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Young Living versus Forever Living

Do you know that Young Living is a competitor of Forever Living? But how do they compare in terms of their details, managers, position among the top 100 MLM companies, products offered, number of countries in which they do business, business models, annual sales, pros and cons, legal issues, and our views of them?


Young Living products labelled 'The ultimate beauty oil' to signify Young Living versus Forever Living
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Forever Living products with the words 'Taste Aloe as nature intended' to signify Young Living versus Forever Living
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That’s what we’re going to see using the 10 factors we draw on to write our MLM reviews.

That said, let’s dive in to see the first one.


Year of creation / Number of years of companies and other details


Young Living was founded in 1993.

An international company based out of Lehi, Utah, they soon had a second farm in the USA and a third overseas. Then it didn’t take them long to create the first automated computerized steam distillery.


A privately owned company, Forever Living is based out of Scottsville, Arizona, USA.

It was founded in Tempe, Arizona. The company soon bought out the Texas-based Aloe Vera of America which started selling its products to Forever Living to distribute.

In 2010 Forever Living boasted sales of 1.7 billion with over 9.3 million distributors and 4100 plus employees.

Eight years later (in 2018) they obtained the title of the multi marketing company that has the highest paying commissions.

Founder(s) and/or Director(s) of the company


Mary Young is Forever Living’s CEO.

Concerning the historical background, the company began when Donald Young became interested in essential oils and alternative medicines after he had had a back injury. He became so sold on the idea that he and his wife Mary bought a farm and started manufacturing their own essential oils.


In 1978 CEO Rex Maughan joined forces with Carl Jenson to found the company.


Position among top 100 MLM companies in the world


Young Living figures among the top 20 and is number 17 on the list of top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world.


Forever Living however was classified in the top ten coming in on the worldwide list at number nine.

Products and/or services offered


Donald Young’s interest in essential oils and alternative medicines made his company start manufacturing their own essential oils.

After owning a second farm in the USA and a third overseas, they created the first automated computerized steam distillery and were well on their way to creating a 1.5 billion dollar annual business.

Click here to download the 36-page product catalog


Forever Living deal in personal care products, bee-derived cosmetics, aloe vera-based drinks, and dietary supplements. The product line include toothpaste, laundry aids, deodorants, and roughly some three dozen other products.

These products are all manufactured with the ingredient Aloe Vera based on its health benefits. But they have been subjected to several lawsuits over the years from the state of California and The Environmental Research Center. The two institutions claim high levels of lead in the majority of Forever Living’s products.

And since the lawsuits the company has taken the named products including bee pollen, Forever Lite shakes, and Garcinia Plus.

Since these products are claimed to be part of the company’s detox program this affair really raises a red flag on this program.


Number of countries in which the companies do business


Forever living is present in
Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, and the Pacific Rim.


Forever living is present in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America, and the Pacific Rim.

You can go to this site and click on each region above to see the countries they are present in. They’re too numerous to be listed here.

Alternatively, following is a list of countries from which you can buy online Aloe Vera products from Forever Living’s Aloe Vera Store. Find your country and tap or click on Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Nederlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Philippines, Portugal, Singapore, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Spain, and USA.

This site also gives a list of Forever Living world locations.

Business model / Compensation plan


Young Living uses the standard MLM system. In this, distributors are required to make 100 dollars in sales a month to qualify for commissions.

From there they can move up the ladder by recruiting people to build a downline of like-minded distributors. The commissions are the greatest from their downline distributor’s sales and more from the sales they themselves make.

The best way to get started working with this company as a distributor is to buy a starter kit for $165.00. While you can get into this program for as little as $40.00, the company’s $265.00 kit is the best value.

That kit includes:

  • $400.00 worth of products
  • Your membership
  • 12 essential oils that are most popular sellers, and
  • A diffuser.

In addition to the above, the distributor must also enroll in the essential rewards program. This is what will enable you to receive perks and free products and extra rewards for loyal members.

During the first 3 months of membership in the essential rewards program, you will get 10 percent back on your purchases. Four to twenty-four months from then, the figure doubles to 20 percent. And after the twenty-four months period, the figure inches up to 25 percent.

But that’s not all. You will also earn loyalty gifts for consecutive orders of three, six, nine and twelve months.

Furthermore, after twenty-four months of consecutive orders, you will earn an ER exclusive oil formulated by D. Gary Young.

It is when you reach ER status you will be able to benefit from all kinds of perks with the company. One of them is shipping discounts.


Forever Living base their business model on a breakaway compensation plan. They offer the largest commissions paid per product on the market today for MLM companies.

While carrying out research for this review, we discovered many interesting numbers associated with the ability to make money as a distributor with the company.

To be a distributor with Forever Living, you need to pay between 87.92 and $364.65. Below is how they are set up:

  • Clean 9 Pak — Chocolate Lite Ultra ($87.92)
  • Clean 9 Pak — Vanilla Lite Ultra ($87.92)
  • Start Your Journey Business Pak ($253)
  • Start Your Journey Skincare Pak ($253)
  • Touch of Forever ($364.65)

The company gives all the training needed to become a successful distributor. They are offered in the forms of videos, brochures, workshops, and meetings.

The company suggests to team up with a fellow distributor you know in the company. But should that not be the case for you, they will find one for you to team up with.

Forever Living’s distributors resell the company’s products at retail prices either through direct distribution or through the company’s MLM program. The difference between the wholesale purchase price and the retail sale becomes their profit.

The company grants its distributors a 30% discount on all of the products they buy. This can increase by 18% as they begin to sign up new recruits.

