Bruce pours out his heart in a piece titled Get sign-ups if you are willing to work. This is a must read for all members, even for anybody looking to earn online.

Easy to get signups: The affordable cost of the program and especially the unlimited earning potential are two elements that attract people into the program.

You have an income and traffic flux

You earn and earn and earn: Who wouldn’t love a program that can provide instant commissions where you don’t have to wait weeks or months to receive your commissions?

In EasyCash4Ads you get $10 of the $19 people who join under you pay as commission. The rest goes to admin for hosting.

You get uninterrupted traffic: Another good reason to join EasyCash4Ads is the Traffic.

If there’s something all Internet Marketers are in desperate need of, it is good targeted traffic. That enables people to see your offers and consider them. And with this program you get very good never-ending traffic. And of course, that alone is worth several times more than the cost of this program.

Member support: And last but not least is the member support.

Richard Daigle, one of the member contributors says that after marketing online for 17 years, one thing he finds rare is how Bruce responds and works with his members. He not only answers all support tickets quickly but also he personally gets involved and is pro-active.

I’m a witness to this.

On the day I signed up to the program, I was busy doing some other things. I normally use my name and surname (with no space between them) as username. Unknown to me the program accepts only 11 letters. Therefore I was obliged to shorten my username.

When I got less busy and tried to check the program, I had forgotten all about that and typed in my usual usernam. Of course, I couldn’t sign in. Thinking the problem was from my password, I tried all the usual ones and the different combinations thereof but to no avail. 

Frustrated, I sent a ticket to support.

An instant after, they answered. Whew!

I sent them a raving reaction and a message about it to my sponsor. He wasn’t surprised. He’d also had occasion to experience their wonderful support.

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Perseverance pays even if a work online from home business works like magic

While some people have had absolutely fabulous experience signing up people and making sales in EasyCash4Ads, your experience may be different, even disappointing in the beginning.

But I have to tell you something about giving up too soon.

I used to see an interesting cartoon on Facebook showing a man digging a tunnel in a ground he knew contained diamonds. And just a short distance away from where the diamonds were encrusted in the soil, he gave up. The inscription of the image?

Don't give up!!! written in white on a dark background
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Something like “Don’t give up, your success might be nearer than you think.”

There’s no easier recipe to fail in life than by quitting too early.

Do you know the scenario of 95% of marketers? Yes, that’s the statistics of people who fail online. Why?

They join a program that interests them. They may do very little or promote it for a week or two. They see little or no results, and they DUMP IT.

The expression for them is tire kickers.

Keen to earn online, they keep on searching. Then they bump into another shiny object that makes fantastic promises of fast, easy earnings with no work and they hop onboard thinking it is their EUREKA. And guess what?

They get discouraged once more and jump off again.

How does Albert Einstein call that? Insanity. Which he defined as doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.

You know as much as I do that with this cycle you will only end up going broke and shout from every rooftop that everything online is a scam.

No, don’t fall into this dangerous trap! They catch only idiots and you must resolve not to be one! Instead make a concerted, determined decision in your mind and soul from now on that you will focus your time, energy and resources on one and ONLY ONE program for at least 3 months.

Now that you have decided to succeed in an online from home business, let me assure you that EasyCash4Ads can actually become your own full-time home business.

Don’t make the mistake of dismissing EasyCash4Ads as a low-cost program that is not worth your attention.

The EasyCash4Ads 2 part compensation plan described in images with mascots and in text.
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This is because the 2Up compensation system is considered as the most powerful pay plan ever devised.

After getting your two qualifying sales in EasyCash4Ads, the system can pay you to infinity without you having to do much work after getting your 1st leg. So, as you see, a little hard work in the beginning allied with a lot of patience can pay you big for a long time to come.

You know the saying “Heaven helps those who help themselves”? I will even go further and say “Heaven helps those who don’t tire helping themselves.”

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So, what’s the first requirement in EasyCash4Ads?

The first condition to succeeding here is to believe in the program in order to effectively advertise and promote it to others.

How can you get sign ups in EasyCash4ads?

Maybe the best way to get sign ups, or better still, in order not to lose potential sign ups, is to use auto-responders.


The EasyCash4Ads email communication page about leads.
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One of the methods to get signups is to use solo ads with the capture pages provided in the back office. When a lead is captured, they will send you the name, email, IP address, the time and the date of joining.

This is to enable you import that lead into your auto-responder account.

In the future if you are a member of GetResponse or Aweber, EasyCash4Ads will deposit these leads directly into your auto-responder.

A sign up form with a woman in front playing a guitar for Aweber autoresponder
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So as a member of EasyCash4Ads you must have an auto-responder. If you don’t have one yet, sign up for Aweber  here. This will not only turn out to be the single most worthwhile marketing tool you can invest in but also it will pay for itself in no time at all.

Don’t make the mistake of most newbie marketers who promise themselves that they will get an important marketing tool when they start earning money. Remember, procrastination is the thief of time?

Why is it so important to have an auto-responder?

Importing your list into an auto-responder is just the tip of the iceberg. The biggest service it will render you is that it will enable you to build a list.

