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Photo of me in suit and working on a laptop in my home office
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Why Should You Listen to Me?

Maybe you’re just beginning online to make money with affiliate marketing or it could be that you have begun but going round in circles and you’ve come here looking for the tricks, the strategies and the resources to do so.

Photo of me in suit and working on a laptop in my home office
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I know I can help you to succeed in making money online from home, free. But the question is: why should you listen to me?

By way of answer let me tell you my online story.

I have been doing things online for over two decades now. But much of that was dedicated to online brokerage business activities.

Really doing internet marketing started back in 2011 when I thought I couldn’t continue with my contract teaching work. I was on holidays then and spent the whole day searching on the internet for an opportunity. Then I stumbled onto blogging which I learned with training from Webcolleagues

My First Steps: Blogging

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Combining three of my passions (writing, doing business and teaching) blogging hooked me. But since I had to monetize my site, affiliate marketing came logically.

The short online training I had taught me to blog daily and promised that in 5 to 8 months I would see spectacular results.

I wrote articles and reviews and posted them on the blog each day. To my delight, the number of visitors started growing steadily. But soon, too soon, the traffic stalled around 100 visitors a day. Worse, the days I didn’t blog, that figure will plummet to half or far less than that. Inexplicably, the contextual ads like BidVertiser and Chitika on the blog also failed to bring the ‘easy money’ I was promised.

Unwillingly, I understood why experts claim that to succeed as a blogger, and especially to make money with a blog, at least 500 to 1000 visitors a day was necessary.

Although I was blogging but my articles weren’t written around keywords to attract traffic. In fact I thought my writing training was enough for me to succeed here.

Despair sets in

In despair I embraced affiliate marketing more than blogging.

I was already affiliate of some networking companies like PayDotCom, Rakuten Linkshare, Commission Junction, Amazon, Payspree, Hotels Combined, Peerfly, Clicksure, Gradfinder and Clickbank from whom I got my way into other companies like DealDash, TrainPetDog, Netbates and many others.

Still success eluded me.

I signed up to many traffic exchanges, including easyhits4U, hit2hit, eternalhits, 247TrafficPro, Vasthits, TezakTrafficPower, I love Hits, TrafficG and HitSafari and the social ones like Sweeva, Swom, and Revisitors.

With 8 windows opened at a time I surfed them like crazy, watching the timers to gain the maximum number of credits. But they got burned as quickly as I earned them. All I could hold up as gain were other opportunities people were promoting there that I joined. Even there I only helped those affiliates gain an extra downline (since I wasn’t able to grow mine).

Everywhere I read that to succeed online I needed social networks and tools to share my contents and businesses to prospects.

I joined many, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Apsense, StumbleUpon, Google plus, and YouTube. I used . I used Admagy, Share this! Totally Tweetable, Staged, etc. to post frantically to them. My traffic increased dramatically (compared to the trickle which was coming in) but not my business. I had traffic but not conversions.

But the struggle continues

I now joined other affiliate networks like 7MinuteWorkouts, CB Surge, CBProAds StoreFront, CBProAdsAffiliate Network, Clicksure, Empower Network, GDI, GVO, Neucopia, Pure Leverage, SFI, Tripleclicks, Plug In Profits Site (PIPS), RWJ Millionaire’s Club, F5M Millionaire’s Club (You see, my sight was set high!) and even Bitbillion GBBG and BitFeud, IMGlobal, Jubirev-Jubimax, Organo gold (when they were all in pre-launch), etc. Clearly I bit more than I could chew, all in my desperation to succeed at all costs.

In the beginning I believed I was not succeeding in those businesses because I had no credit card and Paypal account to pay for traffic directly instead of passing through uplines who, I suspected, weren’t playing straight games with me.

But when later I got the famous system my success could still be measured in tortoise steps. I was paying monthly fees but getting practically nothing in return.

Soul searching questions

What wasn’t I doing right? I wondered. Or didn’t the heavens want me to succeed?

Was it a matter of ‘Where the going gets tough, the tough gets going?’