In addition to all this adding up, including the 48% commissions, things do get even better with more discounts depending on what level the distributor is on at any given time.

In terms of more recruiting incentives, they can reach from between $800 to $2000 a month depending upon how well your recruits perform.

This is where we stumble upon another potential red flag in the company that is hard to figure out with any real numbers.

In effect, Forever Living claim that 88.6% of their distributors do not earn any monthly commissions. This is for the simple reason that they are in actual fact just customers getting their products for personal use at wholesale prices. We think this could very well be the truth.

From there the numbers become impressive:

  • 69% of the distributors that do get monthly commissions receive around $110 a month
  • 30% receive around $1500 monthly and
  • The privileged 1 percent club is raking in around 29K a month!

The potential to make serious money with this company is real. But to do that, you must not only be able to build a huge downline but also be very aggressive. Should you succeed, you will be set for life with Forever Living.

Annual sales


Young Living make annual sales of 1.5 billion dollars.


Forever Living however raked in sales of 1.7 billion in 2010.

Pros and cons



  • Solid time tested company
  • Great compensation plan
  • Solid products
  • A great support system in place
  • Stands behind the products


  • Many reports of distributors not advancing to the commissions level
  • Emphasis is on recruiting people over product sales
  • Bad reputation over false claims of cures for diseases



  • FLP Offer quality health and beauty products.
  • Health is gold. Prevention is the key.
  • Opportunity to own your own business {excellent tax benefit}.
  • Little risk and no overhead cost.
  • No salary Cap.
  • Great residual income.
  • No Pass-Ups.
  • No Demotions.
  • Bonuses paid on the retail price of the products.
  • Proven Financial Stability.
  • At least 5 year minimum industry experience.
  • Multiple Income Opportunity.
  • Consumable Products.
  • Extensive Support Network.
  • International Presence.


Per our experience, none (just time at the beginning), but with any business you have to put on time and effort at the beginning for it to be fruitful at the end.


Bans / Complaints / Legal issues


Young Living is legit in its multi-level marketing practices. It is not in any way a pyramid scheme. What tarnishes their reputation is their share of legal issues involving false claims.

In effect, the company received a warning in 2014 for declaring that their products are cures for diseases such as Ebola, Insomnia, and Parkinson’s disease. Other diseases they mentioned were Cancer, Diabetes, Autism, Dementia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Heart Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Hypertension.

The above was a direct result of Young Living’s distributors making these pronouncements on their websites. To put a stop to the practice, the company has put a code of ethics in place that all distributors must follow strictly.

The company further got embroiled in major trouble in 2000 with the design of their distillers. This happened when a worker got killed in an explosion. And the company paid $10,280 in fines for seven violations.

Another case which surfaced in 2017 cost Young Living $760,000 in fines for illegally trafficking Spikard and Rosewood oils.


There are no bans, complaints or legal issues to report for this company.

Our view of / take on the company


We have to admit that we fell in love with this company, the compensation plan, and the products.

However we are disappointed over the emphasis placed on building your downline at the expense of the sale of the compant’s products.

This way of doing business puts a bit of a downer on MLM companies. It also constitutes an ingredient for failure for its distributors. We note this in the disheartening percentages of Young Living distributors who are not making their monthly minimums.

Despite all those negative aspects, you can still make money with Young Living if you are good at building downlines. Their having million-dollar distributors is proof enough.

But beware, and we cannot stress this enough. This program is not a god fit for everyone. The only people who can do something good with them are those who have the capacity in downline building and in recruiting. Such people can without any doubt make a living working this company’s compensation program.

This is what makes us give them a thumbs up. But we repeat: it is recommended only to those who understand the concept and want to move ahead with them.


While this company records some red flag concerns with legal issues, with high levels of lead in their products being the biggest one, Forever Living seems to be reliable and the potential to make money with them appears good.

A person passionate about their products and who is an aggressive distributor, could go far with Forever Living. But for others it would take huge commitment levels and being highly focused to be successful.

That being said we have to give Forever Living too a thumbs up, but with a bit of advice.

There are many other MLM companies available that a person can make a living with. Those depend on much less work and have no legal issues hanging over the program. But this does not in any way suggest that Forever Living are a scam. No, they are a legit investment.

We can show you a place where you can build your very own successful business with step by step training and we can show it to you for free! Just check out our number one recommendation for more info!

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6 thoughts on “Young Living versus Forever Living”

  1. Hello there,  thank You for this very informative post, I heard of young living from a friend and I thought to do a research about it and I find this beneficial to me plus the fact that can also make money  from it, I really think this is worth investing in. Thank so much for sharing this. I am grateful.

    • Hello Jomata,

      Thank you too for your comment. I’m happy to have saved you time to do research on Young Living. I wish you good luck in your endeavours.

  2. I have once used forever living products and i have to say that i really did not have much to complain about. However for as their programs. I have not joined any of them but heard they are quite lucrative.

    I have to say the comparison you gave was quite elaborate and very fair. I for one learnt a great deal on  Young Living, i didn’t know much about the products till this post. 

    Thank you for doing this post 

    • Hello Gyvinek,

      I’m happy to learn that you have used Forever Living products before and even found them good.

      Thanks for your appreciation of the comparison. I’m glad it made you learn a lot about Young Living.

      Thank you too for your comment.

  3. Hey nice article you have there. My opinion in this two company is based on products offered why young focuses on essential oil, forever living tends to provide a wife range of products that can suit the average man, with this diversity by forever living they tends to cover a wide range of the global market. Young on the other hand should research on other products to add to their product line.


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