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A notebook, an iphone on a desk to signify how working from home just got easier
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With this big list working from home just got easier

With the abundance of work from home jobs, it’s surprising that many people are:

  • jobless,
  • indebted,
  • hardly manage to survive,
  • have no money saved,
  • are frustrated at not getting ahead,
  • continue in the 9-5 they detest,
  • wish they could earn more or obtain promotion,
  • lack job security,
  • worry about the future in general, and
  • continue longing for something else to do.

A cellular phone beside a laptop laid on a pebbled floor to signify work from home
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To help you out, this blog post will tell you:

  • who can work from home,
  • how much you can earn,
  • how to find your work from home employment,
  • the categories,
  • a list of the types of work from home jobs,
  • a list of work from home companies,
  • work from home benefits,
  • disadvantages,
  • excuses,
  • how long you could work from home, and
  • useful resources.


A drawing showing a keyboard connected to a desktop and a another web
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The incredible opportunity the internet offers you

Working from home is made easier by the Internet. Now you have ready access to many offers than ever before.

Now you can carry out your task in the comfort of your home as before. You can also deliver it right from your computer.

And all of these for a pittance!

Isn’t it crazy the reach you now have? And isn’t it awesome and significant the opportunity that brings you?

So you have no one to blame but yourself if you let this revolution pass you by.

That said, let’s see how you can benefit from this boom.


A home office showing adesk, chair, computers and working accessories
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Who can work from home?

Anybody who can use a computer, has internet connexion and wishes to earn some money on the net can work from home. Age is not a barrier. Neither is sex nor geographical location in looking for work from home opportunities.


Some prospects are:

Work from home disabled

Work from home housewife

Work from home mums

Work from home students

Work from home 18 year-old

Work from home 16 year-old


Useful Resources

Over 100 Work-at-Home Jobs and Opportunities For Moms

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A drawing showing a woman in suit working from home and two hands tending a bag of $ towrads her from inside a laptop computer
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How much can you earn working from home?

How much you can gain from your work from home activity depends on some factors. These are the kind of work, the number of hours you work, etc. Generally the more careful you choose the task with higher pay and the longer you work, the more money you will make.


Here are examples of what some people get:

Work from home 100 a week

Work from home $500 a month

Work from home $1000 a week

Work from home 30 000

Work from home $40 000

The work from home 5000 a month

Work from home making 8000 a month

Work from home 50k a year

Work from home 60k

$60 000 work from home jobs

Work from home jobs $70 000

Work from home $100 000

Work from home 6 figures


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The 10 highest-paid jobs you can do from home

The 10 Highest-Paying Work-From-Home Jobs

Best-paying work-from-home jobs


Image showing the left corner of the Google search window against a blue background
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How to find your work from home job using Google

Use Google and all synonyms: different words are used for work from home jobs. E.g.: work from home jobs for moms, work from home mom jobs, work from home moms, be a work from home mom.

To find yours, surround the phrases by quotation marks: “work from home as a mom”. This forces Google to search for the exact match.

Employ wildcard (*) operator: a work from home job for moms may be labelled “Become a work from home mom” or “work for us as a stay at home mom”. To ensure that Google does not filter these out but include all those slightly different results, use Google’s Wildcard operator (*) which in search results get substituted by one or more words: e.g. search for “be a * work from home mom”.

Use ‘or’ and ‘~’ operators to better describe your search: You may look for work from home mom data entry job, work from home mom typing jobs. To get broader but relevant results, instruct Google to search for any relevant words by using OR operator between the words –‐ “data entry jobs OR typing jobs” –‐ . We can use ~ operator before a word that may have many synonyms and related words, and thus instruct Google to look for all those synonyms. For example, a “~office jobs” search will include words like “typing jobs”, “clerical jobs”, “mailing”, etc.

Use your current network: this includes social media, friends, family, former classmates, colleagues, etc.

Join a work from home community: there are free work from home communities you can join. It posts offers.


Types or categories of work from home employment

There are many types of work from home jobs. Those listed here are suitable for everybody, from the unskilled person to the highly skilled worker. You’ll find four categories here: ordinary, career, education, and internet.