I discovered business builders, list builders, teams, Facebook groups and mailers. In this regard I joined AIOP, FreeDownliner, Team Building Project (TBP), The5MinuteMogul, Aweber, TrafficWave, Sokule, IBO Social, Team Atlantis, etc. but stopped short of emailers (since the few I had joined were already flooding my box with hundreds of mail each day). But despite all these efforts my business still sucked.

Finally it was matrices that I turned to for survival, so fast was I sinking into financial abyss.

Pennymatrix, 2DollarWave, TurboPayPlan, UTSCyclers, Feedermatrix, Average Joe Profit System, United Group International (UGI), 3UpNext, Accelerated Leverage, AndThanks2U, Freetoolbox, Businesstoolbox, Its 5 Bucks, MagicDolla, Sistema Extra Money, Ultimate Cycler, (name them), I joined them all. The latest is Race Cycler. Yet my million dollar dream was as far off as a distant star.

But I was not deterred. Other businesses I joined are: AddMeFast, Magnetic sponsoring, Crazy Cash Club, Domain Cost Club, Clipjacker, MLM Recruit on Demand, Free Ad Blaster, X100K!, Your eight steps, Downline traffic builder, Scoop it!, The Downliner, Desktop lightning, Solidtrustpay (which I used to fund my businesses and pay for items online), Submission works, Turbo Income Charger, Addesigner, AddThis, The Perfect App, and The Team Elite Responder.

Light at the end of the tunnel

What was I doing wrong which was not letting me make money online and others were doing right and reaping all the bounties?

The answer was that I was doing everything wrong.

If I needed a horse and a cart to take my produce to the market, it is not by putting my cart before the horse that I could reach my destination.

Training and method are the answers

In short, my biggest problem was training.

Not that I didn’t know it. But like many internet marketing newbies, I ignored this golden rule and embraced one shiny object after the other, thinking they were the shortest routes to success.

Glimmer of hope

Now, what brought some hope?

The Socialx20 viral marketing training. This unbelievably useful but surprisingly cheap viral marketing training course gave me the confidence that at last I was going to figure among the online marketing giants.


I hadn’t finished one of the video courses before I realized that I was doing right things the wrong way. I saw that applying the lessons in the Socialx20 training would enable me sign up affiliates and make money as if it was the most natural thing to do.

But hardly had I begun using the video lessons in my business when I received a message from the admin that members were not promoting the site and they wanted to know if they should continue or discontinue. Of course I encouraged them to continue. But many members decided otherwise and the lights dimmed for me again.

Never ever give up

But I knew that was not the end of the world. Many successful people had failed more than I and they finally succeeded because they kept going on. And that was how I discovered Wealthy Affiliate.

Seeing that they put the stress on training and traffic methods similar to Socialx20 viral marketing training, I knew I had found a replacement for my love.

Now it’s your turn

Are you still going round like I was doing? Then seek training. Not just any training. But the Wealthy Affiliate training. In other words, don’t start working online (or, if you have already started), don’t continue working online until you check this affiliate marketing training. It will save you money and/or heartaches and bring you the success you crave.

Click here to check the Wealthy Affiliate page

Believe in yourself

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Yes YouCan

It’s now time to start making money online from home like the others. They are no different from you, you know. Like me, they have the same stories as you.

Kyle, the creator of the Wealthy Affiliate has experienced a lot within the online world… and he has had the luxury over the years to help 10,000’s of folks succeed online through this social entrepreneur hangout.

If you would like to join me within Wealthy Affiliate, you can register here to create your free Starter membership. This is where I network with others like yourself and get help each and every day from the two founders and other great community members.

With Wealthy Affiliate the entire goal is to help quit your 9-5 job, supplement your income or have a full-time profitable business online.

P.S.: Wealthy Affiliate is my hangout. When you join through me, I will follow you right away and you will be able to network with me personally. Click here to read my personal review.

Do you have some comments to make on this post? Simply head to the box below and leave them there. I will get back to you in no time.

Your personal guide to securing your future online

N.B.: This was part of my About Me page which I have adapted as a post.

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