Remember, the money is in the list?

To the people on your list you can send frequent broadcasts (newsletters, new launches, contests, etc.) to keep them engaged and thus not oblige them to unsubscribe.

Above all you can market to your list over and over again. That is, anytime you have a new opportunity, you don’t have to begin from scratch looking for people to join, but just send it to your list of people looking for online opportunities. You will find this not only a more targeted traffic but also people in buying mode.

Of course not all the people on the list will join the opportunities you propose them. But you will agree that just a small percentage of them accepting your offer will ensure your success only within hours of joining a new program.

But attention: always be honest with your list. If not they will unsubscribe faster than they subscribed.

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Other resources you can use to promote and advertise EasyCash4Ads for signups and Sales

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A word of warning before we handle this section: Do a little something every day or have yourself only to blame. Because all the resources in the world will be worthless if you don’t take action. In short, you must be persistent since “It is hard to beat a man or woman who refuses to give up”.

Richard Daigle even proposes that you try to get up one hour earlier each day and stay online one hour longer. To him this habit alone pays big dividends as your habits will determine your future.

Richard also gave his daily routine as follows:

He wakes up, brews a pot of coffee and starts his computer. Then he thanks God for the new day and asks for His help and guidance. Next, he checks his emails and if there are any signups and sales, he shoots a quick message thanking them and offering any assistance.

I do almost the same things. I also was a member of some of the advertising resources he suggested but joined those I was not yet member of. These are:

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Traffic Exchanges

The Downliner: Hardly had I sent my solo ad on this coop which displays your links on over 5100 Traffic Exchanges when I got 2 signups. However, the other emails haven’t brought me anything. Since you don’t have the opportunity to surf here, the only thing to do for massive exposure is to upgrade and buy credits regularly.

Easyhits4U: This is one of the traffic exchanges I had joined before discovering TrafficAdB but I don’t like surfing there too much.

It is one of the oldest TEs. Although good for advertising, be warned that their large membership (over one million) can burn up your credits quickly.

To advertise EasyCash4Ads, I upgraded my membership to premium for a year’s rate of $79. The site burned my credits in one evening, so I’ve reverted to surfing for credits.

TrafficAdBar which I used to surf a lot 5 years ago for being so user-friendly. I’m enjoying it again now.

For example, yesterday (18th March 2017), I surfed 625 sites while doing other things online (I who had thought just hours earlier than the top surfer a day earlier with 568 sites had used a bot) from the morning till the evening, making me move from the 568th position to the 55th and winning. 

VralTeCoop will show your links on over 540 Traffic Exchanges. There is no surfing here so you have to buy credits.

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Solo ad email services

Richard Daigle claims his most effective way to get signups and sales in EasyCash4Ads is sending solo emails.

He advises to change your links using different pages and to write your own ad copy which must be short and sweet.

How do you achieve that?

By writing from your heart and experience, according to Richard. For your readers will catch on to your honesty and passion about the program. This will bring trust and get you better results.

Richard does not hide the fact that it takes time to learn how to write effective ads. But before you get the knack of it and get better and better while continuing with the program, you can get inspiration from the resources available in EasyCash4Ads.

Find below the solo ad email services providers none of which I knew prior to joining EasyCash4Ads.

GiganticSolos: Another one I signed up but on which I will begin sending out my solos for guaranteed clicks as from next month.

JumboSolos: I purchased solo ads here and got some clicks to my ads.

RichyRichMailer: This is Richard Daigle’s own program you can use to send out solos to their membership. Also if you add your banners and text ads, they will be shown on all the emails that go out.

SuperbSoloNetworks: Same as for GiganticSolos.

Udimi: Udimi features vendors that will send your ad to their own lists. Check them for low cost effective ones with good ratings.

100 click purchases range from 35 to 45 cents per click. Getting 30 to 60% optin rates on your capture pages and hopefully a few sales also with each solo is not unusual.

I have programmed using it from next month, for financial reasons.

Other resources proposed by Richard and which he claims to use on a regular basis with banners, text ads and solo emails and which, of course, I joined, are:

1ProfitRing: Offers extreme advertising from the owner Richard described as trusted.

1TAE: Blasts your text ads on a network of over 600,000.

Best List Mailer: There are no return emails here.

Blaster Guru: Same as above.

LeasedAdSpace:  Handles texts, banners and solo emails.

TotalAdExplosion: No return emails here as well.

Will these resources work for you?

Using these method and the resources Richard Daigle was able to build 48 legs in EasyCash4Ads after being a member for exactly 1 month. Your results may be different depending on your experience, involvement (personal and financial), and luck. Even I haven’t been as successful as Richard but time will let me tell my own story too.

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Final word

Count yourself lucky to have found this program. So get in early.

EasyCash4Ads can soon become viral as it is being advertised everywhere. Join EasyCash4Ads and do the same. A banner, a text or a solo email can bring the big change you’re dreaming about in your life.

I wish you good luck when you join and Never Ever Quit if you want Sign Ups, Sales and Unstoppable Income.

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