An opened laptop computer on a desk with a telephone, notepad and an apple to signify work from home jobs got easier
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Ordinary work from home jobs

These work from home jobs do not demand any particular skills or a particular educational level or work experience before you can do it. They are (in alphabetical order):

Work from home answering service

Work from home billing

Work from home call center rep

Work from home chat jobs

Work from home data entry jobs

Work from home dispatcher

Work from home editing

Work from home email

Work from home evening jobs

Work from home government jobs

Work from home forums

Work from home help desk

Work from home mailing

Work from home making xmas crackers

Work from home office jobs

Work from home phone jobs

Work from home reservation agent

Work from home seasonal jobs

Work from home social media jobs

Work from home social work jobs

Work from home stuffing envelopes

Work from home transcription jobs

Work from home travel agent jobs

Work from home typing jobs

Work from home video game jobs

Work from home virtual assistant

Work from home virtual call center

Work from home weekend jobs

Work from home xmas jobs

Work from home yahoo answers


Useful Resources

List of 100 Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs

My BIG List of Worldwide Work at Home Jobs

Want to Work from Home? These 15 Sites Will Help You Find Legit Jobs


Photo of a yellow street sign surrounded by light blue bars and bearing the inscription Career Get Started now
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Work from home careers jobs

Do you want to make your work from home job your principal activity?

With these work from jobs you need some amount of higher education which normally goes beyond the high school level and a proven skill obtained from experience. We can cite (in alphabetical order):

Work from home attorney jobs

Work from home banking jobs

Work from home business analyst

Work from home blogs

Work from home bookkeeping

Work from home business

C programmer work from home

Work from home data analyst

Work from home design jobs

Work from home dietician jobs

Work a home digital

Work from home fashion jobs

Work from home finance jobs

Sims 3 work from home firefighter

Work from home franchise

Work from home health coach

Work from home healthcare jobs

Work from home insurance jobs

Work from home it (information technology) jobs

Work from home it support

Work from home legal jobs

Work from home librarian

Work from home logistics jobs

Work from home marketing jobs

Work from home medical billing jobs

Can u work from home as a medical coder

Work from home medical coding

Work from home medical jobs

Work from home medical transcription

Work from home 3d modeling jobs

Work from home 3d modeling

Work from home nurse

Work from home as a nurse

Work from home nursing jobs

Work from home paralegal

Work from home pharmacist jobs

Work from home pharmacist

Work from home programming jobs

Work from home project manager

Work from home quality assurance

Work from home quality control jobs

Work from home quicken loans

Work from home research jobs

Work from home recruiter

Work from home software jobs

Work from home tech jobs

Work from home tech support

Work from home translator

Work from home underwriting jobs

Work from home veterinary jobs

Work from home video editing jobs

Work from home web developer

Work from home web design

Work from home writing jobs


Useful Resources

Work from home career advisor jobs

10 Real Work-From-Home Jobs that need skills


A long view of a library room with a long loine of books and the librarians's desk
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Work from home education jobs

This type of work from home job can be done by students in need of some cash but it generally demands training and some pedagogical knowledge. They are:

Work from home teaching jobs

Work from home ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher

Work from home private tutor


Useful Resources

Education work at home jobs

Pearson education work at home jobs

$29k-$73k work from home education consultant

Types of Online Jobs for Teachers


An image of a computer key and the writing BIG DATA standing over it in white capital letters
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Work from home internet or e-work from home jobs

Although all work from home jobs now are done over the Internet, Internet work from home jobs are those you can’t do if you don’t master computing to a certain degree. They are:

E-commerce work from home jobs

E-discovery work from home

E-harmony work from home

E-learning work from home

E-profits work from home

E-publishing work from home jobs

E-store work from home


Drawing of colorful skyscrapers before a river on a dark night
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List of work from home companies

There are many work from home enterprises out there with which you can work and earn a part- or full-time income, including even fortune 500 companies. They are:

Work from home 800 flowers

1 800 flowers work from home

1-800-flowers work from home review

Work from home 1800flowers

Work from home 1800contacts

6 abc work from home

Work from home for amazon

A.p.e. Publishing work from home

Work from home for apple

A and p homework

A r recovery work from home

A t & t work from home

At&t work from home customer specialist

Channel 9 news work from home

Work from home for Disney

Work from home eBay

Eeo-1 work from home

Big d and bubba work from home

Freedom 650 work from home

Fox 8 news work from home

Work from home gis jobs

Work from home for Google

Work from home Groupon

Work from home Hilton

Work from home hr jobs

H1b work from home

H r block work from home

Icd 9 coding work from home

J crew work from home jobs

J lodge work from home

Via compact work from home l-desk set

Work from home lpn

Work from home jobs for m c a

News 7 work from home

N.e.w work from home

Novo 1 work from home jobs

Odesk work from home

Ohs work from home

Work from home pizza 73

P&C insurance work from home

P&g work from home

P/t work from home jobs

P nk work from home

P t work from home

R.n. Work from home

Series 7 work from home

Sims 2 work from home

Sims 3 work from home

Sims 3 work from home promotion

Sims 3 work from home jobs

Sims 3 work from home set

Sims 3 work from home stylist

T mobile work from home

Toys r us work from home jobs

Toys r us careers work from home

U.S. Department of transportation work from home

Windows 7 work from home

Work from home PayPal

Work from home QuickBooks jobs

Work from home qvc jobs

Work from home reddit

Work from home s.a

Work from home uber

Work from home u haul

U haul work from home interview

U haul work from home

U haul work from home reservations

Uhaul work from home training

Work from home united

Work from home university

Work from home ups

Work from home utah jetblue

Work from home verizon

Work from home xactimate

Work from home xbox

Work from home xbox 360

Work from home xbox live

Work from home xbox support

Work from home xerox

Work from home xml jobs

Work from home yatra

Work from home yahoo

Work from home youtube

Work from home york pa

Work from home yuma az

Work from home younique

Work from home yummy mummy

Work from home zappos

Work from home zerochaos

Work from home znz

Work from home zulily


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Work from home benefits

There are advantages to working from home. The following are some of them why people work from home:

No need to watch the alarm clock

I have no boss looking over my shoulder

No commuting

Work from home and earn money

Work from home no experience

Time for family

Work from home for free no fees

Work from home for free and get paid

work from home your own hours

I work from home and love it

I’m not caught in the traffic

Work from home online free

Work from home online

Work from home on computer

Work from home part time

To work from home without investment

To work from home and make money

Work from home zero investment

Work from home with benefits


Useful Resources

20 Reasons to Let Your Employees Work From Home

Huge List of Work-at-Home Jobs with Employee Benefits

Top 10 Benefits of Working From Home (Survey Results)

Benefits of Working From Home For Employees

Advantages and disadvantages of employees working at home


Disadvantages of work from home

I work from home and have no friends

I work from home and I am lonely

K work home and life


Useful Resources

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

7 Deadly Disadvantages of Working from Home and How to Counter Them

The Disadvantages of Working From Home

The Disadvantages of Working from Home

The Disadvantages of Working From Home


A blackboard with the inscription No more excuses
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Work from home excuses

Some of the reasons some people give to explain or defend their not working from home are:

I don’t have the discipline

I can’t use the computer

I don’t have time at home

I don’t have any skills to sell


Picture of an old silver-coloured table clock with a brownish face reading 2:36.
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How long could you work from home?

When you work from home you’re your own boss. Each day you decide when to start and when to stop. It’s therefore not easy to say how long one should work from home. However, this is what some people do:

Work from home 20 per hour

Work from home 2 hours a day

Work from home 3 hours a day

Work from home 10 hours a week

Work from home 20 hours a week

Work from home 1 day a week

Work from home 2 days a week

Work from home 3 days a week


Good to Know

The following are things people are asking or saying about working from home. It’s not a bad idea at all to know them.

If you need more details about any of them, don’t forget good old Google is at your beck and call.

I work from home can I claim expenses

I work from home what can I claim on my taxes

I work from home do I need insurance

I work from home can I deduct rent

I work from home can I deduct

Work from home kit

Work from home legit

Work from home legit jobs

Work from home leads

Work from home no scams

Work from home opportunities

Work from home online jobs

Work from home options

Can u work from home and get paid

Can I work from home


Useful Resources

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Working from Home: Frequently Asked Questions

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