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Why should you become a CBProAds Affiliate?

CBProAds' logo consisting of the name in red and blue fancy characters and under it the isncription The fastest way to clickbank sales
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Do questions like these harass you?

  • How to become clickbank affiliate
  • How to become an affiliate without a website
  • How to become an affiliate marketer?

If yes, the answer is, become a CBProAds affiliate.

Why become CBProAds affiliate?

There are many Clickbank toolkits out there but CBproAds is described as the N° 1 toolkit for Clickbank Affiliates.

How to become an affiliate

To become an affiliate, you simply click this link and sign up 


Red hologram letters reading FREE
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You can be a free member

You can sign up as a free member, still continue in the CBProAds’ site as a free member and yet earn

But your gains will not be much.

A desk filled with accessories such as laptop, iphone, etc to signify professional
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Upgrade to a PRO member

Today you can be a PRO member for a measly fee!

You can also avail a great offer, by using a coupon code while you pay for your PRO membership.

Why should you upgrade to a Pro Member?

Being a PRO member at CBproads, you have the potential to make up to $20,000/month* with Clickbank.

So why should you lose your deserved earnings staying as a FREE member?

Upgrade now and it will be one of the wisest investments that you will ever make.

Here Are Your Pro Account Benefits

1) 100% Products links linked with your Clickbank ID on all ad formats.
2) Fully featured Clickbank Affiliate Storefront containing 16,000+ products!
3) Fully featured Clickbank WordPress Storefront containing 16,000+ products!
4) Affiliate & WordPress Clickbank Niche Storefronts!
5) Automatic enrollment to’s powerful affiliate program
6) Unlimited Bandwidth
7) Bonus eBooks worth $900 with MMR

So get in, while things are good. Please click on this link to start with and become a clickbank super affiliate.

Main storefronts

How do you promote Clickbank Products, if you do not have a site or WordPress blog on which to display clickbank product ads?

The answer is simple. CBProAds provide affiliate storefronts which are pre-configured for immediate promotion.

In short, newbies and those who want to promote Clickbank products without much bothering about technical things wouldn’t find a greater option anywhere else.


               Main StoreFront URLs

Part of CBProAds digital 4.0 storefront
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Rest of CBProAds storefront 4.0
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Final part of CBProAds digital storefront 4.0
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Digital storefront Version 4.0 


An image reading CBProAds' Digital Storefront
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A welcome message with a man sitting at right with a laptop and right outstretched habnds
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Digital storefront Version 3.0


Image reading CBProAds' Digital Storefront
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An image showing a woman rolling a CD on a finger
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An image reading Storefront for instant download of ebooks and softwares
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An image reading The world's largest digital inforproduct store!
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Digital storefront Version 2.0


Image showing a woman holding out a CD against a blue background with CBProAds' storefront inscriptions
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Digital storefront Version 1.0 Recommended products


Please click on the following video to watch it and click on the image below to promote the digital storefronts now.



Niche storefronts

To better succeed online we are advised to embrace a niche we are passionate about.

Conscious of the fact that some people prefer to promote ONLY a certain category/categories of products to make their promotional efforts more result-oriented, CBProAds have provided you niche storefronts.

Yes, by narrowing down your targeted audience to promote the niche storefronts, you are improving on your promotional efforts. And this can make for increased earnings.

CBProAds provides you more than 20 Clickbank affiliate niche storefronts!



Click on the link below each image to check the niche storefront

Home page of CBProads' colon cleanse niche storefront showing nurses and a patient
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Best Colon Cleanse Reviews


Image showing CBProads' tattoo reviews niche storefront with a woman gripping a tattooed man
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Best Tattoo Reviews


Image showing CBProAds' body detox niche storefront of fruits and vegetables to achieve that
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Best Body Detox Reviews


Image showing CBProAds' keyword research tools review nichez storefront with a magnifying glass
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Top Keyword Spy Tool Reviews


Image showing CBProAds' best credit repair reviews niche storefront of a young man in suiye before a blue image
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Best Credit Repair Report Reviews           


Image showing CBProAds' online casinoniche storefront with a lady's hand holding cards and a roulette
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Best Online Casino and Betting Sites Reviews      


Image showing CBProAds' forex reviews niche storefront with a woman finger on a rising graph line
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Top Forex Site Reviews                  


Image of CBProAds' day trading niche storefront showing a man with a phone and raised hand stressing a point
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Online Stock Trading Site Reviews  


Image showing CBProAds' acne removal niche storefront showing women with acnes
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Best Acne Removal Reviews          


Image showing CBProAds' internet business niche storefornt
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Best Affiliate Marketing Ebooks    


Image showing a man and woman kissing while sitting and holding a fan with a heart sign on it
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Dating and Romance Ebook Reviews 


Image of a heart in red cut in two to signify ex
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Get Your Ex Back Ebook Reviews    


Image shwoing CBProad's adsense marketing niche storefront to signify make money online
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Make Money Online Programs     


Image showing a statue with the penis covered witha leaf to signify men's health
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Men’s Health Guides            


A hefty man lifting a heavy weight
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Best Body Building Guides        


A heavily built bust
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Six Pack Abs Reviews           


Steam locomotive wheel and piston
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Water For Fuel Guides        


Image showing CBProAds weight loss niche storefront of lean bodies
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Best Weight Loss Ebook Reviews      


Women's silhouettes in various postures
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Womens eBook Store     
The last one is a new niche storefront recently added by CBProAds as part of their services. It is called “Women’s eBook Store” because this storefront is for women and therefore contains only products of interest to women.

Sign up now to promote CBProAds’ niche storefront(s) and it will be one of the wisest decisions that you will ever make. 


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