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Zurvita Review

This week we are going to be writing a Zurvita Review.

This multi-level marketing company is listed as number 89 on the list of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies worldwide. They have an annual income of $100 million.


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They are based in the United States and are in the health and wellness niche.

This company has a bit of a twist to it in their mission statements and their beliefs that we find refreshing.

We will get into this more as we get into the company history, their products and business plan. And also everything else we can find out about them!

Let’s get started with who they are and go from there!


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The company


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Mark Jarvis, Tracy Jarvis, and Jay Shafer are the founders of Zurvita. They put the company together in 2008 with the mission of “Changing lives for the better and to offer opportunities where anyone can succeed.”

They wanted to make a “Significant impact on all walks of life”.

Taken from their website, which is very well laid out and a very pleasant visit:

They set out to create a company based on three Founding Principles:

  1. Build a company that honors and glorifies God.
  2. Develop a company with humble leadership.
  3. Create an environment where people can win at every level.

Jay Shafer is the current CEO and he claims “the best choice a person can do is to come and join our team as we are still writing our story and yours too!”

Those are pretty good words to live by and we like this company so far.

Now, let’s take a look at their products.

They currently do business in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico.

They also have a scientific board. It oversees their products to ensure they meet strict company standards along with the scientific community, regulators and their customers.

The board also ensures complete trust and transparency in all of the areas of the company.

Current members of the board are:

  • Dr. Scott VanLue – Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board
  • Dr. Jim Badman – Director of the Medical Advisory Council
  • Dr. Judith Smith – Director of the Research Advisory Council
  • Erik Korem, PhD. – Member of the Sports Nutrition Advisory Council
  • Dr. Jerry L. Punch – Member of the Sports Nutrition Advisory Council
  • Rob Graf – Director of the Sports Nutrition Advisory Council

This is a very impressive group of Doctors who have an impeccable reputation in their fields. So we are very impressed with this board.

There is even more.

They have put together what they call Zurvita Ministries. It is a non-profit that helps out where needed. For example, building wells for people in Nicaragua, a relief fund for helping during natural disasters, and more.

Lastly, they have a department called Zurvita Giving. It provides aid for people in need around the world.

A pretty impressive company so far that is based in Houston, Texas.

The products


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By far their most popular product is Zeal Of Life. It has had studies done on how well it performs and it gets a 5-star rating.

They have many other products that are great sellers and produce a variety of results. From boosting the body’s immune system, helping boost the digestive system to weight loss and beyond.

All of their products are FDA approved.

Most of their products come in shakes, syrups or powders. They are mixed in either water or other drinks, depending on a person’s tastes.

The business model

This company’s compensation plan is set up for success. It claims that almost anyone can make a full-time income.

That is a pretty large claim so let’s take a closer look at how they can do this.

You will first pay a $35.00 enrollment fee and become a consultant for the company.

You will then qualify to earn money in 6 different ways:

  • Retail sales
  • Weekly building bonuses
  • All-star bonuses
  • Rank bonuses
  • Residual overrides

The ones that will succeed in this program are those who know how to build a downline and maintain it. This, while moving up the ladder and hitting all of the bonuses.

In other words, this company is not for beginners. This goes against their statement of almost anyone can make a full-time income. That is simply not true but because of the percentages offered through all of the levels this is the real deal. You just have to know what you are doing.


The pros

  • Outstanding company
  • Excellent mission statement
  • Scientific board
  • Zurvita Ministries
  • FDA approved
  • No lawsuits
  • Exclusive products sold through the company website and distributors

The cons

  • Product warnings
  • Product side effects on some people
  • High priced products
  • Expensive signup fee

Our view

We really like this company. We also really like their business model. We furthermore like the fact thattheir products are in demand and almost sell themselves,

That being said, to make real money as a consultant you will need to be experienced and know how to work the multi-level marketing system to your advantage.

If that is you, then this is the place you should be. And we give them a thumbs up under those conditions.

We hope our Vestige Review has helped you understand what they are all about. But if you still have any questions, no worries! We encourage you to leave them in the comments section below and we will address them promptly.

Also, we welcome any comments as we love to hear from you, our readers!

Be sure and check out our many reviews posted at the top of this page under our Reviews Tab. And until next time, happy marketing!


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  1. Thanks a lot for sunmarizing this useful review about Zurvita and all your explanation given.

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    • Hi there,

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      Yes, Zurvita is in a class of its own both in terms of the company itself and the business model. As you’re a beginner in making money online, I recommend that you don’t engage in multi-level marketing, except the ones we strongly recommend for beginners. Check our reviews tab for some. Yes, affiliate marketing is the best way for you to make money. Sure, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate and I’m glad to see that you’re already a member there. There’s no better place to earn money online.


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