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World Global Network

Today’s article will be a World Global Network review.

Listed at number 70 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world, World Global Network has an annual income of $0.165 billion. But it actually posted a loss for 2019.


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World Global Network deals in Wearable technology, cellular devices, and VOIP communications app to improve wellness and achieve a healthier lifestyle. It boasts a pretty impressive multi-level marketing program. Many even say it is the best in the MLM business.

Are they really the best?

Let’s go ahead and find out!

We will take a look at who, what, and why of this company. Then see if they really are the best MLM in the business. And we will also check out the pros and cons along with giving you our view at the end of this review.

Let’s get started with the company and find out who they are!


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The company


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World Global Network is a MLM company that distributes technologies products created by the Helo Corporation.

The concept behind this technology is to use it to sense and improve people’s lives.

Their products are all tools in the health and wellness niche. It is updated and optimized to help people be the best they can be.

You will be greeted on their website by the following: “Be your life-changer, set your goals, live the opportunity.”

This company is based in Singapore and has 10 satellite offices around the world. This is in addition to direct sales in 195 countries.

Their partner company is the Helocorp, based out of Miami Florida. This is the backbone of their product line.

Fabio Galdo is the CEO and the president of the company which was founded in Utah in 2011.

We had a hard time finding any more specific personnel for either division. But we did find all kinds of info about the philosophy of their product designs and distribution. You can check all of this out on their company website,


The products


World Global Network products with words Pure, Natural, Effective, Personlaized, with artificial intelligence'
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They are a direct line of products sold from distributor to consumer. They consist of wearable devices for tracking and collecting biometrics, vital signs, and other health-related data.

Their best selling products are of the HELO line. This collects the above data which enables the company to offer a customized wellness plan to the customer.

They then use this information and apply it to their SmartLife Solution program which is their best-selling plan available.

This plan will provide the customer with a smart band that records all of your vitals in real-time. This, along with a DNA kit that then takes this info and creates a 30-day wellness plan for the customer.

One thing we really like about this company is that the product line is exclusive. This means it is only available through its distributors.


The business model


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“Salesperson of the company” is what distributors are called with this company. They use a standard multi-level marketing program that compares to Amazon, one of the lowest of the MLM companies out there.

To join their sales team, you are required to buy one of two starter packs. One is the personal pack for $359 and the builder pack is $1499

You will then be required to spend an extra $25 to $799 for additional options you will choose.

Getting information on this company’s business plan, their compensation and their bonuses were not possible on their website. However we were directed to a website called VyVo, which they claim is the company’s new name.

There we found that along with the above joining fees there is a $9.90 to $79 monthly fee on top of the other fees.

This program is really reliant on a huge downline of productive distributors, and not the products first and foremost. This is a bad sign for the ability to maintain a steady income.

What we did find is a disclosure of their distributor’s earnings. That showed less than 2% earned over $10,000 a year.

They also boast a car program and holidays. However they report less than 200 people who have ever qualified for these bonuses.


The pros

  • Well-established company
  • Top of their niche
  • Direct to consumer sales program

The cons

  • Company is going through financial problems
  • High sign up cost
  • Monthly maintenance fees
  • All shipping is on the distributor
  • Large number of customer complaints
  • Backlog of refunds to unsatisfied customers
  • Small chance of success indirect sales

Our view

With all of the redirects and misinformation, lack of information and confusion between company names and the likes, we are not even sure what we just reviewed!

Not a good sign at all for getting a thumbs up from us. And of course, after you have read this review you have to know they are going to get one of our biggest thumbs down we can give.

We recommend anyone and everyone both steer clear of their multi-level marketing plan and their products.

The BBB has been flooded with complaints from customers who claim their products do not work. Besides, they are not sending out refunds in any kind of timely manner.

Is this all true?

We do not know.

But we do know there are way too many questions and we cannot seem to find good answers to any of them.

We hope our World Global Network review helps you in your quest to find a good multi-level marketing company to do business with. And we hope it answers any questions you may have had about this company.

It did not answer any of ours and that is unfortunate!

Be sure to catch our many reviews posted at the top of this page under our reviews tab. And don’t fail to give us a social share if you would.

Feel free to leave any comments or questions below in our comments section and we will answer them promptly.

And until next time, happy marketing!


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6 thoughts on “World Global Network”

  1. Hi,

    Is the SmartLife device suitable for long term befits goals such as creating a graph and charts on the data over 12 months?  Or is this more a short term device for health and fitness in the 3-6 months category?  I am looking to introduce it to a class so it would be a great asset but just trying to determin if it would be worth while.


  2. I think it is so hard to find a really good MLM in today’s high tech online world. As I started reading your review on World Global Network, it seemed very promising but once again here is another MLM that has some of the red flags that will make me avoid. The high sign up cost (a big obstacle), monthly fees, customer complaints, you can’t really make money selling the product, and the company is in financial trouble. It is a pass for me. Wealthy Affiliate and the opportunity you will find there is much better. I think the red flags you point out match your conclusion that there are too many unknowns.

    • Hey Lee,

      While it might seem hard to find a really good MLM, there are really good ones out there. Just check our review tab and you will be convinced. If World Global Network appeared good as you started reading the review but turned out disturbing with red flags, it is because we are bent on offering our readers balanced reviews. I agree with you that matters like the high sign up cost, monthly fees, customer complaints, difficulty to make money selling the product, and the company’s financial troubles aren’t encouraging at all. And I’m happy that you also embrace Wealthy Affiliate as a better alternative.

  3. Thanks for your in-depth review of the World Global network. It is always valuable to get a review like this as there are many potential scams or not so great things out there that one can get into business wise. As you have highlighted, there appears to be way more cons than pros and the high sign-up cause is not attractive. Usually a high number of unsatisfied customers is not a good look either. I second the thumbs down on this one!

    • Hello Tosyn,

      I thank you too for your comment on this review. We try as much as possible to give a balanced view of each of the companies that we review so that people can avoid the scams and get into genuine businesses. Yes, more cons than pros, the high sign-up cost, and the high number of unsatisfied customers do not make this company attractive. Thanks for seconding the thumbs down on this one.


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